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2 years, 10 months ago
All hi.

So it turned out that for a long time the question torments: "How to monitor forums on subjects interesting to you, but the most important how to learn about emergence of new questions at the time of their publication". Of course, one may say, that there are mailings, RSS, but personally at me it turns out so that I reach mail, as a rule, with mobile during movement. To manually serfit resources not option at all. Here therefore if I could also answer, there is no computer near at hand. And after arrival the head is already stuffed absolutely to others. I can safely formulate the problem. The channel reporting and the most important, drawing my attention at the time of the publication of a new question is necessary.

Until recently it I considered some IM, for work of Telegram I do not use, and with the others all something not absolutely so.

Having read articles of children with PushAll, I found the channel which is necessary for me - it is push-messages. They look so:


And further trick.

I will run at once beforehand, I laid out all source codes on gitkhab therefore I will not spread listings in article not to tire you, dear reader.

It pass — to parsit the technical project a habrovsky toaster and Russian to a stekoverflo. Technical stack: .NET, MSSQL.

WinService constantly watches resources at a web and takes away all new questions in base, sorting by tags. As only some tags are necessary for me, and the others that were not noise, added a web application (ASP.NET MVC 5) in which I can quickly specify what tags are necessary for me. And that it was more pleasant to watch a muzzle at a web, from a toaster I in addition pull also pictures of tags. It turned out here so:


Children with PushAll have simple API therefore it was quite simple to befriend the received questions with the channel of sending.

And further a subscription on dense forests the channel, the choice of necessary tags — also I hurry to share with you this news!

As promised, I spread source codes of wines of service, a web and the database. Any can unroll and monitor as necessary at itself questions interesting to it or just subscribe for the canal of the questionnaire. After small completion, to be exact parsing adding, it is possible to monitor any resource.

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