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2 years, 10 months ago
(A screenshot from the presentation:

We invite all to the open lecture Computer Science of the center devoted to a problem of feasibility of Boolean formulas — one of the most known and important algorithmic tasks. Lecture will take place within a meeting with listeners of an online course "Algorithms: theory and practice. Methods". Time and venue: On December 25, 19:00, BTs of Tayms (St. Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya St. 2A, 4 floor). Participation is free, but registration is required:

Problem of feasibility — a canonical difficult task on which the huge number of researches is carried out: both practical, and theoretical. In particular, annual international conference is devoted to this task. Every year there take place competitions of programs for this task (so-called sat-solver). Such programs are actively used in many application areas. Just several months ago Donald Cnut added volume 4B of the monograph "Programming Art" which third is devoted to a problem of feasibility.

In lecture the following questions will be considered, in particular:
— why for the algorithm solving this problem for polynomial time one million dollars is put;
— as greedy algorithms, search with returns, local search, random walks and other technicians are used for algorithm elaboration for a problem of feasibility;
— how exactly sat-solver are used in practice (we will use sat-solver for a solution of some combinatory task).

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