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2 years, 11 months ago
Tender on design of mobile application of ICQ

Development of video on the Internet is the main trend of the last years. Except usual videos as content for consumption, the video conference is more and more actively used: video messages and video calls. In ICQ already more than a half of mobile users of calls prefer to communicate with video. Due to growth of popularity of these functions, there is a need to make access to them the most convenient and simple. Therefore we start tender and we suggest you to try the hand. Task: to make a dream video chat. For this purpose you need to shift by means of redesign focus in the product interface towards video conference. It can be communication in private, video conference or online broadcasting. The main thing that the impression of simplicity and habitualness of video communication was made. Certainly, the favourite text chat has to remain near at hand. Ease, comfort and a little magics — here that the user of ICQ has to feel. ;)

The icon of the application needs also to be rethought: we remember about focus on video. It is optional to take the existing design as a basis, fresh and impudent ideas will have powerful advantage.

Action plan:

  1. You select a platform: iOS or Android.
  2. You project and draw the main screens of the application (a necessary minimum: screen of the list of chats and screen of a chat). If you strongly like communication of the future, be not over-modest and safely draw also the video call interface!
  3. You make the chart of transitions of the application (screenflow). (not drawn screens you can show empty rectangles).
  4. You publish work on Dribbble through rebound to it shotu*. You can show detailed pictures in attachment to the shot or the link in the comment to it.
  5. You state idea and a solution one-two paragraphs in the comment to work.

* If you have no invayt on Dribbble, you can lay out work in any convenient place and to leave the link to it the comment to this post or a post on Facebook. We will help authors of the best of them to receive invayt and to publish work in due form.

Prizes and conditions of tender:

  • Three strongest participants will take away prizes: iPad Pro, iPhone 6s and Apple Watch.
  • Winners are selected manually by organizers of tender.
  • Evaluation criteria: viability and visualization of idea, freshness of a visual solution, quality of study of the interface.
  • Each participant will receive a branded ICQ t-shirt and a set of the participant.
  • Acceptance of works comes to an end on February 21, 2016 at 23:59 Moscow time.

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