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2 years, 11 months ago
All hello, dear readers!

Very long ago I did not write on Habré – both time was not, and thoughts it was not dense too … But thoughts is a dynamic flow if is that "on an input" — that will appear also "output". And here, watching tendencies in IT, having looked around, thoughts ripened: all of us, infrastrukturshchik, slowly and truly slide in Software Defined Computing, i.e. the paradigm of proprietary iron is replaced by software solutions over conventional components. We have SDN (Software Defined Networking), SDS (Software Defined Storage), and SDC is in fact abstraction based on a hypervisor or containerization …

Today I would like to mention solutions in the field of SDS – and already out of limits of solutions of Microsoft, I wanted to look at third-party partner solutions and to look whether there is life there in general … At once I will pay your attention that I will lead the narration about Windows world, on an old habit and bigger competence, than red-eye story … (smile)
The first that came to my mind - it is StarWind. I well remember software solutions of StarWind since Windows Server 2003 (-a kingdom to it binary), then it was the easy and effective way to make inexpensive block storage from the simple server with hard drives, but not to stir up-buy expensive SHD … Everything flows, everything changes – one river not to enter twice. Such functionality appeared also in Windows Server and now an era of clouds outside over time, and the cloud always stretches and stretches over infrastructure – and I remembered about StarWind, I think: "a dayka I will look, can at them is what interesting?." And I did not lose, the solution interesting really is also a name to it StarWind Virtual SAN.

What is StarWind Virtual SAN? Well, as it is easy to guess, is a program data storage system (DSS) which is developed based on a standard h86-kompyyutera/server. Obvious plus solutions that components, in this case – hard drives — the standard pieces of iron available in the market. And it means that it is possible to analyze the current needs for performance and to type virt-SHD those disks which are necessary to you: if you want – old-kind HDD spindles, then you want – fast and reliable SDD, you want – mix. And eventually such solution most precisely will correspond to business challenges of the organization, and due to use of conventional, not proprietary components – will considerably and significantly reduce solution cost in comparison with standard iron SHD from vendor. And that is important, due to use of such solution we avoid a situation with a zalochka on vendor (vendor lock-in) that often can bring problems for business. Tendencies in the market such that the zhelezyachny companies are slowly blown off and disappear – and business will hardly be delighted to the fact that SHD on which are its data is not supported any more or does not exist, and pull out or transfer data can be a big problem and threat for business. And business happens the different size, not each company is able to afford expensive SHD and dear administrator of such system, nevertheless money solves here. And reliability and confidence in tomorrow is wanted by all – young and old. For the small companies such solution is ideal on financial performance. However technical characteristics and possibilities of StarWind Virtual SAN also cause interest for the companies.
All very long time ago know that if you want reliability and a continuity of applications and business – that it is necessary to use clusters. Absolutely truly, but the cluster, as a rule, demands the general selected storage, SHD – and it costs money. All charm of StarWind Virtual SAN is that the solution is constructed based on technology of replication – and it in turn cleans need for the general storage: solutions of the class Shared-Nothing Cluster (Figure 1). Such clusters are cheaper than both capital, and operational costs at cost. That is for creation of a reliable cluster there are enough 2 servers typed by disks — and all! You want to expand, scale your solution – because business grows? There are no problems! StarWind Virtual SAN allows to increase and add objects of replication on the fly without stopping of business processes indefinitely (technically it so, but it is necessary to count need and quantity of elements, replication creates load of a network and this loading it is necessary to take out in separate network segments not to disturb production data).

"A countdown simple means – or the rule "3-2-1" for disk storages"
Figure 1. A cluster without the general storage based on StarWind Virtual SAN

And in a type of the simple rule not to store all eggs in one basket, naturally there is a need to reserve given out of physical limits of your organization – suddenly Zeus who at you will make angry – and to data kaput! But here clouds, in particular on old-kind memory of Microsoft Azure just very fine can help us. The solution StarWind Virtual SAN is available in Azure Marketplace. And it means that I can configure a remark of my data not only between the local servers or between the platforms and to the websites cities, but also to add a copy of StarWind Virtual SAN which will be is in a cloud – and Zeus hardly a hut will destroy also disorder to arrange …

"A countdown simple means – or the rule "3-2-1" for disk storages"
Figure 2. StarWind Virtual SAN in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

In Azure different configurations of VM with StarWind Virtual SAN are available to you, and it means that you can flexibly pick up to yourself solutions with an optimum ratio price/quality.

Let's provide a situation: you have a company which has several offices over all country. You need to provide relevance and synchronism of data a boundary with all platforms. Also you need to have a third-party independent site for reservation of your data and their subsequent recovery in case of approach of force majeure (whether technogenic whether economic – does not matter, data our everything). And, naturally, a task to minimize the budget on such solution and terms of its implementation. Service cost also has to be minimum, any similar solution from the point of view of business are investments which business is eager to return/pay back (there is still such special parameter for measurement of similar things – ROI, Return On Investment). So you will do? It is possible to address, of course, not long vendor, to describe such situation – and to receive from it a solution. But, as a rule, it will be very expensive, it is simply unprofitable to much for financial reasons. And the probability of a zalochka, binding to vendor is high that for business is more risk, than an opportunity. If to offer as the solution StarWind Virtual SAN, then the solution can be configured flexibly, proceeding from your requirements, your system administrator will be able to calculate it and to learn work with it it can quickly enough independently that will allow to cut operating expenses further. Business grows? Symmetrically capacities and copies of StarWind Virtual SAN – as well as costs as there is no need to buy excess iron – a frequent situation when using traditional zhelezyachny SHD grow. In my opinion, simple, flexible and elegant solution. And still it can be tried free of charge and to understand – you suit it or not? I recommend to try, superfluous it will not be from the point of view of knowledge and opportunities – what I recommend to you and I wish!
Well, somehow so I see a situation in the world of Software Defined Computing concerning program storages. Now crisis outside, there is a wish to save not only, but also it is necessary – note, software solution on open components will be always simpler and cheaper than the closed and iron fellow …

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