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2 years, 9 months ago
The digest following the results of 2015 We decided to congratulate all readers of the blog with come New year and to sum up the past results. The end of 2015 was marked by round numbers — the 6000th bild in SVN and the 5000th participant of group of a social network of VKontakte.

Changes were almost in all directions:
  • developers came and left;
  • API of an operating system was supplemented;
  • programs, drivers and libraries improved;
  • there were new development tools;
  • actions and competitions were held.


In 2015 several programmers from whom special activity was shown by Pathoswithin and pavelyakov joined us. Pathoswithin was engaged in improvement of support of file systems, including NTFS (removal and creation of files and folders, record and rewriting of files without change of their sizes), scalable fonts, corrections of programs — only 58 audits. pavelyakov was engaged in creation of libraries for language C - corrections of programs — only 66 audits. Also he developed the interpreter of the high-level assembler and the visual editor of the interface of the program with the subsequent broadcasting in the language digit C-.

The project was left or went on long leave:
Mario — the person standing at the origins of KolibriOS and one of the leading developers of a kernel, drivers and programs.
SoUrcerer — the developer who was porting a set of programs and wrote the test driver for printers.
yogev_ezra — the PR manager, the organizer of tenders, the programmer for processors of Vortex86 family.

API and possibilities of a kernel of KolibriOS

Let's note the following achievements
Pathoswithin — fall forward of work with IDE drives.
Pathoswithin — improvement of support of the NTFS file system. The comment to the first version of a code the 7th
… Generally, business goes much more slowly than I expected, but after all, the code with limited opportunities is represented to society with the absent responsibility for careful testing. Creation (copying) of files is supported if there is a place in the file table and in a directory node, differently politely sends to finish. Also, the card of the section is cached by pieces on 32 kb that is equivalent to 1 GB of disk space (was not tested)...
Current opportunities
Creation of files/folders if there is a place in the file table and in a folder node.
Removal if the file index in the folder does not indicate a subnode.
Editing/rewriting without size variation.

Pathoswithin — a new system font with a possibility of scaling.
Pathoswithin — new events of a mouse.
Serge — support of HPET.
Serge — acceleration of loading of a kernel.
GerdtR — function to make a window over all, behind all or at the level of a desktop (lowermost "layer").
hidnplayr — work with any of the supported network interface cards, and not just with the first found.

New functions and subfunctions:
Function 18.19.6 — to receive a delay for double clicking by a mouse;
Function 18.19.7 — to set a delay for double clicking by a mouse;
Function 18.25.1 — to learn window position concerning other windows;
Function 18.25.2 — to set window position concerning other windows;
Function 26.10 — to receive value of a high-precision time counter;
Function 37.3 — statuses and events of mouse buttons;
Function 48.9 — to learn a smoothing mode of fonts;
Function 48.10 — installation of a smoothing mode of fonts;
Function 48.11 — to learn type size;
Function 48.12 — to set type size;
Function 74.4 — to learn the pointer on the network device;
Function 74.6 — to learn value of the counter of packets of TX;
Function 74.7 — to learn value of the counter of packets of RX;
Function 74.8 — to learn value of the counter of bytes of TX;
Function 74.9 — to learn value of the counter of bytes of RX;
Function 74.10 — to learn the status of connection;
Function 76 — settings and statistics of network protocols.

Programs, drivers and libraries

The file which is used in many programs is processed.

The file with the names of functions and constants positioned as standard and recommended for use in the programs written on FASM is created.
The beginning developer created on December ALEXS1983 11 the subject "Names of System Functions" for discussion of non-numerical, and alphabetic names of functions which would become further the standard. ALEXS1983 offered several options which were actively discussed. Further Pathoswithin offered on December 18 the option considered as the candidate for the statement. This option was accepted with some corrections and on December 22 was made kommit which as well as possible suited anniversary number — 6000.
Further according to the plan there will be a statement of names of functions for YAVU and Style Guide for With-.

From new programs we will note the following:
"@open" (e-andrew developer) — the system utility serving for opening of files on association. It was the first step from disposal of a zoo of files of associations at file managers and other programs. From audit the 5396th program as a part of night assemblies.


"Pixie Player" (Leency developer) — a musical player (a frontend for MiniMP3).


"FB2 Reader" (akron1 developer) — the eReader of fb2-books


Development tools

In the end of the year the great interest was caused by projects of the participant of pavelyakov:

The interpreter of programs on the high-level assembler


The visual editor of an application interface with the subsequent broadcasting in With-

The digest following the results of 2015

Events and tenders

On January 18 the results of tender of games were summed up:

Winners of tender:
1. LaserTankthe ZblCoder developer. Programming language: C ++. Compiler: MSVC (VS2013). image

2-3. N-siderthe eugene455 developer. Programming language: C. Compiler: TinyC/GCC. image

2-3. Dungeons of Augastesthe Anton_K developer. Programming language: Assembler.
Compiler: FASM. image

4. 21daysthe igevorse developer. Programming language: C ++. Compiler: GCC. image

On February 21 tender is begun "Draw or improve the Humming-bird icon"

On May 4 acceptance of materials is open for the blog of the company on Habrakhabr. Write Punk_Joker about estimated subjects of articles for coordination of work on them and scheduling of publications.

Statistics of anniversary audits:
bild 6000 — on December 22, 2015 — Pathoswithin — 523 days
bild 5000 — on July 17, 2014 — Clevermouse (on Habré CleverMouse) — 281 days
bild 4000 — on October 9, 2013 — Mario79 (on Habré Mario_Z) — 339 days
bild 3000 — on November 4, 2012 — Leency (on Habré Leency) — 486 days
bild 2000 — on July 7, 2011 — Mario79 (on Habré Mario_Z) — 893 days
bild 1000 — on January 25, 2009 — diamond (on Habré grechnik) — 1207 days
bild on October 1 — 6, 2005 — halyavin (on Habré halyavin) — the beginning of use of SVN

The last one thousand was given heavier, than previous, because of alternation of generations of participants of the project and long issue of Clevermouse.

In conclusion we will tell that last year the beginning of works on several programs, including over two browsers which release we together with you expect in 2016 was announced.

Happy 2016!

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