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2 years, 10 months ago
Updating of day from Microsoft: KB3104002
The packet of December updates of Microsoft appeared not without surprises. The cumulative security update for Internet Explorer KB3104002 can make impossible correct work with the websites written on classical ASP.

Symptoms: You cannot upload files by using classic ASP applications in Internet Explorer after you install security update 3104002.

Allegedly, the problem is shown on the pages containing the following construction

 form method="POST" action="page.asp" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" name="myForm" 

Does not change the adjusting Hotfix KB3125446 which, by the way, it will not turn out to import regularly to WSUS, a situation. It is possible to solve a problem only having uninstalled the KB3104002 updating.

If you use Internet Explorer with corporate web applications — carefully test updating on compatibility before approving in WSUS.

At the moment users of the browser have two choice — to reconcile to the fact that the browser is subject to vulnerabilities like Remote Code Execution, or to be left without business applications.

The problem of quality of the updates released by Microsoft the last several years is particularly acute enough. System administrators, not persons interested to act as beta testers of low-quality updates are forced to maintain a considerable pause, sacrificing safety to stability.

PS: Article is written following the results of morning calls of employees. It is warned — armed. Sorry, if it is short.

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