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2 years, 10 months ago
3D - laboratory for people from MIEMA, putting the head in prototypes of trace of printed circuit boards

At the end of 2014 the MIEM new educational and administrative complex of Higher School of Economics National Research University in Strogin where many different abrupt things for training of students are implemented was put in operation. One of such projects — laboratory for prototyping of electronic and computing means. Under this business the small budget was selected, we are selected as the contractor. Further we solved not absolutely typical problem of creation of the room where around you fly different virtual 3D - objects. For example, that it was convenient to understand electronic chips.

It was necessary to apply creative imagination and just that mathematics which is vigorously mastered by students to achievement of effect of the return projection (when you pass it by the screen, but the shadow at the same time on it is not cast).

Overall picture

Experience at us is saved up sufficient, plus very good communications with suppliers and vendors. Therefore in respect of software iron of difficulties and surprises was not — such work we repeated already tens of times a minimum.
The only thing, was required to put in addition Virtalis for converting of models in 3D, plus Autodesk 3ds Max — for development of 3D models. Together with Max they allow to do anything "on a knee" for prototyping. At the moment students with teachers already half a year use laboratory, generally — for a practical training. 15 people and the teacher with a control facility come into the room. There is a huge payment, and in real time on it something switches, and the teacher explains that it and why. It can change the scale of models, decompose them on separate components. It helps to sort visually the mistakes made by students at design.

That inside

Equipment of display
Install 3D - Panasonic projector
Ceiling fastening for projectors
3D - points

Philips LED monitor
Equipment of sound amplification
The double-band ceiling speaker system of the closed type with the phase inverter
Power amplifier, 4 channels
Network device of management of audio inputs
Software of GeoVisionary
Software of Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 Commercial New SLM DVD
Software of Autodesk 3ds Max Commercial Maintenance Subscription (1 year)
Equipment of signal sources
INTEL Core i7 3770 workstation (3.4 GHz/8M/GPU 650/1150MHz) / 16GB/SATA. 2 TB
/ 2x PNY Quadro K4200 PCI-E 2.0 4096Mb 256 bit DVI+Sync, onboard — Win8 PRO
Equipment of switching
Single-channel video processor
Cabinet floor SJB series, 19-inch (19 ″), 12U, 604×600×600 of mm (VKHSHKHG)
Set M6 screw, square nut, washer (10 pieces)
Regiment 465×350 mm (to 100 kg), color black
Blocks of sockets with functions of control and protection (9 European sockets)
Equipment of management
Central controller of management system Crestron
The Apple iPad Air Wi-fi 16GB tablet — Space Grey

Pay attention to the server: problems of MIEM of Higher School of Economics National Research University required 2 heatelectric heaters powerful video cards. Be afraid of people with such configurations — they can be used not only for a render and display ready 3D - scenes.

For management of all components of a complex — system of the integrated management of Crestron. As a control bar the tablet PC iPad Air because it is almost twice cheaper than their "branded" screens with the software was used.

Features of implementation

Complexity was that students in the room on TZ there can be 15 people. The room represents the walls with a projector stitching creating a uniform space which wearing spectacles turns into the plain opened extensively. The problem is that people cast shadows. Usually in such situations projectors are placed behind screens (for example, so often do at demonstration of expensive cars or when monitoring oil objects and the NPP), but at university resources were very limited.

3D - laboratory for people from MIEMA, putting the head in prototypes of trace of printed circuit boards
Pay attention to placement of a projector

3D - laboratory for people from MIEMA, putting the head in prototypes of trace of printed circuit boards
Here it is larger

Scheme of the room:

3D - laboratory for people from MIEMA, putting the head in prototypes of trace of printed circuit boards
The plan of the room, height of false ceilings is 2,6 m

3D - laboratory for people from MIEMA, putting the head in prototypes of trace of printed circuit boards
Ready projective, view of a frontal wall

In addition we constructed a partition (it is selected by red). The display system of information was implemented on short-focus projectors of Panasonic using technology of a soft stitching of the image. Image sizes of 7х2,3 meters for a frontal wall (No. 2 on the plan) and 4,9х2,3 meters for the right and left walls. Projective corners were calculated so that the audience and operators of system could move on all area of laboratory, without casting shadows on the image. That is upon will reach effect of the return projection, but the price of such solution due to use of the correct scheme of placement of projectors turned out 10 times less than at installation according to the classical scheme (when the projection equipment is installed directly behind the screen as already spoke above).

We had to count ceiling geometry so that by means of specially proburavlenny niches projectors could light everything and at once, and the stitching turned out not only uniform, but also with such geometry that crowds of people did not create the disturbing shadows inside. Fortunately, we found this room even before repair therefore we had an opportunity to do here such pieces, for example.

The room is equipped with the sound reinforcement system. The image has to be output to projectors from one source (the managing notebook or other attached device, or demonstration directly from the server according to the plan).

For the lecture mode the possibility of an output of one image to 3 projectors and separate images on each projector is provided in a format 2D and 3D.

Walls were very smoothly aligned (that is not absolutely trivial in Russia) and processed by projective Goo systems Ultra Silver 3D Pair paint.

Windows with the motorized blinds. Management of blinds becomes from a dashbord on the tablet.

The final — trained three specialists to work with all equipment and accompanied a little while they understood and got used.


First, demanded was a management system with scenarios. The main thing there — switching on and off and change of lectures (the different modes and scenes) by means of the tablet. Specialists on site are especially not necessary, even humanitarian teachers will cope.

In management system there are still a morning warming up and inclusion (for an hour before lectures), check of a resource of a projector (and notifications if it low), evening switching off if the equipment still works.

Now only the teacher as other equipment is mortgaged under further purchases and development of laboratory has a controller and the device of tracking. Therefore students cannot take away objects yet and to twist them, can only watch through points as it someone does one.


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