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2 years, 10 months ago
If you are puzzled with search of CRM, then at numerous forums will inevitably face mentioning the Bitriks24 and its systems discussion. There are enough supporters and opponents: someone claims that it is not CRM at all (that the truth), someone reduces all functionality of system to an enterprise portal, someone remembers about 12 free users. As well as in any other company, employees of Bitriks fixedly monitor for withdrew also discussions of our products in a network. Sometimes we are surprised by the separate comments and even tales connected with Bitriks24. But to all there is a limit. We will consistently tell that such Bitriks24 actually as it can integrate the company and help any business in our blog on Habré.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Business looks for automation

It is difficult to find the worker and the more so the head completely happy with the organization of work in the company, interaction in firm and with clients. If to look at activity from the head, then in many companies it is possible to select the same problems:

  • the working hours spent for nothing or inefficiently distributed and, as a result, infinite processings and complaints to processings
  • the missed calls and the meetings with clients unprocessed the entering leads, and, as a result, the falling sales
  • the lost client contacts and even bases, impossibility doprodazh
  • termination of work with a pool of clients in case of dismissal of the top manager or the head of the sales department
  • violation of internal communications up to wars to honey departments
  • the lost agreements which are not sent to the addressee offers, not exposed closing documents
  • mailings without needs of the client and, as a result, the complaint to mailings
  • normal delay and early ukhoda without indication of the reason
  • lack of corporate ethics and culture, etc.

It is only small part of motives of the heads making a decision on automation for the purposes of debugging of business processes and monitoring behind which it is necessary — to select a new problem system. It is this challenge. Among hundreds of modern programs and applications, universal leading solutions of the market, web systems and a desktop it is easy for experienced top manager to get confused even. Time to clear up and tell about our Bitriks24 system came. As they say, first-hand.

Bitriks24: game on your field. In what force, the brother?

Bitriks24 consists of several sections, each of which meets requirements of a business management, such as work with clients, monitoring of indicators, work with personnel, marketing, planning, project management and so forth. Let's stop on each of modules and we will look that the system is able actually.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Tasks and projects. The task is one of the main entities in the Bitriks24 system. During its creation the task name is established, the director, collaborators (it notifications about an objective will come), is exposed a priority, terms of the beginning and completion of works on a task are planned. For the full description there is a built-in text editor with a possibility of formatting. In a task it is possible to create the check sheet with subtasks — it is very convenient for control of stages of execution of work or the list of affairs of the employee. The task can be carried to the project (group) which can be created on the necessary user to criterion (to department, work, the direction, office and so forth) . It is in addition possible to select observers who will monitor the course of work on an objective, or to delegate a task. If the task is homogeneous for your company and repeats, then it is possible to set it as a template, to make repeating every day (week, month, year). All tasks are subdivided according to the statuses "I do", "I help", "charged", "I observe" and can be displayed both in a tabular form, and on Gant's chart. By the way, it is possible to manage tasks directly on chart lines: at a clique by the right mouse button the menu of management of a task opens, at a clique left — the task card opens.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Calendars are directly connected with the project work — all tasks are displayed on a calendar on days, weeks and months. All tasks can be open directly from the calendar interface. The calendar is convenient for event scheduling, for example, of calls, meetings, meetings. The calendar in Bitriks24 is integrated with Outlook and mobile devices — to forget something it is just impossible to make. The calendar field easily is controlled using a mouse: events can be dragged on days or on hours in day. It is very convenient: if on did not answer your call or you rescheduled an appointment, it is even possible not to open an event card, and just to move it for modern times.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Business processes in Bitriks24 are created by means of the visual designer in whose right panel the specified elements of future "construction": blocks and functions. Bitriks24 does not follow the notation of BPMN 2.0, but uses a set of its provisions. During creation of process it is necessary to select category for which business process is configured, if necessary it is possible to register the user parameters and variables, and teams can be formed by means of a PHP-code.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

In each block of business process the user does the necessary settings, filling action card fields. For creation of the majority of standard business processes skills of programming are not necessary — the understanding of algorithm and the process in the company as the chain of actions aimed at achievement of result is necessary.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? CRM — significant and, perhaps, the most discussed Bitriks24 module. CRM in Bitriks24 meets all requirements of the Russian business to systems such. In CRM contacts, cards of the companies of clients and partners are stored, transactions are considered. Let's dwell upon this tool.

  • At the address of the client the manager brings a lead in CRM, then the system suggests to create contacts and the company on the basis of a lead. The card of the company, as well as in any similar system, should pay the maximum attention as further tabs of transactions, sentences, business processes and so forth will be filled with information in a binding to the client.

  • In a card of the transaction the object of the transaction, the sum, probability of closing, the status is designated. All transactions are grouped and displayed both in a tabular form, and in the form of an informative dashbord which can be configured.

    Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

  • Also CRM are created, made out and bills remain. Printed form of the account easily goes to e-mail of the client directly from the interface of system.

  • In the module it is possible to create offers which will go to the client. Fields of a form of drawing up the sentence help not to forget any part, including an amount of transaction, documents attachments, the status of KP and many other things. The made sentence can be downloaded in PDF, to print or send by e-mail.

  • The modern companies pay considerable attention to information which accumulates in CRM — data form the basis of acceptance of marketing and managerial solutions, constructions of system of sales form base, are necessary for calculation of efficiency of employees. Several ready reports on transactions, goods, leads, accounts and affairs are built in CRM. Reports form in graphic and tabular representations. In the report it is possible to use the filter and to set the interesting parameters. There is in Bitriks24 also the most favourite report of sales managers and heads — a funnel of sales in which distribution of transactions on stages and with indication of the sums of transactions is displayed. A funnel in Bitriks24 of two types: conversion (the logic of its creation assumes inclusion of nizhlezhashchy stages in previous) and classical (all stages separately). Filters for a funnel of sales assume creation on employees, dates and other conditions. Stages of sales can be customized, creating the names in the reference book.

    Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

  • All actions in CRM are logged — in case of a disputable situation it is possible to address history and to see time and type of an event, the initiator and the connected entity. For log entries it is also possible to create filters and to save them.

  • Goods which then are used in transactions, sentences and accounts are entered to CRM. For goods the price, a unit of measure, a VAT rate, the image, the section and the description are defined. By the way, sections can be created, for example, as goods and services if it assumes activity of the company.

  • CRM in Bitriks24 assumes a set of the settings which are responsible both for customization and for safety of system. Setup of additional fields of a card of any of entities does not require even the minimum knowledge of programming — any user by means of the simple designer can add the necessary custom fields of any format. In settings printing forms with templates of the signature and printing are set, the taxes necessary for the purposes of work with system are imposed. Creation of templates of letters and integration with external mail with a task of processing rules of letters from a third-party mailbox is possible — actually all correspondence is conducted in system. By means of the convenient master integration with Online store is configured, there is an integration with 1C "Enterprise". Separation of access rights is distributed on standard roles, but it is possible to create also other permission access levels. Pleasant addition to the CRM settings is the shop of paid and free widgets which can be connected to system.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Telephony. Modern business is rather densely started on telephony: it both cold calls, and work with leads, and presentations, and technical support. Managers need the convenient communication integrated with system of work with clients — only this way it is possible to achieve really high-quality service. Telephony in Bitriks24 is implemented by means of the WebRTC technology allowing to make/receive calls directly from the browser. Calls in Bitriks24 can be performed by different methods: voice and videos are ringing from the Business chat or the desktop application in the company, IP telephony on stationary and mobile phones, IP telephony by means of office automatic telephone exchanges.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Telephony in Bitriks24 is configured rather simply — for connection of softphones and/or devices enough minimum skills of administration. To each employee the number is selected, record of all talk is possible (for further work with claims, quality control or the training purposes). Expenditure for communication can be controlled in the section of balance. In the same place it is possible to get acquainted with rates of Bitriks24 for challenges in any direction. In general, telephony in Bitriks24 deserves separate attention — and we will surely give it it in the following posts on Habré.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Mail. We told about mail in CRM already a little, but is what to add still. Bitriks 24 provides to users the ready free e-mail server with the unlimited place, the built-in antivirus and an antispam — those who managed to work with free corporate mail, will evaluate lack of hundreds of daily letters with sentences of the Chinese SEO and dating sites. It is possible to use a mailbox in the domain, in the domain (it is created free of charge), and also in the domain of any third-party mail service. All letters will gather in one place — it will not be necessary to move between services. By means of mail in Bitriks24 messages by employees and letters to clients and partners are sent.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Social network — just that part Bitriks24 to which participants of discussions with a position "it is only an enterprise portal" refer. It is necessary to tell, such opinion is not casual — Bitriks24, really, it was succeeded to implement idea of creation of a full-fledged social network of the company (The intranet, an enterprise portal). And during creation of the Intranet the special attention was focused that "sociality" of Bitriks24 should not distract from worker process, and help to build communication and the relations in it. Let's shortly tell about the main opportunities of Bitriks24 as enterprise portal.
  • Interactive Live tape — the center of communication and informing in the company. Working in it, it is possible to comment and note messages the It Is Pleasant to Me button at once. As well as on social networks, such marks influence content arrangement in a tape.

  • On a portal it is possible to place declarations, noticeable for all, and to give in them significant information. Declarations gather in the upper right corner of a portal and do not disappear until the employee reads them.

  • In Bitriks24 it is easy to create and plan meetings and planning meetings — all interested will receive the notification about the forthcoming event.

  • Extranet — so limited working territory, as well as the Intranet intended for work with external partners, for example, as freelancers. In the Extranet it is possible to set tasks, to create chats, to share documents and to create the knowledge base (wiki). Groups of an ekstranet can be created for partners, agents, clients and other external users.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Technologies came to business long ago. Are sure that the majority of you has these or those tools covering part of problems which are solved by Bitriks24. However, the company develops longer and this more it grows, the requirements to tools become higher. As a result the shattered IT infrastructure consisting of corporate software of several vendors which occasionally is not integrated neither by means of API, nor by means of other instruments of integration forms. Automation turns out not system and difficult: users are forced to work in several different interfaces, to remember logins and passwords, to switch between windows and applications. Bitriks24 builds a single system of automation of business and allows to save time and strengths of employees.

Counters of Bitriks24

Except the main modules there is some more useful and counters necessary for business which are successfully implemented in Bitriks24. They do work even more conveniently, without forcing to be distracted by other tools.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Disk and documents. Depending on the selected rate of the company quite big disk space which allows to store documents and media files is selected. Additional integration of a disk with with One Drive is possible, Google Drive and Dropbox. Existence of a disk plays an important role in the organization of document flow and work in general: all necessary files always near at hand. Directly from the Bitriks24 interface all tables, text files and the presentations can be created and edited by means of Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online. Having installed the desktop Bitriks24 application, it is possible to create and edit documents by means of the editors set on the computer.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Accounting of working hours. In many modern companies account of working hours for increase of level of discipline of employees is kept. As a rule, it is implemented as system of electronic access to the room and is rare when it is possible to trace real working hours of the employee, but not time of an input and output from office. In Bitriks24 working hours, compensatory holidays and breaks are registered upon an input and leaving the system. At the same time the worker can ask a compensatory holiday or tell the head about processing directly in the interface of system. In addition in Bitriks24 it is possible to create the plan reports about the work done for the period — more than any free compositions in Excel, everything is implemented in common form, available even to the naive user. Besides, it is possible to consider costs of time for execution of tasks.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Mobility. Bitriks24, all its components, including a disk and documents are available to the user from any mobile device where there is a connection to the Internet: it is possible to work from the airport, business trip, and at big desire (well or need) even from issue. On mobile devices all access rights to system are inherited — therefore there is no occasion to worry about safety of the commercial information.

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24?

Familiar stranger. What is Bitriks24? Pulse of the company — the metrics-dashbord reflecting cumulative information on the number of projects, tasks, transactions, etc. for the period. The most productive employees are separately selected — the emulative spirit motivates to work better: each employee can switch the runner and compare the index of activity to the general index on the company. The head can evaluate activity of use of the Bitriks24 system, that is actually collect fidbek from implementation and make a decision on need of additional training.

However all these benefits not the main. The main counter of Bitriks24 is a complexity of system. If to look at the description of opportunities in a post, can seem to someone that there is a lot of superfluous, the fact that it was never necessary in the company. This opinion is wrong. Experience shows that as soon as users begin to work in system, right there are needs for automation of some daily tasks. Bitriks24 allows to manage the company, without quitting the system: to work with clients, to make and sign agreements, to communicate with colleagues, to call, develop corporate culture. If after a while after implementation to look at the list of the installed programs, then it is possible to notice that you ceased to use many of them. They are replaced by Bitriks24 in whom it is not necessary to enter different passwords and to start numerous applications. In total near at hand — it is possible just to work, passing from one task to another and watching process. It is also called productivity growth.

At the beginning of a post we told that for the representatives of the Russian business who are looking for CRM in the Network it is not absolutely clear that such Bitriks24. We answer. Bitriks24 is the end-to-end system of company management including work with clients, personnel, external partners, internal social communications, telephony and forming a uniform work space for the productive activity aimed at the development and achievement of goals of the company. Our command develops Bitriks24 for a long time and for us this project — both development, and business. We act in two roles at once: both the customer, and the contractor, we aim to be guided by real needs of our clients. To us is that to tell you. And we will surely tell.

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