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Let's take the standard corporate customer, let us assume, bank. In each bank there are governing bodies – board of directors and board which requirements for work with documents can hardly be satisfied by means of normal EDMS. And it is not necessary to confuse a problem of ensuring activity of joint bodies to a so-called "ARMOM Rukovoditelya" which is in some EDMS. The head, even if highest rank, in principle the same participant of business process, as well as any other employee, he approves too and approves documents. Only owing to the employment and the high status, heads are more exacting to convenience of work with system and are, as a rule, very mobile. To put it briefly, heads need the limited subset of the EDMS functions packed into the beautiful and convenient interface on the tablet, but it is after all EDMS, but not some other system.
And when we speak about automation of joint bodies, type of board of directors and board, to the forefront there is a collective work and support of processes of corporate management for what specialized systems are used. EDMS, even with "the Head's automated workplace", does not cover this complex of tasks.

Background: everything began with EDMS

Let's move a little to the past. In Almazergienbank in 2013 the decision on upgrade of EDMS was made, and the system the THESIS, instead of former EDMS "BUSINESS" which was used only by office was implemented a year later. The customer, having compared the cost of development of system on all bank, and cost of implementation of new system, and having understood that the sums are approximately identical, drew a conclusion that it is possible to look at something is more modern. Selected between WSS Docs and EDMS the THESIS (as the most modern and implemented on the web client). As a result selected the THESIS because of indiscriminateness to communication channels and client computers, good referens from banks and the convenient interface.

Implementation took place the THESIS in a standard configuration in 2014, plus migration of 20 thousand documents was executed of EDMS "BUSINESS". By the way, now the information stream considerably grew – 15 thousand new documents are brought to the THESIS only in a month. In a year the customer wanted to expand functionality of a solution — then there was a subject with automation of work of board. In principle, course logical: if standard processes are automated, it is worth taking care also of other things, significant for business, – and ensuring activity of the top management of bank in this row has very high priority.

Transition of quantity to quality: when heads gather much

As the philosophy teaches us, the quantity turns into quality. If just to collect in one room there are a lot of heads, for example, of all board members of bank even if everyone with the tablet connected to EDMS, a collective job at them is not got.
To hold electronically a meeting of joint body, the system needs to add a certain new quality – other functions are necessary: planning of meetings, management of the agenda, preparation of questions and materials (documents) to them, vote and registration of the protocol. Also we do not forget about execution control which too here is implemented otherwise.

Our customer also asked – to make it so that managing bodies of bank could work at mobile devices, make decisions at meetings and control their execution. And the customer insisted that it was the native application, but not just the web client of EDMS started on the tablet. At first we offered option of completion of our mobile version of system the THESIS, but the price of such completion it was is too high. (That is logical – the custom system is always more expensive than drawing.)

The customer looked at several specialized systems for joint bodies, then we showed him BoardMaps, and as a result decided to make integration with this product – that the chairman and board members of bank during meetings could work at the iPad'ax in the BoardMaps application and make decisions concerning the agenda.

Yakutsk – Samara – Moscow

The geography of the project turned out distributed: the customer in Yakutsk, our company Houlmont – in Samara, and the partner – the company Deshbord Sistems – in Moscow. At first we contacted authors of BoardMaps and suggested to integrate our products. Then we together went to Yakutsk, showed to the customer as the system for joint bodies together with the THESIS will work and agreed that BoardMaps will use only board members and secretaries, and all other staff of bank will remain in the THESIS – such separation is based on functional properties of both products, simple employees do not need BoardMaps, and at all it is optional to board members to come into the THESIS.

Running forward, one may say, that development was conducted actually far off, only colleagues from Moscow had to go to Yakutsk to set and configure the server and to provide training. And we rolled changes in EDMS far off, at first on a test server, then and on produktiv. This practice at us was well fulfilled as the system stood year in operation.
At us all development goes to the companies far off. The specialist leaves only on preproject inspection, writes the specification, and in extreme cases leaves on refining of the specification. Further already the specialist for implementation leaves. In this project from our party and implementation especially it was not required – the THESIS in Yakutsk was already known by both ordinary users, and heads.

The organization of interaction of two commands did not cause difficulties – was worked with children from BoardMaps quite easily because they were interested in implementation of the system at our customer too. Communicated directly with programmers, and together PM or, thought out solutions as there will be a movement of information.

Integration: that, why and as

From the point of view of business process looks as follows: initially meetings are planned in BoardMaps, they are prepared by secretaries. That is, collect questions, create the agenda, notify participants on the forthcoming meeting, etc. Directly during a meeting will organize reports on questions according to the agenda, put projects of solutions to the vote, and fix results of vote. After the meeting comes to the end, the secretary makes out the protocol and creates in system of instructions which were given on the considered questions.

We do not forget that all this occurs in closed for access for all employees to the system intended only for board members. How contractors learn that it assigned order? How they will be able to report on its execution if they do not work with this system? That is, it turns out the initiator of all integration there is BoardMaps: the instructions created there following the results of a meeting have to be included to us in the THESIS (together with the protocol of meeting) to transfer them to contractors.

Further conventional process of processing of tasks in the THESIS is started, contractors carry out the tasks, and result of this execution — that is when the employee clicks "Is executed", putting some document as attachment – this result goes back to BoardMaps. Acquaintance with the minutes can also be started in the form of process in the THESIS. It turns out that order in BoardMaps meppitsya with a task the THESIS. As soon as in EDMS the task is carried out, order becomes executed and in system of automation of work of board.

Facts of life: both API had to be dopilivat

In an ideal picture of the world both products possess complete and perfect API therefore their integration is executed easily and quickly. But we live where spherical horses do not live. Each of products was ground on the data domain and therefore at all their external similarity – it seems and there, and there is some work with documents and tasks – all the same API had to be finished.

On the party the THESIS needed to be made two things. First, to add a feature to take away BoardMaps given from instructions – that is, to fill fields of tasks of a certain algorithm. Secondly, during the work with the minutes to block all processes except acquaintance — because the protocol is approved and affirms as BoardMaps.

Colleagues from Deshbord Sistems had to work too – they needed to block instructions while they are on execution in the THESIS that in BoardMaps it was impossible to put down accidentally a mark about execution of order until the contractor reported in EDMS.
As a result we had an opportunity to organize end-to-end process when the decisions made on the top at board meeting of bank, go down in divisions and are led up to specific contractors, using the EDMS usual mechanism. And these tasks can be dekompozirovat, reassigned, delegated – that is, to use all richness of opportunities of business process management in the THESIS. And back: the chairman and board members can see result of execution of the instructions directly in system of automation of work of joint bodies, without coming into EDMS.

How to be when requirements float

It is good when the customer precisely knows what he wants, is able to formulate it, and during the project all requirements are reflected in detailed specification. Actually, the requirement was one: we want that the board of bank worked via the mobile devices and everything was convenient and beautiful. And that in BoardMaps key employees but only board members and secretaries of meetings did not work. Not too accurately, huh?
If to al's skhemk drawing,
We would start vertezh,
And so — look for as you want,
Bald you will find the devil! …
– even two of a chest, Tit Kuzmich and Frol Fomich, refused to work at such indefinite input. And it was necessary to us! Actually, we together with the customer thought out, a solution as we that has to become, right there discussed and implemented. That is, it turned out such absolutely adzhayl.

Looking back, one may say, that it is not good. We made one assessment on terms and cost and there was a good chance to go beyond this framework because always something is thought out new, something wants to be improved it is already possible to program indefinitely. Therefore it is always better to work on accurate TZ even if with small deviations. However, we coped — thanks to accurate management of the project it was succeeded to hand over system in time in spite of the fact that requirements changed on the run.

If to take a broad view more …

On the one hand, this project looks as customer-specific custom development – wanted that there was an integration with some system – here, please. Usually similar developments and remain unique and are of no use for development of the main branch of a product.
But here the fact that integration with system which actively moves ahead in the market became was interesting and has quite accurate focus. Target audience of BoardMaps are joint bodies of corporate management, including boards of directors, committees, boards, etc. So if to look more widely, then it was not custom development for the customer, and integration with a specific product.

In spite of the fact that in the THESIS now (in version 4.1) there is own module of management of meetings and control of execution of points of the protocol, we see in partnership with Deshbord Sistems high potential. Big heads want that they had everything on the tablet, conveniently and beautifully, with a minimum of functions – only the most necessary. However, it is usually a little such heads in the company – 10-20 people, and the number of users of EDMS can be calculated by hundreds and thousands of employees. Therefore for the supplier of mass EDMS can be purely economically unprofitable to develop a special application for such narrow user group whereas for the specialized company it is the main business.

For reference use: AKB "ALMAZERGIENBANK" is created in 1993. The territorial network of bank includes 13 additional offices in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 5 operational offices in Yakutsk, two representations in the federal cities today – Moscow and St. Petersburg, operational office in Khabarovsk. "Almazergienbank" services over 15 thousand of corporate and 350 thousand private clients and takes positions of one of the largest universal banks in the market of banking services of Yakutia.

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