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2 years, 11 months ago
Hi! We let out IDE for work with databases.

One and a half years we did 0xDBE according to the program of early access (EAP). And here, we understood that it is time to put end under our work. We thank all who tried 0xDBE on the projects and wrote us — you very much helped. We will miss this name too.

Now IDE is called DataGrip.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

The supported DBMS

DataGrip is universal IDE for work with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2.

Work with objects of a DB and code generation

DataGrip provides tools for work with database objects. If you create or change the table, add or change a column, an index, a key in already existing, use the graphic interface. Similar changes are followed by generation of the corresponding script — you can execute the made changes in base at once or copy the generated DDL request in the editor and work already directly with a code.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL


DataGrip supports autocompletion of a code that accelerates writing of requests. When you gather a code, IDE understands a context and does work for you: not only helps to write a code, knowing about a key word and names of objects of a DB, but also considers dependences when writing JOIN, prompts type of parameters for execution of a fukntion, describes a table strukruta in sentences of INSERT. In addition, we added templates (Live Templates) for writing of the same code, and you can create own.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

Search in a code and renaming

IDE understands what objects of base you use in a code: if to rename object in request, the same happens also in base. Rename a variable or alias in one place: it will occur in all a script.

There is a search of use of a variable or object (a column, the table) in request, and also a possibility of transition from use to declaration point. If you apply the same to object which was already created in base, the cursor will send you to a window of database structure.

And if in request the object name which is not in base is used — for example, were mistaken with the name of a column or the table — IDE will report about a problem and will propose possible solutions.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

Work with data

The tabular editor in DataGrip can filter data. The condition in the field of Filter criteria as in the sentence of WHERE and you will see that it is necessary for you registers. Text search in the table is able to filter too — conveniently if you look for data, and the column was forgotten. There is a navigation by data — in the presence of communication on foreign keys it is possible to get to those lines of tables which refer on these on foreign key and vice versa.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

Execution of requests

Select that IDE has to start if the cursor costs on nested query: internal, external or all requests of a script. For execution of part of request select a code and start it. Analyze the execution plan of request for optimization. In a window of result of request many Table Editor functions are available, for example it allows to change data and in it text search works. Compare two results in adjacent windows.

DataGrip release (ex-0xDBE) 1.0 — new IDE for SQL

DataGrip — IDE based on the IntelliJ platform, so in it is:
Powerful text editor with multicursors and syntax selection of a code
Integration into monitoring systems of versions: Git, Subversion, etc.
Plug-ins: Terminal, Textmate bundles, etc.

Learn about other opportunities, including the CSV editor, charts, requests with parameters, on the DataGrip page on our website.


— DataGrip is a part of a subscription to all products of JetBrains?
— Yes, it is a dosutpna as Single IDE and as part of a packet of "All Products". If you have a subscription to all products of JetBrains, you can use DataGrip already now.

— The functionality of DataGrip repeats everything that is in other IDE from JetBrains with support of a DB?
— Yes. In the first DataGrip version we concentrated on the basic.

— I can use DataGrip with dialects which are not listed?
— Yes. All you need is — the JDBC driver.

— Whether there will be NoSQL, debugging of a code and tools for administration?
— Yes, in upcoming versions.

— Where to express opinion on DataGrip?
— Here in comments, on ours forming, on twitter or through feedback form directly from IDE.

DataGrip command
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