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2 years, 9 months ago
We draw together. Portrait of the user of IE 8 fullface

Note: the author in general sits on the Opera, but it is absolutely other type of defect, and the speech not about it now.

Many of us know about a serious illness of web community — the Internet Explorer 8 browser which endured the which everything will not retire in any way.

Its support is not that impossible, but demands unnecessary efforts. That it is far worse, modern people also suffer from implementation of this support.


Even statistics among visitors of w3schools – not so zero. 0.4% — web developers! – let not the tenth part, but also not on a statistical error limit.

And the universal statistics (December, 2015) still gives 1.88%.

That is, every fiftieth uses IE 8.

That is, if in your company of 100 people – that at you such children (almost) two. How to you such turn?.

And it except for Chinese. 8% — as to you such digit? Almost every tenth.

Funny, but in open IE 8 the few decide to be recognized in use.
Whom you will ask — all it is entirely lame yes ognelis.

But almost everyone knows the guy whose friend of the brother of the brother-in-law sits on the eighth explorer and cannot get down from it.

Hidden shoes

It is possible to theorize and build hypotheses of what disturbs on the way fortunately.
Someone says that it is an enterprise which bought to itself(himself) the Windows XP and old computers, and to apgreydit expensively and, apparently, what for?. And ne-IE it is forbidden to start group politicians.
Someone says that it is a state machinery which fast will hold the tender and just years through six something yes will purchase. And it is forbidden to start ne-IE normal politicians.
Someone says that it is the education sitting by old machines.
There is a lot of theories.

And unless it does not fall?

Only very much somehow … gradually. For the seven-year browser.
We draw together. Portrait of the user of IE 8 fullface
And the tail disturbs him me.

And why it is pain?!

About a common position
Here it is necessary to understand that the author does not test hatred and contempt for IE 8, kakovy, for example, it is rather widespread among … elite.

Children! Developers of this browser fairly tried. They cleaned the most part of JS crutches the appeal to DOMU, gave support of Web ARIA. But it was six years ago!

Look at a code which you wrote six years ago.


  • Only popular not - the autoupdated browser (IE 9 is less, than IE 8! It was already on Windows seven, and there is also IE10)
  • Work speed.
  • Elementary operations with arrays.
  • CSS animation.
  • Pointer-events.
  • And all other modern JS/CSS of a counter. The list is purely personal pain of the author.

All of them force or to write folbek …
Or that it is MUCH worse, to write completely other solutions.
JS animation instead of CSS animation. Which will be slightly, but to brake at all clients, even on modern browsers. The surprise, requestAnimationFrame IE8 does not support too.
To work in a different way with arrays and memory.
To do other marking. Not such effective what it could be.

Position of the company

In our company there are several branches of web development.

Foremost (historically) are kontrola for WebForms/MVC. Here at us (so far) the choice any — IE 8 is supported, on it people, on these kontrola a set of legacy-applications sit. He will be supported.

There is DevExtreme, a set of modern JS widgets which supports IE8 so far. So far ask.

There are web elements for important, big elements. For example, web designer of contango.
Here we have IE9+.
There were people, complained …

Let's draw

I want to take and draw with your help a portrait of those real users who sit on IE 8 and cannot leave neither on higher versions, nor on alternative browsers.
For certain you have such people real, not imagined, and physically familiar to you?

What holds them?
Who disturbs them?
If you do the project – quite possibly, your customers ask you to support IE8.

What for?
What moves them?

Let's listen to each other.

Also can be … can be, we will understand how to us to go further?

Icons are taken on
Also are included in a HTML page according to technology with cats.

Pages from which screenshots are used in article lie on a gitkhaba. Both. :)
It is possible to come on GitHub pages, to copy the text in Google.Translate and nevertheless to learn what cheerful Chinese speak about :)

Did diagrams and widgets by means of DevExtreme.

Thanks to all who helped and who read!

Whether have to support old IE in your projects?

211 people voted. 67 people refrained.

The users only registered can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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