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2 years, 9 months ago
Quietly and imperceptibly the kernel of Linux 4.4 LTS (Long-Term Support) was published what Linus Torvalds informed on. Innovation includes quite considerable updates, including, for example, 3D support of virtual draveyr of GPU. Thanks to it it is possible to use hardware support of graphics in guest VM. Support of Open-Channel Solid State Drives (SSDs) by means of LightNVM is also included.

Moreover, Linux kernel 4.4 LTS supports RAID5 MD, the feature to unprivileged users is added to start program eBPF. Also it is worth mentioning support of a polling for improvement of overall performance of high-end of data storage devices, mlock2 () syscal and many other things. Support of 64-bit ARM is improved, the problem with memory leak in Skylake CPU from Intel is solved. The feature for work of the listening TCP sockets in the non-blocking mode, a possibility of determination of loss of TCP packets with use of RACK is added, the KMS driver for "raspberry" (Raspberry Pi) is added, and xconfig is transferred to Qt5.

In the new version about 13 thousand corrections, entered by 1548 developers are accepted. About 44% of all changes in the new version of a kernel are connected with drivers of devices.

Old drivers are updated, the set of new is added, bugs and problems of the previous versions of a kernel are fixed. More information can be found here and here (in Russian).

In general, Linux 4.4 LTS is the branch which is the most advanced by long-term among all other. Possibly, this version of a kernel will be used in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and many other distribution kits. It is also possible to hope for integration 4.4 LTS in Arch Linux.

All necessary for assembly of a new kernel can be found on or Softpedia.

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