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2 years, 9 months ago domain history as if the detective thriller, it is impregnated with dramatic nature and mystery. This domain saga tells about long fight for the right ownership of property.

And began history in 1994 when the engineer Gary Kremen registered domain name of In those time the international Organization Network Solutions registering domains for all comers acted as the direct logger of domains. Bright Kremen realized at once that in the future will be able to earn from such simple and popular name not bad. And it appeared the rights.

Passions on the domain

Curriculum vitae

Gary Kremen (Gary Kremen) is the American engineer and the businessman who the first registered not only domain name of, and also,, and others domains popular nowadays.

Kremen in 1963 in the city of Chicago, USA was born. After leaving school in 1981 he entered the Northwest University where he received the bachelor's degree on engineering. Kremen received the master's degree already at Stanford University in 1989. After that it opened the Los Altos Technology firm which is engaged in the software and headed the company till 1992. And in 1993 founded the company "Electric Classifieds, Inc.", which became one of the first which is engaged in advertizing on the Internet.

With 1994 Mr. Kremen started global online project — the dating site

Passions on the domain

Gary Kremen

Unprecedented theft

There was the 1994th year, Kremen quietly went about the own business, untwisted the dating site, directed the company and most likely forgot about the domain which is available for it in a stock. And once Kremen received the strange notification as if its number assigned to the website suddenly changed. It checked — really on a special web resource of the logger opposite to its website there was others name. Kremer decided that it is some error and called the specified number. On other end of a wire welcomed it Stephen Cohen's (Stephen Cohen) voice, the enterprising speculator who dexterously pulled down the domain. Cohen unperturbably answered Kremen's question why opposite to his there are foreign data: "Because it is my domain".

At that moment Kremen hardly realized all gravity of a situation. He began to understand, hoping to settle misunderstanding by means of the logger and sent a request in the Network Solutions company. Employees assured it that the necessary specialists will make the corresponding investigation then they will at once contact it. Kremen did not begin to wait long and addressed directly the manual of department. There too promised it that will deal with the arisen difficulties. But later time Kremen was called and reported that not to return its domain any more. While children understood and found out in what a problem, Cohen managed to register as a trademark and, according to the law, acquired all property rights. Here then that Kremen also understood that he actually lost the domain promising enormous profit.

Passions on the domain

Stephen Cohen

Now several words about "thief". Previously convicted 46-year-old Stephen Michael Cohen was an inherent speculator. Without having even secondary education it, that less, possessed uncommon mind and enterprise. Cohen was engaged in the organization of meetings of svinger through a virtual area network of the Internet. Obviously, the similar project was not especially profitable, his owner wanted much bigger. As a result Cohen turned swindle and took control of the perspective domain by means of the counterfeit letter on behalf of this owner. This letter he convinced the registrar, the Network Solutions company, to transfer it the domain.

Unprecedentedness and scale of business right there drew media exposure. All paid attention to history with the stolen domain. The journalist Kiren McCarthy (Kieren McCarthy) in an effect even wrote the book in which in detail told about opposition between Kremen and Cohen.

From McCarthy's words:

We were interested in a question, how exactly Cohen took control of the domain. It was suspected of intimate relationship with someone from the Network Solutions company. It is quite probable that it could line somebody to change the owner's email address on own then used it for change of other information

Passions on the domain

Having become the owner of, Cohen managed to untwist it perfectly. At some point attendance of a web resource reached 25 million visitors in a day. Naturally, advertizing brought in the solid income too. Same there was the best domain on the Internet! People came at least just out of curiosity to learn what there is. The website earned millions especially from the intriguing domain name.

While Cohen skimmed off all cream, Kremen gathered a team of lawyers to begin long process of return of It did a lot of work asserting the right to the domain. Besides Kremen perfectly realized that he daily loses huge money.

Legal fight was conducted around the domain for five years. The subject of dispute was too a tidbit for both so just to be given.

As McCarthy remembers:

It were two equally smart and purposeful men, at the same time everyone did not gather conceded in anything to another. Cohen stole the domain and earned from it millions so he was going to battle for it to the death. Kremen, in addition to financial losses, was overflowed also by feeling of injustice. The victory over Cohen became for him meaning of life.

Long-awaited victory

Passions on the domain

Gary Kremen after a victory in lawsuit concerning the domain (2003)

Justice triumphed — Kremen won long and tiresome trial. The court passed a decision which it obliged Cohen to pay $65 million to the opponent and of course to return the domain. Cohen tried to submit the appeal to the Supreme court, but its request was rejected. But the swindler did not want to leave money at all. Therefore he quickly translated all the finance abroad, and itself ran away to Mexico where he settled in Tijuana. There it disappeared till October, 2005 until the Los Angeles Times edition reported that the fugitive was caught, arrested and returned to the USA.

Cohen stayed six months in prison then the judge ceased even to try to force to pay him. According to McCarthy, Cohen did not pay also small part from $65 million. The only thing that Kremen managed to receive is the real estate purchased for profit on use of


In 2006 the domain was sold for record-breaking high price in $15 million and received the official status of the most expensive domain name in the world (by the way, after it Kremen sold also for $454,500). Few times it replaced the owner and now is the large pornwebsite working as the social Internet service for adults allowing users to add online the image and video (Pinterest). And in legal practice precedent with led to the fact that the domain was recognized personal property of the person which can be stolen.

Passions on the domain

Kremen's project dating site

As for Gary Kremen, history with the domain brought it unprecedented popularity. And though upon $65 million he did not receive from Cohen, the domain all the same made for the this owner considerable profit.

In 2006 Kremen founded the Clean Power Finance company which enters CPF Market — online business of a site for distribution of financing in the field of solar energy.

Now Kremen lives in the district of San Francisco and is engaged in Internet business, it provides financial services, starts startups. Its dating site continues to work and acquaint successfully people worldwide.

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