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2 years, 10 months ago
Unity in operation. Multiplatform development on C#Hello, dear Habrozhiteli!

We want to please you: there was a book on Unity Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C#.

And several words about the book. It can be considered as introduction to Unity for experienced programmers. The purpose of the book is extremely simple: to teach the people having experience of programming, but never facing Unity, to develop games by means of this tool.

It is the best of all to teach development on examples of projects, forcing trained to perform practical tasks, and such approach is used in this case. Subjects are provided as stages of creation of separate games, and I strongly recommend you to be engaged in the course of acquaintance to the book in development of these games by means of Unity. We will consider a number of projects, several heads are devoted to each of which. There are books entirely devoted to one large project, but such approach excludes a possibility of reading from the middle if information in chapters 1 seems to you uninteresting.

In this book it is more strict, than in the majority of other editions (which are especially intended for beginners), the material concerning programming is stated. Unity often represent as a set of the components which are not demanding programming that is quite misleading as does not give to people of knowledge without which production of commercially successful products is impossible. If you have no skills of programming yet, I advise at first them to purchase and only after that to start reading.

The choice of a programming language has no special value; all examples in the book are written on C#, but they are easily translated into other languages. The first half of the book in fair degree is devoted to acquaintance to new concepts, and the first steps on development of game by means of Unity are intentionally described with all possible care, but then the narration accelerates, giving to readers the chance to execute projects in different game genres. The description of expansion of games on different platforms completes the book, but in general we will not place emphasis on this aspect as Unity does not depend on a platform.

As for other aspects of development of games, excessively wide scope of different art disciplines would lead to reduction of volume of the specific material presented in the book on Unity and substantially would belong to programs, external in relation to Unity (for example, to programs of creation of animation). Therefore discussion of art disciplines is reduced to those aspects which have a direct bearing on Unity or have to be known to all developers of games. (However, one of applications is devoted to modeling of own non-standard objects.)


  • Chapter 1 acquaints you with Unity — a cross-platform development environment of games. You will master the basic system of components which is the cornerstone of Unity, and also learn to write and execute basic scenarios.
  • In chapter 2 we will pass to writing of the program showing the movement in three-dimensional space, having in passing considered such subjects as input using a mouse and keyboards. In details determination of provision of objects in three-dimensional space and operation of their turn speaks.
  • In chapter 3 we will turn the demonstration program into shooter from the first person, having acquainted you with method of emission of a beam and bases of artificial intelligence. Emission of a beam (we create the line in a scene and we watch with what it will be crossed) is required in all options of games.
  • Chapter 4 is devoted to import and creation of game resources. It is the only head in the book in which the code does not play the central role as (basic) models and textures are required for each project.
  • Chapter 5 will teach you to create two-dimensional games in Unity. Though initially this tool intended only for creation of three-dimensional graphics, now in it the two-dimensional graphics is perfectly supported.
  • Chapter 6 acquaints with the latest GUI functionality in Unity. The user interface is required to all games, and the latests version of Unity can brag of the improved system of creation of the user interface.
  • In chapter 7 we will create one more program showing the movement in three-dimensional space, however this time from the point of view of the detached onlooker. Implementation of controls by the third party will give you an idea of key mathematical operations in three-dimensional space, besides, you learn to work with the animated characters.
  • Chapter 8 will show methods of implementation of interactive devices and elements in game. The player will have a number of methods of application of these devices, including a direct contact, a touch to starting devices in game or clicking of the button of the controller.
  • Chapter 9 teaches interaction with the World Wide Web. You learn how to send and obtain data with the help of standard technologies, such as HTTP requests for obtaining from the server of XML data.
  • In chapter 10 you learn to add a sound to games. In Unity both short audio effects, and a long canned music are remarkably supported; both options of a soundtrack are crucial almost for all video games.
  • In chapter 11 we will aggregate fragments from different heads to receive as a result one game. Besides, you learn to program controls, manipulation with which is performed using a mouse and to save game.
  • Chapter 12 shows process of creation of the final application with its subsequent expansion on different platforms, such as desktop computers, the Internet and mobile devices. Unity possesses amazing independence of a specific platform, allowing to create any options of games!

Then there are three applications with additional information on navigation on a scene, external tools and a packet of Blender.

About the author

Joseph Hawking lives in Chicago and is engaged in software development for interactive environments. It works in Synapse Games firm, creating Internet games and games for mobile devices, such as recently come out game strategy Tyrant Unleashed. Besides, he teaches a subject of development of games in college Colombia in Chicago. Its website:

It is possible to get acquainted with the book on the website of publishing house in more detail
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