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2 years, 10 months ago
Russian AI Cup: the best programmers of artificial intelligence are selected

On December 13 the final of the fourth annual championship on programming of artificial intelligence of Russian AI Cup came to the end. This time the skill was shown by over 1 600 programmers creating artificial intelligence for driving in races on a survival.

Under the terms of the championship it was possible to use one of languages: C ++, Java, C#, Python, Ruby or Pascal. After a series of intense competitions in the final 50 strongest were beaten out. And by results of last "race" the gold prize was won by Alexander "santa324" Santalov from Moscow. As an award he received MacBook Pro. Anton "Angor" Gordiyenko got "silver" and "bronze" from Moscow and to Yury "SDil" Semyonov from St. Petersburg, they were awarded by MacBook Air ultrabooks. Were not left without prizes and the contestants who took with fourth on the sixth places were handed to them iPad Air 2 tablets. We congratulate Denis "ud1" Utkin, Sergey "SKolotienko" Kolotiyenko and Sergey "Karkun" Ivanov! However to other participants still early to relax, and early to sum up of us adjusted totals of the championship. A week more of competitions in the Sandbox is necessary, and on their results the best 6 participants will win incentive prizes from partners of action.

Russian AI Cup: the best programmers of artificial intelligence are selected

By the way, waiting for the next annual championship you can attach to programming of the children, having suggested them to participate in the online game "Program the Monster" on the website IT.Mail.Ru. In it it is necessary to create simple programs of the movement of the monster that he passed a labyrinth with obstacles by means of arrows. At the same time during game it will be possible to learn how commands in different programming languages look. It is quite good training of skills of an algoritmirovaniye for children and teenagers which in the future can develop into serious interest in programming, or even into a profession. Perhaps, in a couple of years today's "masters of monsters" will compete in the championship.

We congratulate prize-winners and we invite everyone to try the hand next year, in the Russian AI Cup 2016 championship!

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