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2 years, 10 months ago
As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr

I have a small holiday today. My book "Business as Game" at last reached to shelves. Still warm.

The book grew from posts which I write years five here. Uporoty, with such things which usually about business do not write. Inside — 140 little heads on the page - two about different aspects of business, in fact — baizes. Everything began with habrapost — and it became gradually clear that they should be changed very strongly, plus to write much more about business and management.

Below I will tell that I learned while I was published. For example about the fact that it is impossible to earn from the book, about normal circulations, about process and in general.

What should be known about the market and pirates

The starting circulation of 2-3 thousand (it is good, if not one thousand), assignments — several percent from wholesale price of the publisher, and according to actually sold books. Minus author's copies, minus promo, minus still something. Plus mythical percent for transfer into other languages. Total — from 20 to 60 thousand rubles at best after a tax. But, of course, can kritanut, but such izdayniya of unit therefore in matmodel we do not consider them.

Therefore the book is a hobby. Well or public relations, as in our specific case. Or a social role of business, but let's be fair — without public relations it will only be done all the same absolutely by individuals. The principle such — we change advantage (a lot of advantage) for your more profound knowledge about the company.

Well and just it abruptly — to write at last the book.

The electronic version of the book in Russia appears always. Just sometimes it is issued publishing house, and sometimes — without notice the owner. Sales of electronic versions make about 10% of the market in general, in business literature and any self-developments the share is more.

That is a book scope to pirates — 3-5 thousand after the first circulation. Only one Flibusta (when was opened) did on average 15-20 thousand more downloadings. And at the time of emergence of the book on Flibusta the author tested lyuteyshiya battkhyort because sales right there fell on all fronts.

I rummaged already a little and I can tell that pirates play awesomely a useful role in popularity of the book, but I cannot check yet. But for some reason it seems to me that I will return with new data soon.

At the same time paper is not dead — at a preponderance of electronic devices in America the paper Renaissance began now — there the youth reads nonfikshn from normal carriers because it is difficult to study on the tablet. You will not run about on tabs, you do not pocherkat on fields.

Now still focus. Nobody knows precisely as paper is on sale. Marketing of publishing houses runs with a rake in the dark across the field — because they do not obtain operational data on sales, and see well if semi-annual reports. The only objective metrics — the shops, but they are not always representative. Therefore the role of asses-filinga is big. And therefore the first circulations precisely small — if suddenly it is necessary, the dopechatka is started. By the way, I broke an achivka — at me the dopechatka was started still when the first circulation did not leave printing house.

So, give once again. On the book it is impossible to earn outright, and average readability at it 10 times less than at a topic from Habré. And there is a big contradiction about which I will tell soon after separately. So far we will return to the edition.

What turned out

140 here such glavka, separated into 4 parts: business start, operational management, work of physical shop, marketing.


As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
Subject obviously not for Habr, at least and old

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
It is the post rewritten and pressed down by 5 times about negotiations. One of little entered "outright" as a result.

Wanderings in process

About three-four years ago I wrote to the uncle to Mann from MIF publishing house supposedly watch, posts, 50-100 thousand readings, it is interesting to people. You Want to Okhrenet, huh?, the book about our cheerful retail?

Igor answered in two lines supposedly the manuscript bear here. But not it was necessary to me. I should have understood that from our stories it is interesting to readers. I also asked a question repeatedly, hoping that he to me will draw a niche. The uncle Mann did not answer any more. I scratched in the head and went to Alpina's website where process was painted directly on notes.

Also it became clear that I for publishers the delusioned. At them all process is ground under the fact that bring them a large amount of material (to ten manuscripts a day), they look at it and speak — this and we take this, and throw out the rest. They can create the market only transfers, by and large.

At this moment we needed to update franchbuk — internal giperubermegamanuat where we without sentimentality teach partner franchisees to do business. There everything is dry as is, directly on business. The ready edition in a brick thickness also closed in general all aspects of business. In applications — all exact duty regulations, designs of shops, calculations, samples of documents, switching circuits of a musical subsystem, even letters for failure to candidates for different vacancies. Well, VSYO.

The trick is that this book shared, conditionally, on two parts — how to do to Mosigr and how to do business in general. For example, the choice of the room is precisely necessary to all. And here is how to distinguish by a smell good game from bad — only to us.

I selected that part which about business in general. Something similar turned out on habraposta which you read years five, but only very dry. In the form of the book it not the channel precisely. There is an example:

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
Obviously not that, this version of the book and lies at a stage "Thinking … 55% of complete". There is not enough ease and the drive.

Then one St. Petersburg publisher (well familiar to me since the childhood according to IT books of Bogoumirsky) contacted and suggested to publish the book about history of the company. Ok, too run. Wrote the plan, tried to state chronologically — the poppycock turned out.

Judging by napomilka, there passed 238 days since the moment when I began to work. On 25 minutes a day I wrote something. But instead of the book posts turned out.

This moment to me was called by the girl Vera from the MYTH and called on a visit. As it became clear, they wanted to discuss options of sale of books at us in a network, and I asked as as is on sale. Also understood that I did everything incorrectly. And as it is necessary.

And at once everything developed.

4 blitz weeks

As soon as there was an accurate and clear purpose, everything went like clockwork.

The idea was very simple. When I only arrived to Moscow, was not able nothing in respect of business and did not know anything necessary. Was such exemplary geek IT specialist. It was necessary to study. Received something from Habr, something from blogs (it was especially remembered "As I traded in meat" about the IT specialist doing meat), something was prompted by the senior companions.

This knowledge was imparted on upper shelves of trains on the way. The most valuable things about decision-making — in 5 minutes prior to important negotiations. Calculations of business plans — in kitchen at us in the cellar. Exchange of experience — when I went for different people and just did something together with them. Trade — when itself drove orders, stood in shop, did a bit of traveling over the country and looked who and that does.

Conferences close did not stand on usefulness.

But in books for some reason do not write about such things.

As a result we collected all stories which taught us to something, carefully listed our rake and added mechanics which proved to be successful over the country everywhere.

140 baizes turned out, in each of which there is a certain principle. It not rules; there are no rules in business at all (especially, in small and medium). It is our rake on which we ran.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
One of the shortest heads. Because and so everything is clear what to pull? Not in America.

Home straight

As soon as I had about a half of the book, I took 8 heads and sent them to publishing house. Answered immediately that very much pleased — yes, speak, the dude, write still. Agreed about terms, sent the complete manuscript. It was, apparently, in June. In 3 days looked — say, we will publish.

It appears, process takes at least half a year. At least is because I registered in the agreement specifically December, otherwise would receive the book in February, probably.

One more essential change in the agreement — I kept the right to post online up to 50% of texts of the book and in our advertizing materials. As allows me to scatter so them in this post.

Until we approved it, there passed a lot of time — they in the rights wrote it, I come to a meeting, and there is no lawyer, yet what. However, besides, then went well. One more feature of the agreement — it at publishing house one-sided, in respect of the fact that "the author is obliged", and "the publisher can". For example, the cover and the name — three times the publisher offers and if the author does not want — everything, the author does not solve any more. The publisher himself does. Editing — no more some percent from the book, etc. Probably, they were lifted up by the doubting people. I carefully listed all these points and too threw out.

Editing took place without excesses because there was nothing to touch there especially unless the order of heads exchanged, plus some facts of a doutochnyala.

The updates are small fierce hell. First, as it became clear, the proofreader does not like the word "horse-radish". I do not know what they so got to the bottom of a poor plant. For example, "All had agreements in dollar. When the dollar cavorted, all street rose and descended on horse-radish" turned in "When dollar rate exchanged, all street descended there where you should not go". The reality promptly flowed away from the text. I defended the most part of changes, but if you see somewhere too smooth turnover — know, it is mean censorship. By the way, about the fact that it is mean censorship they cut my footnote too. Still the proofreader not always understood terms. So "molts" became "lines", for example, and "economy" — "economy". In total I read the book nine times precisely, so, that already by heart learned. And all the same finally passed a jamb — in calculation of the business plan in one of heads missed zero as a result that created an error much (in a dopechatka it is corrected already). And still, despite the head about Russian where is about "brands incline", and my deep belief that Samsung is Samsung, but not Samsung, the proofreader with inhuman persistence governed all in intolerable official. And as explained to the child that it is the internal standard. At the same time in the chapter brands in Russian. Oook. On the other hand, when I specified about ten changes why I so, received at once the irrefragable professional answer with sendings to rules of language and in general all prufa. Very convincingly and professionally.

Approximately at this moment the announcement at them on the website appeared. Quotes were as in the best traditions of epigraphs to a fantasy. It was necessary to change. It is successful that they meet halfway on such trifles. The pleasant bonus — managed to be dragged without proofreader.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
One more pleasant achivka

Imposition in general normal, but is three problems. The first — very clumsy transfers. I, by the way, did not understand at all why at justification to do them to the left. The second — a paragraph first line indent (directly on Chikholda), only without dialogs. Looked in the prefinal somewhat oddly. Did not want to govern, long and expensively. And the question price on transfers — several dollars for the dictionary module of transfers to Indizayn. Two-three absolutely awful cases corrected, the rest remained. The third — on a get-in deleted very many paragraph indents, the text became slightly more chaotic.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
Pay attention to imposition of the beginning of dialog. And yes, and still they cut all "ё".

At the choice of the name and to selection of a cover — I insisted on a red cover, but the name wanted another. Plus there was a strong wish to bring a logo on the book — recognize not some abstract dudes with unclear surnames, and to Mosigr. It turned out that to bring a logo, it is necessary to pay for circulation together with the MYTH.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr

In general — process went very quickly because all understood that terms burn. I remember, the first two times I read the book in Greenland where just to check mail cost about 700-800 rubles. Mercilessly swung our boat, the notebook went on a little table in cabins campaign (it has still such rounded-off sides that the ware did not roll down — they devilishly convenient), and I made changes.

Impressions of management from their party — very positive. We obviously communicate with authors of the games not so quickly. The belief answered even at night that was especially abruptly taking into account a difference of time zones. In general at the MYTH I so understood, only the kernel of business sits at office, and all others work on model 37signals — from here and flexibility.


Physical execution very abrupt. From about 140 thousand characters the book the size about the average NF-edition with a tough cover and a band bookmark turns out.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr

Knowing Mifovsky editions, I was afraid that a quarter of the book will be filled with advertizing at the end, but now they already so do not do — literally 3 pages on the fact that for publishing house. From useful — allowed to edit the list "with this book it is recommended" that allowed to be responsible for a market even in it (usually to the author do not give it to touch as I understand). Generally, I am happy as an elephant.

As I wrote and published the book based on the posts from Habr
The table of contents borrowed the whole 6 bands

The book here, already at us in shops. More precisely, right now only in online store, but within a day will part across Moscow. Carried it to us directly from printing house therefore in Ozone, Read - the city and other shops will arrive already later. Across Moscow by the beginning of the next week, but, most likely — after holidays. The prices in other shops will be same (plus or minus 50 rubles and still allowances for delivery to other regions). At once I speak — even taking into account already going dopechatka, paper circulation small.

On the same page of the book there is slightly more text (and links to texts of heads that here are attached by pictures here). And still in the same place complete table of contents. Traditional habraskidka.

In total.

And, friends, thank you all that you supported me, wrote after posts that it abruptly and should be published. And in general helped.

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