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image Any programmer — first of all, the person with the merits and demerits. But at the same time the programmer is an intellectual, the person who is constantly occupied with a solution of tasks, requirement analysis, correction of errors, interaction with colleagues and customers. At last, the programmer is the person who regularly have the serious stress forced to meet the tough deadline and simply obliged to self-improve constantly.

This book contains exhaustive information on what is required for building of successful career of the programmer, helps IT specialists to understand better the profession and colleagues, always to remain demanded in labor market, purposefully and to develop productively, and also to receive this devotion and original pleasure from favourite work.

Opening speech

I (John Sonmez) would like to tell you a fantastic story about what moved me to write this book. I would like to tell that when I meditated in the desert, to me the eagle flied, sat down on a shoulder and whispered on an ear: "You have to write the book about "soft" skills for developers". I would like to tell that this book was to me in a dream; I woke up because I saw its sketch in the middle of the night and fairly began to write, trying to imprint what was seen.

But the truth is that I wrote the book because felt as if I have to make it. Throughout all career of the developer I had to travel much. Sometimes I selected a right way, sometimes was mistaken. About correctness of some ways I am not sure still. During travel practically nobody helped me. I did not feel that there is someone who can help me to cut off the road a little. Someone who can show me how to become the most successful developer not only from the point of view of writing of a code, but also in everyday life.

Of course, many people affected my life, many taught me to everything that is connected with software development, and to other things. I am grateful to them for everything that I reached in the life. But I never met the manual in which all this information, that is such subjects would be collected:
‰ - management of the career and acceptance of the correct solutions;
‰‰-effective training and the maximum productivity and also what to do when you feel unmotivated and discouraged;
‰‰-bases of finance, physical and psychological health and how all this influences us.

I wrote this book because wanted to create such manual or at least to try to pass on as much as possible experience, and also experience of other successful developers, financial experts, the guru of fitness and the motivational speaker with which I had pleasure to communicate and work. I wrote this book because did not want to spend knowledge in vain.

I wrote this book that:

— to simplify a little your travel;
‰‰-to help you to become stronger;
‰‰-and that is the most important — to help you to cease to feel lonely during your career of the developer.

About this book

There is a set of good books which will teach you to write a code better, will help to seize new technology, to work in command or to start the project. It is possible even to find books in which it is said about how to improve career or how to answer the questions asked on interviews. But whether you sometime met the book in which it would be told how to become the best developer, than you now?

Whether you sometime saw the book in which it would be said not only about how to find good work and to earn more money, but also about what to make with this money and how eventually to give up work and to become the entrepreneur if it it wants to you? Whether you sometime met the book in which steps of successful creation of reputation to the development areas of software would be described and which at the same time would teach you to be stronger physically, psychologically and spiritually?

I did not meet too such book therefore I decided to write about all these things … and even more.

Irrespective of who you are this book is written for you. And I do not say that it concerns you only slightly. In it it is told about everything — about passing of interviews, about creation of the terrible summary and successful blog, about creation of a personal brand, about methods of increase of productivity and overcoming of recessions and even about investment into real estate and loss of weight. You will also find the part devoted to my own technology of fast training which I used to create more than 55 online courses less than in two years for the company of online training Plurasight in this book.

Seriously, irrespective of who you are and at what stage of career you are, in this book there will be something and for you. In it there is even a head devoted to a meeting with the special person — hope, you understand about what I!

About the author

John Sonmez is the founder of the blog Simple Programmer where he constantly describes the vision of conversion of complex problems to simple solutions. It published more than 50 courses on such subjects as iOS, Android, .NET, Java and development of the games intended for online training of developers based on the Pluralsight resource. It also conducts podcasts of Get Up andCODE where discusses a fitness subject for programmers (, and Entreprogrammers where it and three other developers / the entrepreneur share real stories of creation of their online business.

John is a mentor for software developers and helps engineers of software, programmers and other technical professionals to construct career and to lead complete life. It gives them strength that they could achieve the goals, having simplified even the most complex challenges.

It is possible to get acquainted with the book on website of publishing house in more detail
Table of contents

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