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2 years, 10 months ago
QA: Conference

In four months, at the end of April, in four cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Omsk and Yekaterinburg) there will take place the only conference in Russia on test automation – QA: Conference. This conference is developed for the specialist of the widest profile – Automation Engineer and will cover — consistently, all subjects:
  • Testing of server part of .NET of applications
  • Testing of .NET WPF of applications
  • Testing of .NET WinForms of applications
  • Server part of Java
  • Web applications on Java

About what the speech will go

Test automation of Java/.NET of applications
  • The overview and restrictions of different types of the products presented at the market
  • Solutions on test automation for large, scalable systems
  • Let's select from each approach of "hotelka" and we will make an ideal framework
  • Which is already used in very large enterprise and in which everything is automated. Where testing specialists are practically not engaged in manual testing of UI. Only if the UAT server is necessary. And, having fulfilled a lot of time on this project, I can tell with complete confidence: we developed the best of possible approaches in our commands. An order of the automated UI tests – about 50 thousand which, being banished on the CI servers at the nights allow to save to the large companies thousands of man-hours a year. And to testing specialists — kilometers of nervous cages
  • Maximum reuse of logic of testing. The majority of test cases is incensed without new steps / bayding.
  • Unification of a platform, creation of cross-platform language of testing and as result – unification of the specialist in testing.
  • Testing of WPF applications
  • Testing of WinForms of applications
  • Testing of ASP.NET of applications (UI)
  • Testing of server part (.NET)
  • Testing of server part (Java)

Technology of unification and acceleration of automation
  • Optimization on the interface types
  • Own platform of a rezolving of the names UI Controls and the other registered names
  • System of an error message in tests
  • Inside pattern
  • Expanded automatic conversion of types.


  • Sidristy sidristij Stanislav — Luxoft Solutions Architect — joined in development of the system of test automation of WPF applications, the author of a framework on test automation of Web applications on Java and server part on Java, the author of a framework on test automation of WinForms of applications.
  • Other authors affirms so far: it will be reports over the listed subjects
  • there are vacant positions: we invite speakers (we pay the road and hotels)!

When and where?

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