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2 years, 9 months ago
Free practical course on Bash and other good news

Hi, Habr!

Long ago did not write about updates in our educational project of Hekslet, and here just New year — is a high time to share good news. We made free a popular course "by Bash: Bases of the command line"! It is a unique course because exercises in it (as well as everywhere in Heksleta) are executed in the conditions which are brought closer to fighting: the personal container with root-access in which Bash cover is among other things started is available to you.

The course affects navigation, work with file system, pagers, the redirections and flows, history, aliases and other aspects of work with Bash which any programmer respecting himself has to own.

New courses

For the last months there were many new courses. For example, the cycle on PHP looks so now:

  1. Programming essentials
  2. Imperative programming
  3. Algorithms
  4. Functional programming
  5. Object-oriented programming
  6. Automatic testing
  7. PDO: Work with the database

The first six courses are already complete, available all lessons and exercises. The course on a DB comes to the end about New year.

Glance in our directory of courses, perhaps, you will find still something interesting to yourself.

Free practical course on Bash and other good news

Abrupt gift to programmers

You know what it is possible to present to the friend / podruge-programmistu for holidays? We have an excellent idea :) An abrupt gift — full access to courses on Heksleta! You can select any number of months, enter the name (if you want) and to pay a gift with the card. We will send to the happy receiver the letter with a gift. It even more abruptly, than the book because we have a practice, and every month are new courses.

Way of the programmer

We started the website "Way of the Programmer" in the beta mode. Its purpose — to answer the question "as in what order to study to become the programmer?"

At today's abundance of training materials, courses and books, the main issue which rises before the beginner it not "where to study?", and "as in what order to learn?". There is a set of opinions about it. Someone advises to begin with mathematics, someone advises specific languages and technologies.

We consider that this programmer has to understand how the computer works and to have abstract thinking. He has to see a problem, but not a task. Has to be able to analyze and argue at the level of a problem above, and not just at the level of a code.

This website in details describes a way of the programmer according to our high, but fair standards.

Free practical course on Bash and other good news

Now descriptions of three ways are available: PHP, Ruby on Rails and Static Frontend. And still there is a useful page with "books for all times". We advise to read these books to each programmer.

And that who does not know with what to begin immersion to the world of development, we began to write big input article.


We hold regular free webinars about programming, development and information science. In each webinar we open a specific subject and we communicate with the audience in real time.

Always it is possible to learn about the forthcoming webinar from social networks (the link in the right column if you read it in the complete web interface of a habr) and on the special wiki page. In the same place there are records of all previous webinars. Among other things, we managed to talk about a way of the beginning programmer, testing and TDD, technical interviews, English, mathematics, tools, productivity and about other interesting pieces.

Join the next broadcasting. It is excellent method to get acquainted with teachers and participants of the project, and also to receive the answer to the question.

That's all (actually is not present)

Life on Heksleta boils, fights on CodeBattle do not stop, new lessons and courses leave and leave, and our chat continues to be very cool and active party of developers (by the way, the most useful and interesting conversations from a chat remain in special archive).

Our heap of news constantly, but a post comes to an end and there is no place any more :)

We wish you a Happy New Year and we wish a beautiful code in inheritance, interesting, not dull challenges in projects and wonderful documentation to each API with which it is necessary to deal.

Let's meet in 2016!

P.S. OMG, 2016, digit as from the fantastic movie...

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