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2 years, 10 months ago
Thanks to all participants of our last tender on programming!

We received 408 solutions from 237 different participants (only one participates in tender, the last from solutions from each participant, and we publish the last options). Besides, 7 solutions were sent us or after the termination of term of acceptance of works, or employees of Hola, and we considered them out of the competition.

64 solutions, or 16% of total number, were sent within the last days before the termination of term. From them 15 were sent within the last hour, and the latest "slipped" in 34 seconds prior to a deadline.

Tests for a correctness were passed by 114 programs that makes 48% of number of tested.

The shortest solution went in exactly in 666 bytes, and the longest stretched for 90274 bytes.

One of participants was disqualified for attempt to deceive test system. It is amusing that its result all the same conceded to fair result of the winner of tender.

Two participants separated the second place as performance of their solutions was identical within measurement accuracy. In this regard we increased a prize fund by $500 and awarded each of them with a prize for $750.

We congratulate winners:

  1. Denis Kreshikhin — a prize 1500 USD.
  2. Ilya Makarov and Yury Kilochek — prizes for 750 USD.
  3. Sergey Golub — a prize 500 USD.

In addition we decided to award the author of the shortest correct solution. The special prize in 350 USD is won by Nadav Ivgi.

The complete table of results and a detail about testing — in a repository on GitHub.

We will try to consider numerous notes of participants by preparation of the following tender.

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