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2 years, 10 months ago
First of all we would like to congratulate you merry Christmas and coming New year, to wish success to you and your projects and to thank you for the fact that you with us.

Secondly it would be desirable to notify on the beginning of the last sale this year. We long thought whether to carry out this action as improbable discounts continue to work, but considering quantity of the equipment which still did not find the subscribers (92 servers and over 500 cloud virtual servers at the moment) and a difficult economic situation at most of webmasters, decided to give services in the cost, unprofitable for us, it is better to compensate though something, having given the chance in addition to save to you, than these servers will heat uselessly air. The list of configurations to which the event extends and detailed conditions of an event are given below.

Thus (only for readers of habrahabr), in addition to discounts:

— at payment of VPS/server for a period of the 1st month you receive a month more of use absolutely free of charge;
— for a period of 6 months — 2 months as a gift;
— of the 1st year — 3 months as a gift.

And all this despite magic discounts which still continue to work, in particular at annual payment! And they on truth of a volshebna, for example, it is possible to rent a dedicated server in the Netherlands of 2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5504/16GB DDR3/12x500GB SATA/1Gbps 100TB only for $59,93 a month now! It is nearly 4 times cheaper than standard cost!

Christmas sale: rent VPS or the server in the Netherlands or the USA and receive from 1st to 3 months as a gift
Christmas sale: rent VPS or the server in the Netherlands or the USA and receive from 1st to 3 months as a gift

The sentence is also valid at lease of cloud servers of the S and M series in the Netherlands and the USA:

Kernels (vCPU) of 1 Core
Memory (vRAM) 1 GB
Disk quota of 40 GB (SSD Storage)
Port 1000 Mbps
Premium traffic 4 TB
Fayervolcisco ASA 5500 included!
3,99 $/month

Kernels (vCPU) of 2 Core
Memory (vRAM) 2 GB
Disk quota of 60 GB (SSD Storage)
Port 1000 Mbps
Premium traffic 6 TB
Fayervolcisco ASA 5500 included!
7,99 $/month

And also for the selected and virtual servers in the Netherlands of series: "Hot sentences", "Virtual servers with the selected drives", "Servers with instant activation".

For receipt of a bonus it is enough to report in a tiketa that you learned about an event on habrahabr. The sentence is valid till 07.01.2015 inclusive or until until servers are sold out. The sentence cannot be used for replacement of already rented servers. Also we pay attention that till 15.01.2015 you have an opportunity to order the VestaCP control bar with additional paid modules absolutely free of charge, thanks to cooperation with developers (details at the end).

Fruitful work, pleasant evening, successful days off and cheerful holidays!

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