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2 years, 11 months ago
On December 22nd on a site of IIDF City Hall the 31st New Year's MoscowPython-mitap will take place. At a meeting it will be declared some "surprises" which we prepare next year, well and of course, as usual we will hear interesting and useful reports, including the report of one of evangelists of community.

Moscow Python Meetup No. 31

We will hear the following reports:

Bogdan Evstratenko (HSE, 4th course). Bots in telegram. Why they are necessary?

I wrote a schedule bot for my university. Everyone can learn the personal schedule from this bot for today and for tomorrow. Therefore I can tell about it: general provisions how to make a bot (what libraries, what API provides telegrams, etc.), methods of application, personal experience and the caught reefs.

Vladimir Filonov (head of ITCanFly, evangelist of MoscowPython). Safety rules.

With development of cloudy hostings and utilities for DevOps, even more often setup of servers is done by developers. And alas, often they do not follow primitive safety rules, reducing the general of the level of security of servers.

In the report I will try to give several simple, but efficient councils which will help to reduce risk level and to be protected from different types of attacks.

Nina Zavriyeva (co-founder of Channelkit, ambassador of Upwork in Russia). Freelance Upwork exchange.
The analysis of successful experience on the example of development of the Channelkit project.

Be registered here and you come.


In February in #tceh the course on programming on Python starts. 22 occupations with the experienced teacher, a heap of practice, difficult homeworks — if already you own, send friends. Let Python-developers will be more!

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