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2 years, 10 months ago
Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

The normal such reptiloidny race arising from abysses of deep space. Bang-bang from the laser weapon from all boards! Then rapprochement and a boarding, in completion of attack bloody slaughter onboard the seized vessel. Reptiloida – men of his word: told "all we will cut", means all will cut who would doubt. Also are dissolved in frosty blackness, only saw them.

However, investigation informed. If to open the game Encyclopedia, it will become clear:

Exact coordinates of basing of a civilization of Uchcha-Ta are unknown. It is considered to be that it is the planet Drro-Adda (so-called Planeta-Mat) of planetary system around the W-maiden (star accumulation TDD67, the "spread jellyfish" type, a spectral class is unknown).

So, the residence is set: after piracy attack on the peace ships of a reptiloida disappear on native Planetomateri.

And what it gives me as to the art director in sense of hints on design of the character? And anything.

But at first sight trifling matter. You will think, the next gumanoidirovanny reptiles with which the Internet fills! Tons of referens if to look.

Perfectly. Issued a task to the artist, he in the stipulated terms stuck together in ZBrush what was asked. Here is such companion if it is specific:

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Visually pakhnut games from the 90th: good there was a time. But – does not pass, however. Not format.

I made the following attempt personally. Molded also in Zbrush, very much was fond, molded each scale. Properlo, that is called. After Zbrush a razvertochka, the diffusion card in a photoshop, dragged eyes from 3d max, well and final assembly in Keyshot:

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Aha, all the same rejected, for reasons of the game Universe. Told: it is poorly similar to the humanoid.
All right, it was necessary to sit down at study of base. What there at us is written to Encyclopedias?

"Owing to conditions of the piracy existence of Uchcha-Ta seldom live up to an old age therefore it is possible to tell: reptiloida – race young and strong. Weak destroy at the birth: stronger brothers and sisters eat them in the slot. Females, in view of exclusive fertility, also die young people. Only inspectors of beacons of stations of distant detection or employees of the thrown colonies live up to an old age, to the last breath maintaining functionality of the equipment entrusted to them".

No, will not help.

All right, we will give a task to a kontsepter that he was wrung out on complete and thought up at last option which would suit all and softly fitted into game.

No sooner said than done. Kontsepter was wrung out and thought up. At the same time used a curious method of sketching: molded a simple pig of the conceived form in Zbrush, then quickly outlined the main idea in Photoshop.

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

As a result took the fifth option as a basis.

When decided on appearance, I took seat for development of the sketch. Straight off made some changes, for example, replaced an original tail on more usual. Innovations are not always good, sometimes it is necessary to stamp a razjezzhenny track.

Modelka was molded in Zbrush, an armor became in 3dmax (textures and development – only for the head and open parts of ink). At a reptiloid a bionic podstavochka, but it so, an accessory for delimitation with other game races. In total as a result gathered in Keyshot, took materials of armor from its library. In end small study in a photoshop. Forgot to tell, everything we do Hi Poly, there is no sense the end result all the same 2D potters with a retopologiya itp.

At the moment space pirates of Ucha-Ta look so:

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Final version, but still it is necessary to make coloring of suits, forms, well and the heads.

Now about a logo. In our game each space race has a logo, even pirates.

The artist drew. Told that mortgaged piracy character of reptiloid in a logo. Red and acute angles symbolize force and aggression, cool green color hints at belonging to reptiles.

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

We go further.

Pirates by spaceships fly, and the ships from where take? Well, take, and very first from where took? Not to do without production. Then space pirates – also skillful masters?!

We address the Encyclopedia and we find out:
"With special interest of Uchcha-T treat gum-resources, preferring to take prisoner not low-qualified support personnel and even not highly skilled fighters or pilots with navigators (whom in view of the specific device of the ships all the same cannot use), and specialists of a peace profile: engineers, scientists, technicians. At capture of such humanoids ease comes out it: the probability that they will be eaten in the last queue and if prisoners were lucky to be sent to Planetu-Mat – that they will be used on the initial specialty there is high. Sami Uchcha-Ta not production of arms or space equipment are not inclined to be engaged in production, especially if it: for the similar purposes they use the qualified slaves".

It is clear, pirates organized sharashka in which they use highly skilled cheap work. At least, the ships at them original system.

It was decided to do the ships in the form of UFOs. Yes, it is banal. But there is a lot of space races, someone has to and to move on UFOs?! To argue late what of races would suit a form of UFOs more: the decision is made, to a step backwards.

Began to think out from the biggest and the small, then went to the center. Set the tasks before a concept artist:

1) the form of a plate has to have an aggressive look,
2) the covering has to be unique flowers not to repeat with other races.

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Modifications were drawn atop, by means of adding of parts on the main form, it strongly saved time. There is always not enough time, as we know.

Here Learning fair concepts of frigates - that:

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

About technical characteristics we read in the Encyclopedia:
"Uchcha-Ta plow space open spaces by the ships with engines on anti-matter (Stigma Magnetic and Radio Singularity), with highly technological system of capture of small shuttles and universal nodes of joining with enemy ships – and heavy arms, certainly. All ships Uchcha-Ta possess excellent flight characteristics, high maneuverability and enormous survivability".

Thus, piracy UFOs use as the engine Stigma Magnetic and Radio Singularity. It in case who will ask. Now you know the answer.

Fair 3D models became differently.

3D-modellerov at us it is several, at everyone the approach. One at first does the ship in Maya, another – at once in 3Dmax, someone – in XSI. Anyway work is taken over in 3dMax: lighting, mats and a fair render become in it.

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

In the future the final stage wants to be transferred to KeyShot, so will be quicker.

Certainly, at everyone 3D-shnika approach to texturing. Someone entirely does development, someone – parts. Someone draws in a part photoshop, some hit in haypol, one bakes AO, another is not present, but the type of the ship as a result enlarged all the same tries to obtain in a photoshop.

You for certain had a question and why so to study a 3D model if result all the same in 2d? The answer is simple. Any model of the ship can be twisted and looked around from the different parties, in an acceptable size and detailing, for this purpose we made 60 render around and stuck together in sprite, here why.

Still selection of the ships Uchcha-ta:

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Space stations of pirates did not begin to do by plates, there was no wish to go too far. Therefore added a variety, but sustained in style.

Kontsepter – the same that did characters, – thought up a pig in 3dMax, then outlined concept parts in Photoshop. Applicability methods was confirmed by work with space stations. The pig, ready in the form of the approved sketch, left 3D-modelleru on completion at once. Very conveniently, accelerates process.

Work on design of space reptiloid: wandering on labyrinths of opportunities

Somehow so.

The post comes to an end, and work on image of space reptiloid is continued.

Here I think, it is quite good to add to pirates it is sensitive intelligence. If to judge by the Encyclopedia, they are not alien to it.

"Initial knowledge of Uchcha-Ta is gained at free schools. Pirates of the Sign of Blood continue training at expensive faculties of Military and Engineering, Military space and Military-medical academies, and pirates of the Sign of Earth at free Technology, Medical and Rasovedchesky faculties of Academy of Board. The knowledge acquired in Academy of Board allows graduates to be specialists in technologies of all races, to be down on to anatomy of all races, to talk freely in all GOOR languages and to understand nuances of internal life of each of the races inhabiting the Galaxy. It allows not only to service equipment on the Maternal Planet and all colonies, but also to understand the technical innovations released by other civilizations.
With such magnificent scientific preparation of Uchcha-Ta without effort copy any unit or a hardware node for its application in the transport systems, at least for the first time faced it. Often it is possible to reach bigger effect due to correction of others errors that allows to save considerable funds on long researches and experiments. Thereby any technology which appeared at Pirates automatically becomes property of race and is successfully applied in war".

I think whether not to attach eye-glasses to their faces, there can be pangolins by nature weak-sighted? However, vanity.

It is so much hours, soul in this toy vbukhano. There is a wish to share experiences.

Yes, nearly forgot. If someone wants to learn about reptiloida of Uchcha-Ta more, here, the Encyclopedia recommends books:

• Cho-Pachong. Piracy civilizations: the danger proceeding from them and methods of protection. Pochupong, 4129th hronoparser.
• Reptiloidny civilization of Uchcha-Ta. All-galactic reference book "In total about Everything". Murlandiya, 891,71E + 28.

However, it is not sure that they are already published. I cannot seize the chronology accepted in a toy in any way.

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