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In last article with similar heading, we told and even proved that loukost the hosting of virtual servers (VPS) in Russia is possible. But how the situation with lease of dedicated servers is? Whether it is possible to hand over in Russia servers at the prices Hetzner-and, providing to clients gigabit channels?
We decided to carry out small analytics and to try to give the answer to post heading. Also we created a loukost-configurator of dedicated servers based on the equipment which is available for us. What from this left – you learn now.

Stage zero. Permanent costs.

As our data-center of MAPOCHET is in Moscow, one of the main costly resources is the electricity! 1 kilowatt costs ~ 5 rubles. On average, the dual-processor server with the power supply unit on 350 watts "eats" about 1 t.r. in a month, at average consumption of 250-300 watts. It is a lot of. And still there are costs for conditioners and active network equipment!
Further there is an Internet. Each gigabit manages to a data-center ~ 64 t.r. In process of increase in a traffic, the price for 1 gigabit will fall, by itself. At present our data-center has 7 links to different providers and networks of an exchange of a traffic, with a general flow capacity of 65 gigabits.

Линки дата-центра Мароснет

But how so? How we can provide to clients of VDS 100 megabits if they cost us approximately 6400 rubles? And how in general at such quotations it is possible to reflect about loukost servers with the channel of 1 gigabits?
We wrote the answer to the matter in last article. But now we can support it with already real digits. The matter is that 5000 virtual servers do not use the channel for 100% at the same time. And the majority – at all "smoke a bamboo". At present average consumption – 0,6 megabits on 1 virtual server. By itself, among client virtual computers there are also those who use the channel for 100%. But in lump it becomes imperceptible. 0,6 megabits on 1 virtual server, are not 6400 rubles, but only 38 rubles any more. Thanks to same "mathematics" you now, perhaps, swing torrents with a speed of 100 megabits.
But how to be with dedicated servers? Average consumption of dedicated servers for certain is more as in most cases they are rented under the high-loaded projects, distribution of video content, a striming, etc. For example, our dedicated servers use the channel on average with a speed from 10 to 18 megabits. Means expenses on the Internet make from 640 rubles to 1152 rubles on the server.
Total, averages (as it seems to us, but we can be mistaken) costs for 1 server make at least 1640 rubles. It is remembered, at the old euro exchange rate, at Hetzner it was possible to rent the server in the minimum configuration for the same sum.
At a zero stage we already felt that the good loukost – will not turn out.

Stage first. Purchase of "iron".

Here in general everything is bad. Professional servers cost much, especially with effective currency rate. It is possible to go in two ways. The first – to buy desktops as it does Hetzner. But for us it would be a problem. First – our data-center is not equipped with racks for storage of such servers, and it should remake a lot of things. Secondly – it is inconvenient to service desktops. It is unprofitable for the hoster beginning loukost to keep a big staff of engineers in a data-center. In the third – we want qualitative loukost therefore it would be exciting to see memory and reliable disks in the client ECC servers.
The second way – to take from shelves in a warehouse what already is! And at us about 1000 Supermicro servers with dual-processor motherboards and Intel Xeon E5530 and E5620 processors (2.4 Ghz, 4 kernels, 8 flows) were just overlooked. And that the most pleasant – all this was purchased at the old prices. Not innovations, but they perfectly will be suitable for a loukost!
Memory of DDR3 ECC can work at these servers in the three-channel mode. And in the presence of 2 processors it is possible to thrust 4 gigabyte levels of memory on 48 gigabytes, or the 8th gigabyte – even on 96 gigabytes.
But we had no disks! We use SSD disks of Samsung of a series 850 EVO, they stand on notes with client virtual servers. Under client dedicated servers it was decided to buy in addition HDD disks from 500 Gb to 6000 Gb and SSD disks from 250 Gb to 1000 Gb.
SSD disks – checked by us for a year of Samsung 850 EVO. HDD disks of large volume – WD Red as they are taken most often under NAS or under long-term storage of big data. HDD disks with an amount from 500 to 4000 gigabytes – rand, tried to select the most fault-tolerant models according to reviews and responses.
Loukost a hosting of dedicated servers in Russia. Whether it is possible?

Stage second. Depreciation calculation.

The fast-worn most out resource of the server is a disk. Speed of its wear directly depends on for what tasks the server as many addresses is used is made to a disk subsystem (thanks, Cap!). On one our client note, for example, 4 SSD disks were worn-out for 80% in 5 months. And is also such where wear makes 1% in a year, but it is rather a rarity. Average wear on notes with virtual to servers would be incorrect to be compared to average wear of disks on dedicated servers. Most likely, on dedicated servers, it will be on average lower for the obvious reason: it is less than users = less appeals to a disk. But this abstract reasoning which is not confirmed with statistics.
At the moment most less often in our data-center SSD disks fail. For 2 years 1 SSD disk "broke" and 4 pieces were replaced (those, with big wear).
It was important to calculate what has to be a payback period of the hard drive. If to make it too long, disks before this period will die, too short – the price for the tenant of the server will become unprofitable.
But there is 1 more parameter! Obsolescence of disks. Models of disks and the amounts actual today, in 1-2 years will be not such actual any more. So demand and the price of them will become much lower.
Proceeding from the aforesaid, method of a scientific tyk we managed to calculate that the safe payback period of a disk, is 6 – 12 months. That is the price of lease has to be proportional to this period and purchase value.

Stage third. Cunning and flexibility.

Cunning is in providing to the client port of 1 gigabits, but with a traffic packet as it does Hetzner. But here benefits on client side. At first can seem that 100 Mbit Unlimited = 1000 Mbit x 30 Tb. But actually not absolutely so. The transferred traffic amount very often depends on time of day. Option 1000 Mbit x 30 Tb easily compensates day splashes> 100 Mbit at the expense of night failures. Therefore for many clients such option more optimum. But what if 30 Tb are spent? To disconnect port and to demand from the client of surcharge for additional terabytes? It is correct. And in too time somehow it is not loyal. Correctly - it is to switch port to 100 Mbit, and to take surcharge for terabytes only if the client needs to return gigabit port. And it is desirable that the price for 1 terabyte was same, or below than at the German competitor, times it loukost. In our case we decided to set the price in 75 rub for 1 terabyte. It is cheaper, than at Hetzner.
One more cunning – to clean an installation payment. To charge from the client an installation fee in the amount of two months of lease – somehow it is not fair, it seemed to us. And suddenly the server is necessary to the client on half of year or less? Our first client rented the server under a startup. And even asked to enter daily payment as it is unknown, its project will fly up or not, and excess funds for advance payment were not yet.
Flexibility in our case is a possibility of the choice of any configuration of the server. Why to pay for 32 GB of the preset random access memory if only 12 are necessary? A year ago at us service of lease of dedicated servers with the fixed configurations worked. It seemed to us it is not really effective. As on loukost we already pull hardly – let at least the user will be able to select a server configuration, having reduced costs for excess resources. It was decided to make a configurator. It both plus and minus. Plus in flexibility, and minus in what it is necessary to wait for until the engineer of DPC-and assembles the server.

Whether it is so possible loukost a hosting of dedicated servers in Russia?

It seems to us that yes. We managed to achieve certain results in this direction. But nevertheless, we so far not really are happy with them.
If to watch sentences across Russia, then the ratio the price quality of our dedicated servers turned out very quite good. But it would be desirable better. We are going to work on optimization of this direction. At present, it would be desirable to gather small base of clients to have statistics. On VDS to a hosting we already have a statistics giving understanding of that how low we can hold the prices.
You can evaluate our configurator:
Until the end of the year it is possible to order a dedicated server at a discount of 25% on promo to the HAPPYNEWYEAR2016 code. Just specify it in the comment to the order.
By the way, same promo the code affects also VDS servers.


We hope that you liked our next post.
The user Habra of leonid239 arrived to Moscow not so long ago and there was on a visit in ours a date cent. Soon it will place interview + the amateur overview of our data-center of MAPOCHET.

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