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2 years, 10 months ago
Five years I publish regular reviews of fresh articles on a subject of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions about 5% of the standing publications which are interesting for sharing are selected. Previous materials: April 2010 November, 2015.

Дайджест продуктового дизайна, декабрь 2015

Patterns and Best Practices

I Analyzed 250 SaaS Pricing Pages — Here’s What I Found
Benjamin Brandall walked according to pages of rates of 250 cloud services and wrote out basic approaches to their creation. Feature of sales to large business are personal negotiations under the terms therefore many do not specify the price on the website at all.

I Analyzed 250 SaaS Pricing Pages — Here’s What I Found

GoodUI Evidence
Authors of the GoodUI project added excellent dashbord with examples from readers, showing as far as specific technicians of increase of conversion helped. These are the simple examples and descriptions working also as a set evristik, and now also with efficiency confirmation.

Good UI Evidence

"Touch Keyboard" Implementations Have Improved Just of 9% Since 2013 (60% of Still Get it Wrong)
Baymard Institute staticized big researches of mobile online stores, devoted to entry methods. It describes ideal behavior of the keyboard of phone depending on the entered data. Progress in two years extremely insignificant — total improvement of a usability for 9%.

«Touch Keyboard» Implementations Have Improved Just 9% Since 2013 (60% Still Get it Wrong)

It is a little more fresh from Baymard:

Letters of mailing

Zurb Foundation for Emails

Design of links

Learn More Links

Burger icon

Beer Menu

Guidelines of platforms and companies



Apple iOS 9

Regular and Compact iOS display size breakdown for designers

Material Design

Templates of Android-phones

Huawei P8

Apple Watch

Principles of design

Uniform language of animation

Animating Your Brand

Design of the state systems
AIC, Artyom Geller's Laboratory and SmartTeleMax laid the foundation to open and systematic work on radical improvement of representation of the state and the state services in a network. In the blog already several publications with useful templates.

Дизайн государственных систем

Understanding of the user

Large-Scale Image Memorability
The interesting research MIT that the good, memorable illustration means. They give the tool and API for verification of pictures on a memorability. Small overview.

Large-scale Image Memorability

U mad bro? Researchers measure emotion with your mouse clicks
Interesting research — Brigham Young University studied cursor movement of a mouse and a clique to define emotions of the user. Found out what people in the angered status do less precisely.

U mad bro? Researchers measure emotion with your mouse clicks

Speed of operation of interfaces

Why Performance Matters, Part 3 — Tolerance Management

Micro-moments — Are you designing for them?
Muriel Garreta Domingo how to use idea of the micro moments from Google in practice. In article there is the most interesting sending on research of one of restaurants which compared records of surveillance cameras 2004 and 2014 of year — phones drag out process twice.

Micro-moments — Are you designing for them?

How to Train Your Human — Designing for Healthier Habits
One more sensible material on model of an involvement of the user of Nir Eyal.

How to Train Your Human — Designing for Healthier Habits


Design for children

Information architecture, conceptual design, content strategy

Avi Parush — Conceptual Design for Interactive Systems, 1st EditionAvi Parush — Conceptual Design for Interactive Systems, 1st Edition
There was a book Avi Parush "Conceptual Design for Interactive Systems" devoted to conceptual models in design of interfaces and in general to high-level design. UXMatters publishes the head No. 9 of it.

Design and design of screens of the interface

Adobe CC 2015

Adobe CC 2015.2

Figma — The collaborative interface design tool
One of the most interesting instruments of prototyping which appeared lately. It is Google Docs for designers — several people can work on the interface at the same time. The small announcement from authors. A little more on it:

Adobe Comet

Adobe Comet Beta

Koncept — Usability testing on real users & High-fidelity application prototypes
The new Koncept tool tries to combine possibilities of prototyping and a usability testing from a box. About what happens to a prototype after creation, it was much told on panel discussion of conference of Google SPAN - it is one of principal directions of development.

Koncept — Usability testing on real users & High-fidelity application prototypes

Tumult Hype Pro

  • There was Pixate Studio 2.0. Work acceleration, a possibility of use of video and audio, is a lot of completions on the interface. And a few days ago the hearing went that the tool was contracted, but as a result left much better than with Form which was not updated year.

Pixate Studio 2.0


Introducing Canvas – Design, Wireframe and Animate directly in Marvel!



UX Pin Update

Generators of avatars and names

Reviews and comparisons of instruments of prototyping

Selecting the optimal prototyping tool


Holding Off on High Fidelity
Salesforce command instruction on gradual increase of extent of study of design from sketches to interactive prototypes.

Holding Off on High Fidelity

Publishing tools

Формы приема данных

Flawless App

User researches and testing, analytics

Uncovering user goals with the Episodic Interview
David Travis instruction from UserFocus on carrying out the user interviews out of a real context of respondents.

Expert assessment

Apps Force
One more service of a remote usability testing. Web, mobile web, applications.

Apps Force

A Guide To Simple And Painless Mobile User Testing
The small instruction from Colman Walsh on mobile testing by means of Reflector.

Visual programming and design in the browser

Can You Code This UI Concept?
Recently even more often concepts with Dribbble and Behance turn into real scripts on CodePen and other resources with code samples. The blog MaterialUp collected five such pieces. Similar examples:

See the Pen Pull Down to Refresh (Paper Plane) of by Nikolay Talanov (@suez) on CodePen.

Animation in Responsive Design
Val Head brings up one more important issue about animation in a web — its work in adaptive design. It describes two basic approaches — review of logic of work of animation for different contexts and shift of blocks with new triggers.

Animation in Responsive Design

Live guidelines and component systems

New scripts


Form 1.4



Webflow 3D Transforms

Web typographics

Work with color

Work with SVG



The Unluckiest Paragraphs
Nick Santos from the Medium command how disablers of advertizing can cut pieces of the interface by mistake. It imparts experience on the subject of how to avoid problems.

Ikonochny fonts

An Introduction To PostCSS
The story Drew Minns about PostCSS, alternative to preprocessors of expansion of opportunities of basic CSS by means of JavaScript.

UX strategy and management

Jamie Levy — UX StrategyJamie Levy — UX Strategy
O’Reilly published the book Jamie Levy "UX Strategy — How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want". UXMatters publishes a piece of chapter 2. In December there was also "Design Leadership" from Richard Banfield.

How mature is your omni-channel content strategy?
Peter Bogaards offers maturity model for content strategy. The excellent system approach allowing to assess the current situation and to plan development.

How mature is your omni-channel content strategy?

Creation of design culture

Getting Back Into The (Right) Deliverables Business
Rian van der Merwe writes that the pendulum of general failure from documentation and project artifacts has to shake in the opposite direction — instead of reduction of really excess specifications many stopped the preproject work at all. He offers two documents which allow to observe balance — expanded customer journey maps and structure of content.

Getting Back Into The (Right) Deliverables Business

Product management and analytics

The Next Feature Fallacy (or, case for simple, working systems)
Joshua Porter tells about a problem of false waiting to new "function which will rescue a product". Instead of paying attention to problems in key mechanics of work of service, product managers and designers trust in saving force "to this here the lacking opportunity". He advises to concentrate on the simple working systems (slightly in more detail about what he understands as it).

The Next Feature Fallacy (or, the case for simple, working systems)

Road maps

Intercom on Customer Support book
The third book of the Intercom command devoted to user support.

Intercom on Customer Support book

Methodologies, procedures, standards

Specialist in design of graphic and user interfaces
The professional standard "Specialist in Design of Graphic and User Interfaces" is approved. Our profession became much more adult.

Специалист по дизайну графических и пользовательских интерфейсов

Announcement speaks:

As these specialists design, graphic design and a usability research of the interactive user interfaces providing high utilization (ergonomic) properties of software products and systems enters.

Requirements to education by this profession: secondary professional education — programs of training of skilled workers (employees), or the higher education — a bachelor degree, a specialist programme, a magistracy. Additional professional education — programs of professional development, the program of professional retraining, the program of professional development.

Also requirements to experience of practical work in the corresponding field of activity are imposed.


Cases of redesign

How Microsoft Created A New Xbox Experience

Prototyping Secret Hitler
Story Max Temkin about work on Secret Hitler gambling. She not absolutely on a blog subject, but in it is brought together the most interesting selection of prototypes of many known gamblings — it is very useful.

Prototyping Secret Hitler

The emulator of the vintage Internet allowing to see archive sites in retrobrowsers. However, server capacities at them weak, works with delays.

Stories about the old websites:

Proceed to Checkout: The Unexpected Story of How Ecommerce Started
Shopify shot video telling about history of emergence of electronic commerce. The main option two and both from 1994 — Pizza Hut and the website NetMarket which sold Sting's compact disk. The article Fast Company with material in text form.
  • And one more interesting article Fast Company about Internet sources. In ’80kh-' 90kh years the telephone services based on numbers 1-900 allowing to receive short news from stars (Pre-twitter), to listen to fresh music (pre-Spotify) and to have easy access to a heap of other useful information, hardly accessible in dointernetovsky times were most wildly popular in the USA. Ruined everything, as usual, a porn.

History Ralph Baer


Trends of 2016
Curators of the website analyzed all links published in a year and made the forecast for 2016. Very competent and weighed material, and that the most pleasant — from people who really understand interfaces, and not just the visual learner. Other forecasts:

Why The Great App Unbundling Trend Is Already In Trouble
Fast Company writes that the otpochkovyvaniye trend not especially flew up. Recently Carousel and Mailbox were closed from Dropbox, and also experimental applications of Facebook. At the same time wildly popular was new mobile Outlook which is that classical fierce universal combine. Though it is rather about thoughtless rivetting of satellites — it did the same Foursquare good, well there is also Facebook Messenger.

Why The Great App Unbundling Trend Is Already In Trouble

After — sensible thoughts of Sebastien Gabriel of closing of Mailbox, Carousel, Rooms and other applications which were considered as a good example of qualitative design. It makes sober those who consider that he qualitative UX enough for success of a product (the same history was with Path) is an important, but not key part.

Microsoft Future Visions
Microsoft was started by the mini-website Future Visions devoted to vision of the future. It is a series of stories from the fantasts reflecting on the future of technologies. They took practices of research laboratory Microsoft as a basis and dreamed up on their subject. At the same time it is amusing that many of these technologies were inspired by science fiction. Overview of the main subjects.

Microsoft Future Visions

The New Story Of Computing: Invisible And Smarter Than You
One more term in addition to "NoUI", "anticipatory computing" and "Zero UI" — Cognitive Computing. The essence approximately similar — is less than manual control, it is more than rearrangement of all on shoulders of computers.

The New Story Of Computing: Invisible And Smarter Than You

Trends in mass media

Traditional Homepages Are Obsolete, Says Quartz. Here's What They Built Instead

Automobile interfaces

Why Detroit Needs User-Centered Design

Smart watch and bracelets

Smartwatch Design

Virtual reality


Interfaces at cinema

Microsoft HoloLens

For the general and professional development

Bulletin "Ergonomist" No. 43 (December, 2015)
In number: articles about availability of the subway to handicapped passengers, about ergonomic actions of 2015, about Vladimir Mikhaylovich Munipov and his contribution to ergonomics, news, summaries of publications on ergonomic subject, successful experience and ergonomic diversions and many other things.

Tilda Education

Психофизиология пользовательских интерфейсов

Product designers

People and the companies in the industry

Designing Women
A series of interview of Fast Co Design with women in design. There were already 4 materials about leading design.

Designing Women

Designers in venture funds

Ivan Pupyrev

«Это технологический вызов»: Как русский дизайнер придумывает умную ткань Googlе

Fresh links can also be traced in Facebook group of the same name or to receive once a month by mail. Thanks to all who also publish links in it, especially to Gennady Dragun, Pavel Skripkin, Dmitry Podluzhny, Anton Artyomov, Denis Efremov, Alexey Kopylov, Taras Brizitsky and Evgeny Sokolov. More and more materials in reviews appear thanks to them.

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