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2 years, 11 months ago
Five years I publish regular reviews of fresh articles on a subject of interfaces, new tools and collections of patterns, interesting cases and historical stories. From tapes of several hundred thematic subscriptions about 5% of the standing publications which are interesting for sharing are selected. Previous materials: April 2010 October, 2015.

Дайджест продуктового дизайна, ноябрь 2015

Patterns and Best Practices

Josh Clark — Designing for Touch
Josh Clark published the new book "Designing for Touch" in A Book Apart publishing house few weeks ago. On A List Apart one of heads is available, how users hold devices. On this subject wrote Steven Hoober and Luke Wroblewski much, but everything is collected here and at once in one material.

Josh Clark — Designing for Touch

The State Of Airline Websites 2015 — Lessons Learned
Joshua Johnson does analysis of the websites of 20 airlines regarding the interface patterns. Main page, search and armoring.

The State Of Airline Websites 2015 — Lessons Learned

Long-Term Exposure to Flat Design — How the Trend Slowly Makes Users Less Efficient
Kate Meyer tells about long-term research of interfaces with flat design in NN/g. It is a lot of specific responses to concerns that such stylistics often kill affordans and complicates work with a product. Younger users really have less problems with it and they more willingly investigate design, but even it it does not add comfort.

Long-Term Exposure to Flat Design — How the Trend Slowly Makes Users Less Efficient

Design Principles: Choosing the Right Patterns
Gustavs Cirulis that it is important to use patterns is comprehended. He gives an example from experience of Intercom where they compared navigation solutions and tried on under a specific situation.

Design Principles: Choosing the Right Patterns

What websites of the Russian companies adaptive — online stores, services, digital-agencies
The ADN Digital Studio company conducted research of domestic online stores on mobile. Who has mobile versions and applications.

Interface statuses

Mobile Inline Form Validation
Three years ago Steven Hoober in detail described methods of validation of forms in mobile interfaces. Three years later he says that error messages are an anti-pattern and it is better not to bring the matter to them at all. From the moment of writing of article of 2012 he practically did not use the patterns described in it.

Mobile Inline Form Validation

Letters of mailing

Designing with constraint: Twitter's approach to email

Researches Baymard Institute

The State of Mobile E-Commerce Search and Category Navigation


Mobile patterns

Guidelines of platforms and companies

iOS 9

iOS 9 Design Guidelines

Material Design

Exploring Meaningful Motion on Android

Apple TV

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone

Apple Watch

iPhone 6

Templates of Android-phones

Understanding of the user

Why We’re Addicted To Our Smartphones, But Not Our Tablets
Interesting calculations of Liraz Margalit from ClickTale about why smartphones are perceived as more personal devices, unlike tablets. Besides that they are just more often used, there is also a psychological attachment.

User Research With Small Business Owners — Best Practices and Considerations
Chelsey Glasson and Aidan Bryant about carrying out researches with representatives of small business. These people are constantly busy and exacting to tools so there are many features of work with them.

Cards of empathy

Adapting empathy maps for UX design

Speed of operation of the interface

Why Performance Matters, Part 2: Perception Management


Same Findings, Different Story, Greater Impact: A Case Study in Communicating Research

Interfaces which kill

iPad и толстые пальцы чуть не привели к авиакатастрофе

Design for children


Information architecture, conceptual design, content strategy

What is Use Case and why they are necessary?
Anna Abramova tells about one of the best the technician of design of interaction of the user and the program.

Design and design of screens of the interface

Sketch 3.4
There was Sketch 3.4 (according to the link the big list of innovations and corrections). Yap Kwang Yik made the overview of the most interesting improvements.

Sketch 3.4

However, the version was glyuchny and Bohemian Coding was necessary to release right there update 3.4.1, and afterwards and 3.4.2. As a result of all this bother developers decided to leave AppStore. The application will extend and be updated from the website Bohemian Coding. Other materials:

Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Photoshop CC 2015 and Fuse CC

Adobe Project Comet — User experience, prototyping and design app

Better Icon Design in 6 Easy Steps
Excellent set of simple rules for creation of qualitative icons / icons from Scott Lewis from IconFinder. After:

Better Icon Design in 6 Easy Steps

Animaticons — Animated GIF Icons
Creators of the Animaticons project went against a trend of fashionable formats and started library of the configured animated icons in GIF. Not really future-friendly, but cheap but good. After:

Animaticons — Animated GIF Icons

T-Shirt, Tank Top and Clothing Mockups
PlaceIt online service from the Breezi company allows to try on quickly and cheap prints on clothes. The set of models constantly is replenished and now there several tens good templates.

Reviews of instruments of prototyping


User researches and testing, analytics

10 User Research Myths and Misconceptions
Jim Ross disproves myths and delusions about the user testing.

10 Things I Learned About UX By Being Drunk
Richard Littauer for $250 checks the websites in a drunk status. He told about what he learned during testing of design in a state of intoxication.

The User is Drunk

An Interview with Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO of UserZoom
Interview with the CEO of one of the oldest services of the remote user researches UserZoom which received impressive investments into $34 million.

An Interview with Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO of UserZoom

Picking the Right Methods to Improve Navigation
Excellent instruction on testing of navigation from Jeff Sauro. With what user researches it is possible to answer specific questions on it.



Visual programming and design in the browser

Live guidelines and component systems

Envato Sites — Envato Sites Website Builder by Envato & ThemeForest
Envato started the designer of the websites Envato Sites in partnership with Theme Forest. Now all this variety of free subjects should not be fastened manually. Slightly in more detail about start.

Web typographics

Using System UI Fonts In Web Design: A Quick Practical Guide

CSS animation

Font icons

Work with SVG


The modes of imposing of layers in CSS

Work with Bootstrap and Foundation

Foundation 6 is Here


Design Virtual Reality


How We Fixed Our Icon Problem
Transfer of the article Bobby Grace from Trello about how the company systematized work with icons in the interface.

New scripts

UX strategy and management

Leading design

Design Leadership: What's Next?

Creation of design culture

UX strategy

How to employ designers

On Building Digital Capacity And Attracting Talent

Product management and analytics

Why "no" — a key word during creation of a product?
Oleg Yakubenkov made transfer of theses Intercom, plus added one more selection of councils from Intercom.

Growth hacking is bullshit
About why it is worth looking at system of metrics and to find balance between small small tasks and big strategy. Also it is not necessary to believe in existence of "a silver bullet".

Growth hacking is bullshit

Hooked on a Feeling
Presentation of Stephen P. Anderson about a difference between product requirements and experience.

Methodologies, procedures, standards

Parts without a Whole — What has design thinking become in organizations?
The command of the website This is Design Thinking conducted survey of 400 practicing designers and managers on use the practician of design thinking in large and not really the companies. Upon they issued the electronic book / report in which insayta are collected.

Parts without a Whole — What has design thinking become in organizations?


IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares
Big and rather detailed story about how IBM paid attention to design and came to requirement to employ 1000 designers. The story about Phil Gilbert which came together with the purchased Lombardi Software company and from approval of CEO Virginia Rometty began to implement practicians of design thinking, to increase the general design culture and in large quantities to employ people. Video.

IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares

Cases of redesign

The ultimate ecommerce CRO & UX case study — RS Components
Good case with system approach to improvement of conversion of the website. From a problem formulation, before individual work on a big set of components of the website.

And one more case about online store. The most interesting in this history is the second experiment when change of images in the directory gave CTR gain in 15,9%. An excess example of the fact that working only with content it is possible to receive a considerable gain of indicators. Optimization of content becomes more and more hot topic.

Uninvited redesigns


Enterprise Software Design — A Call to Arms
Very good philosophical article Tom Hobbs about how interfaces of consumer applications turned in comfortable and philanthropic and volume as to start the same transformation also for corporate software. Systemically, deeply, inspiring.

Enterprise Software Design — A Call to Arms

Automobile interfaces

Virtual reality

Cable Usability in VR

Trends in mass media

For the general and professional development

Andrey Yakushev added to the aggregator of video from conferences the international version with English-language performances.


Tilda Education: Design to a digital medium
The Tilda Publishing command started the first online course within the school of design.

Тильда: Дизайн в цифровой среде

Why We Should Really Be Concerned About the Visual Identity for the Tokyo Olympics
Strong material on philosophy of modern design from Ian Lynam. It sorts two histories of the Olympic identity (Mexico City ’68 and Munich ’72) as examples of system work on visual language at a scale of the international action and compares them with failure process around Tokyo 2020 which symbolizes heartless crowd funding for three kopeks. Not absolutely about interfaces, but concerns any applications of design and mentions including digital products.

Why We Should Really Be Concerned About the Visual Identity for the Tokyo Olympics

Ergonomist No. 42, November, 2015
There was fresh number. Alexey Kopylov especially noted the article Increase in Conversion of the User Interface mentioned in this log by an objective usability testing on the basis of the analysis of the electroencephalogram of the user.

Time for Us All to Ditch Spec Creative Pitches
Initiative #SayNoToSpec from Zulu Alpha Kilo studio which recommends to refuse participation in tenders and trial works. Zak Mroueh lists five problems because of which the studio changed the policy. They wrote an excellent roller on this subject — tried to request the same from representatives of other industries which, naturally, were shocked.

Relevance is a State of Mind
Dan Brown from EightShapes reflexes on what to do to more mature UX specialists to remain relevant and how not to rage when with aspiration you hear about "new methodology", which in practice already decade. He advises to move towards mentoring, making use of the broad professional experience.

Jarrod Drysdale — My Designer Is Driving Me Crazy!
The book Jarrod Drysdale "My Designer is Driving Me Crazy!" for clients and managers which teaches them to work with designers correctly. It is available in alternative formats like a videocourse and a mailing group.

Jarrod Drysdale — My Designer Is Driving Me Crazy!

Jokes about designers for 400

Design in Facebook

People and the companies in the industry

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name
Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, legendary designers of Apple in a 70e-90a, about a present status of design of interfaces in Apple. About that as well as why processes reached today's status. On the course receives also Google. Such powerful charge Don and Togas was not issued long ago.

How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

AMA sessions

Assignments of designers

Materials of conferences

Google SPAN 2015: New York & London
Last year Google carried out the first FORM design conference, in it it takes place under the name SPAN already in two cities — New York and London.

Google SPAN 2015

By results there is a book SPAN Reader with publications of speakers (they are available in a web according to links at the end of article). There were also other materials, including video of the panel discussion devoted to modern instruments of prototyping and sound product design.

Somehow received the invitation to the London part though did not submit the application. Already published videos from there. I was there, I advise to look at panel discussion about instruments of prototyping, performance of Luna Maurer about manual generative design and Ken Wong about virtual reality. And also Davide Fornari about mechanical generative design — is quiet on giving, but history a bomb.

O’Reilly Design Conference 2016
O’Reilly started the design conference, O’Reilly Design Conference. It will pass on January 19-22 in San Francisco, the USA. On structure and the format promises to be one of the most powerful. Mary Treseler which is responsible for it gives the unrolled interview of UXMatters about what will be.

O’Reilly Design Conference 2016

RSD4 — Relating Systems Thinking to Design
On September 1-3, 2015 in Banff, Canada, passed the Relating Systems Thinking and Design conference devoted to complex system problems which the design can solve. The part of video of materials is already available. The others will appear on the channel.

RSD4 — Relating Systems Thinking to Design

Fresh links can also be traced in Facebook group of the same name or to receive once a month by mail. Thanks to all who also publish links in it, especially to Gennady Dragun, Pavel Skripkin, Dmitry Podluzhny, Anton Artyomov, Denis Efremov, Alexey Kopylov, Taras Brizitsky and Evgeny Sokolov. More and more materials in reviews appear thanks to them.

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