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2 years, 10 months ago
Firefox will support non-standard CSS for compatibility with WebKit

Developers of the Firefox browser declared inclusion of support of the CSS elements, specific to the WebKit engine. Support of such elements will appear in the Gecko engine which is the Firefox browser basis. As for the first versions, with inclusion of CSS, they will appear in April and May - it is version 46 and 47 respectively. According to representatives of the Firefox command, it is about new opportunities with a prefix "-webkit -".

Developers thought of adding of support of the non-standard CSS elements for a long time. The reason — users of the browser began to use actively the expansions adding support of the called CSS elements in mobile applications. Expansions are unofficial, but they could become rather popular as the main browsers for mobile devices are based on such engines as WebKit and Blink/Chromium.

Specific prefixes for standards are the tool which allows creators of browsers and developers to continue work with new standards. Prefixes help not to wait for completion of process of standardization, and to continue work.

Nevertheless, very few people delete prefixes after end of CSS from developers. According to the developer from Mozilla Deniel Holbert, now quite considerable network segment (in particular, the mobile Internet) depends on a prefix - webkit concerning properties and opportunities of CSS. For this reason of Firefox soon will also support prefixes.

The list of the offered prefixes which support will be added to the browser can be browsed here. Besides, the Firefox developers created WebExtensions API that will allow "ognelis" to support expansions for Chrome probably changes in this case will not be required.

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