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In this article we will begin session of several online lectures and articles on a separate line of the equipment AudioCodes – universal multimedia gateways which it is positioned for natural persons and small business. It is that segment which is called SOHO. We will provide the overview and information on a line of devices, history of its development and the short description of functionality in this article. It will be a question of universal CPE AudioCodes MediaPack of a series 26x (MP26x).

Evolution of development of this line contains more than 8 years. Everything began with a series of MP20x devices which represented normal ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor) with the simple built-in router. There were several models, the most part from them is not issued any more. Nevertheless, still are made and on sale in large volumes of the MP201, MP202, MP204 device with 1, 2 and 4 FXS ports respectively.

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Based on these devices in 2010 the updated CPE line – MP252 which was afterwards smoothly was created and imperceptibly replaced with MP26x. At the moment the line of MP26x devices is a master device and CPE in a line for connection of subscribers from among natural persons and is positioned generally for the operator market. Also there are plans at first of sales of this equipment through normal a network retail.

MediaPack devices of series 26x, 272 productions AudioCodes are an advanced multifunction, multimedia home or office gateway for multiservice networks. Connection to Ethernet to networks and networks of broadband access is supported. The gateway has the built-in modem with support of ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL, two types of wireless networks – WiFi and the DECT are supported. The connected tubes of the DECT (to 5 tubes) support HD quality voice transfer over IP (High Definition VoIP), it is in addition possible to use power supply battery which will ensure 3-4 hours functioning of the gateway at power supply loss. Existence of USB ports gives additional benefits for house and office use. Devices MP-26x, MP-272 are the present everything is in - one device for work in the multiservice Triple Play network or at small office.

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We will make the comparative characteristic of the existing models in several parameters — WAN interfaces, LAN interfaces, their speed, existence of the built-in Wi-Fi, the DECT and other voice functions.

Let's begin with the description of interfaces. The back panel of the device is provided in the following drawing:

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Any modification of devices contains several obligatory components:
• 4 LAN ports – allow to connect various IP devices, such as set-top boxes, desktop computers or different other devices which need Ethernet connection.
• 4y the LAN port works in the combined mode – either LAN, or WAN Ethernet, depending on a configuration
• Built-in access point of WiFi
• 2 or 3 USB ports – creation file or printserver, connection 3G/4G of modems
• 2 FXS ports — for connection of analog phones or fax devices of any kinds
• ADSL/VSDL the port (which is built in by ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL the modem)

Expanded models in addition have available the following:
• The built-in DECT base (support to 5 tubes)
• Support of Bluetooth for synchronization of address directories of mobile phones and the base which is built in by the DECT

The MP272 model has no built-in ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL of the modem, but instead of it available the selected WAN GE port.

The summary comparative table from the point of view of interfaces looks so:

Get acquainted in more detail: multimedia gateway AudioCodes

There are also sets where one DECT the tube already is a part. In this regard it should be noted that the DECT of a tube of third-party vendors is also supported, but these tubes shall support the GAP protocol. Otherwise to register such tube on the DECT to the MP26x/272 base it will not turn out.

Functionality of devices the general for all models. Let's select the main, but not everything, the moments.

WAN access
• Support of ADSL: ADSL (ITU-TG.992.1, AnnexA, B), ADSL2 (ITU-TG.992.3 Annex A, B,I,J,L, M), ADSL2+ (ITU-TG.992.5 AnnexA, B,I,J, M), Multiple VC/PPP connections, PVC Scanning
• Support of VDLS — VDSL2 30a profile, support of VDSL vectoring (G.993.5)
• Support of ETH WAN — 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports
• Support 3G/4G – all modern types of connections, RAS (OPTION the driver), NCM (CDC-NCM the driver), and also the previous versions of these drivers (depends on the modem)
• Dual WAN – support at the same time two types of connection (xDSL + LTE, Ethernet + LTE) with balancing of a traffic

Data transfer protocols and safety
• IPv4, PPPoE, PPPoA, PPTP, L2TP, DNS proxy, Dynamic DNS, DHCP Client — Server and Proxy, IP Multicast (IGMP proxy, snooping), NAT – RFC3022, Application Layer Gateway (ALG), Port Triggering, UPnP auto-configuration and port-forwarding (IGD)
• IEEE 802.1p/Q (QoS &VLAN; Tagging), ToS/Diffserv, QoS Traffic prioritization and shaping
• SPI Firewall, URL filtering, expanded control of access, warning of Denial of Service of attacks, encrypted file support of a configuration, Web Authentication, HTTPS provisioning, IPSec
• Safety of SIP: support of SIP over TLS (SIPS)

Support of Wireless LAN
• Integrated 802.11b/g/n 2x2 WiFi Access Point, Multiple SSID support, up to 300Mbps
• 802.1x authentication, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WEP mixed mode, TKIP Encryption, MAC Filtering, WPS, Web authentication
• Support of different SSID identifiers for the WiFi networks (to 4 SSID)

Voice functionality
• The signal protocol — SIP over TCP/UDP – RFC 3261
• Complete compatibility with all leading SIP servers and softsvitcha
• Processing of media of a traffic
— support of G.711μ/a-law, G.729A/B, G.723.1, G.722 (for HD VoIP), G722.2(WB-AMR),
— Analog Signaling Caller ID (Bellcore, ETSI, DTMF),
— MWI DTMF detecting and generation, in-band and out-of-band
— generation of the customized tones
— T.38 Fax Relay, VBD (Voice Band Data), Bypass
• Support of the DECT GAP and CAT-iq 2.0 on models with the DECT (MP-2xx-DB)
• Support of upgrades of the DECT for compatibility with future CAT-iq versions
• A flexible configuration and individual preferences of SIP for the DECT of tubes
• The built-in functionality "auto attendant" on a base line for ensuring work of small offices

Micro PBX
• Support of internal numbers, 5 DECT subscribers, 2 FXS subscribers
• Services: Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Hot Line, 3-Way Conference with local mix, Hunt Group, Do Not Disturb, Flexible dialing plan,
• An opportunity to connect up to 7 simultaneous SIP lines with independent parameters of connection of SIP (login, the password)
• An opportunity to process up to 4 simultaneous calls
• Independent switching of internal calls between all subscribers connected to the gateway (intercom)

More detailed information on a line and functionality can be found in the short description in Russian which lies here. Also I recommend to use the special section of our official site:

Separately it is worth mentioning quality of telephone communication when using MP26x. Here it is important to tell about two aspects. First, it is an opportunity to use a wide set of codecs, including the shtrokopolosny AMR codec. This codec is supported on the device and its use gives indisputable advantage in quality. Secondly, the functionality of the device includes a possibility of use the innovation technique of ABE (Artificial Bandwidth Extension) – development of AudioCodes. This feature of the equipment consists in a reconstruction of a broadband voice signal from narrow-band (broad banding of a voice signal happens by mathematical methods).
It improves a speech susceptibility. The subscriber hears a voice in HD quality even at execution of calls to the standard analog line. Therefore not only the DECT the subscriber, but also the subscriber enjoys FXS higher voice quality.

Now we will talk a little about opportunities of devices from the point of view of management and diagnostics. Practically all possibilities of management existing at the moment are supported:

1. The built-in server Russified by web for configuring and management. It is the most available and most widespread method of control and configuring over devices.
2. Support of the TR-069, TR-104, TR-111 protocols. For example, it is possible to use as the ACS server for small projects free OpenACS.
3. Support of the modes of an autoconfiguration by means of DHCP — an option 66, 67
4. A possibility of a configuration through the command line. It is not always convenient, and concerns more to those users who possess sufficient skills and knowledge of similar methods of management
5. Use of configuration files. And we will note that the configuration file is text (nevertheless passwords are stored in it in encrypted form). Besides, the konfguratsilnny file can be ciphered and loaded on the device in the encoded type. CPE will decode such file independently.
6. Support of special functionality for a remote provizhioning in case of impossibility of access to the device by means of the mechanisms using the HTTP protocol (web, TR-69 and so forth). It belongs to a subject of a mass provizhioning of devices more when CPE is deeply in a customer network for NAT or for several NAT and when it is impossible to manage it through web the interface.

As for diagnostics and a trableshuting, we will select such highlights here:

1. Enhanced features on a trableshuting and diagnosing – the built-in tcpdump, syslog and packet recording (information directly from the DSP processor)
2. The Vtroyenny agent of BroadSoft PacketSmart for quality control of a voice and QoE. This mechanism concerns to those operators and their subscribers who use the solutions PacketSmart.
3. Support of functionality of LST (Local Support and Troubleshooting) – automatic diagnostics of faults and the notification of the user (interception of web requests and the voice notification in attempts to call) – it is Russified. This functionality allows to report to the user about the most often found problems. For example, to inform on the disconnected cable or on an otsutstsviya of SIP of registration for a proxy the server. At once it becomes clear where and with what primary information to look for connection problems.

In one of the following articles we will tell in more detail about how to use mechanisms of diagnostics and a trableshuting.

Finally we will tell that in the Russian Federation there are a lot of examples of projects where these or those models from this line of CPE are applied. The number of attached devices on networks of these or those telecom operators, both federal, and regional, is calculated by tens of thousands. However there is a separate wish to note one of such projects. It is brought into commercial operation across all Russia in May, 2015 together with the company Megafon. One of devices which is used at connection to the service "Express Office" from Megafon is MP272D. And here it is possible to study the short description and positioning of the device as it sees Megafon.

The express office of PRO is the little modified MP272DB model, with the customized firmware and without Bluetooth. The device is branded for Megafon and has the special name – Megafon R2. Here so all set and the device looks.

Get acquainted in more detail: multimedia gateway AudioCodes

Get acquainted in more detail: multimedia gateway AudioCodes

The modem from Megafon is included in the package 4G. And being connected in USB port, he acts as the main or auxiliary (along with WAN ETH) an aplinka. Use 4G gives the chance to unroll completely wireless small office. We provide the short video about product opportunities:

We wish you successful connections. Enjoy an excellent communication quality when using MP26x devices!

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