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2 years, 11 months ago
Within studied results of USE, SFE and the Olympic Games, then looked for where school students arrive and where work. Now poissleduy circles at schools.

In general, circles can tell a lot of things about school. A large number of sports sections, probably, speaks about existence of good halls and the equipment. The prices of circles, perhaps, speak about a kommertsializirovannost of school in general. Besides it was interesting to look whether the number of paid services influences success of school. Whether help to try to obtain a mug of the best rezult at examinations and the Olympic Games.

On there is a section where it is possible to write the child in section. In night all this section was extorted and we on hands had information about 80 000 Moscow circles.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

50-60 circles are the share of one Moscow school on average. Therefore, really, some conclusions about schools according to these data can be drawn. If 3.5 circles as there where I studied were the share of school, it would be more difficult.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

Surprisingly 70% are a lot of free circles, on average.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

There was an idea that just a set of circles at schools different. Somewhere it there is more sport, probably, more often free, somewhere languages, they, probably, paid. Really, among circles on English, French, to German a share free below an average. But almost in all other categories 70%-80 of % of sections free. It is true so or I do not understand something? Just in my childhood everything was in a different way.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

There are 20-25% of paid circles. The prices to lie in the range from 2000 to 4000 rubles in a month. Schools on it an indicator differ, but is not considerable:
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

Besides, there was a concern that some categories are much more expensive than others, but it not so:
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

That it was more clear what circles where enter here the reference book:
  • Physical culture and sport — volleyball, basketball, soccer, table tennis, chess, ofp, outdoor games, mini-soccer, karate, badminton, big tennis, taekwondo, rhythmics, sports, school of a ball, floorball, rhythmic gymnastics, pioneerball, athletic gymnastics, swimming;
  • Social pedagogics — clever men and clear heads, a logoritmika, individual occupations with the logopedist, a razvivayka, a znayka, day-care center, new to, rhythmics, choreography, a gramoteyka, development of the speech, the preschool child, a fine art studio, an abvgdeyka, logopedics, we tell correctly, the logopedist, the correctional developing occupations with the speech pathologist, rechetsvetik, the right;
  • Music — a piano, chorus, choral singing, vocal ensemble, a variety vocal, a vocal, cheerful notes, musical theater, a guitar, choral studio, drama school, vocal and choral ensemble, "musical traditions of Russia", solfeggio, ringing voices, a classical guitar, the music box, vocal studio, rhythmics, a theatrical workshop;
  • Still ~ 30 categories
    English — entertaining English, English, cheerful English, English with pleasure, English for kids, colloquial English, the English club, fascinating English, English for preschool children, English for preschool children, entertaining English, English excitedly, "entertaining English", English without borders, theater in English, happy English, cheerful English, the entertaining English grammar, the world of English, happy english
    Mathematics — entertaining mathematics, behind pages of the textbook of mathematics, the young mathematician, clever men and clear heads, the chosen questions of mathematics, visual geometry, "entertaining mathematics", a solution of problems of the increased complexity, in the world of mathematics, a mathematical kaleidoscope, the world of mathematics, the mathematician around us, a mathematical circle, fascinating mathematics, a solution of non-standard tasks in mathematics, the erudite, mathematics for inquisitive, a solution of non-standard tasks, live mathematics (chukhil l. and.), behind pages of the textbook
    The fine arts — the young artist, a magic brush, beadwork, skillful handles, a fine art studio, a creative workshop, origami, a fine art studio "rainbow", skillful hands, a palette, the fine arts, from, an akvarelka, a magic palette, needlework, a kvilling, a molding, "a magic brush", mad handles, a rainbow
    Fundamentals of linguistics — entertaining grammar, entertaining Russian, rhetoric, behind pages of the Russian textbook, the young philologist, the young linguist, school of development of the speech, gramoty, Russian as foreign, in the world of words, school gramoteev, the standard of speech, secrets of spelling, difficulty of Russian, secret of Russian, young gramoty, entertaining linguistics, the amazing world of words, a living word, the linguist
    Choreography — ballroom dances, choreography, rhythmics, sports ballroom dances, modern dances, a rhythmic mosaic, sports dances, choreography for preschool children, sports ballroom dances, studio of modern dance, dancing studio, choreographic studio, rhythmics, choreography and bases of ball dance, ensemble of the dance "flowers of Armenia", the world of dance, ball and sports dances, rhythmic gymnastics, choreographic studio of the national dance "roundabout", hip-hop, dancing studio "ritm"
    Theatrical creativity — drama school, puppet theater, the art word, acting skills, on a visit at the fairy tale, a theatrical workshop, a theatrical circle, maska drama school, art reading, in the world of books, theater in English, the English theater, Melpomene's smile, the scenic speech, rhetoric, school theater, theater, "the art word", theater, a workshop of speech creativity
    Programming and information science — entertaining information science, an infoznayka, project activity, computer literacy, the young information scientist, information science in games and tasks, robotics, information science, programming essentials, programming, the world of information science, the amazing world of information science, computer graphics, pervoly, information technologies, the computer genius, the young programmer, I learn everything, I can do everything, an algoritmik, my friend the computer
    Ecology and biology — entertaining biology, the young ecologist, the young biologist, the world around us, the young researcher, the young naturalist, ecology, behind pages of the textbook of biology, the world under a microscope, I learn the world, project activity, I want to know everything, the Kurchatov laboratories. biology (Bondarenko e. and.), biology, practical biology, the nature under a microscope, culture of power supply, the chosen questions of biology, theoretical fundamentals of biology, a solution of biological tasks
    Science and equipment — robotics, Lego designing, a legokonstruirovaniye, entertaining information science, skillful hands, "robotics", information science in games and tasks, programming, fundamentals of robotics, an infoznayka, technical modeling, computer literacy, the young designer, the young technician, Lego, robotics, project activity, information science, Lego robot, drawing
    Literary creativity — the young journalist, entertaining grammar, journalism, a literary drawing room, the art word, a living word, in the world of books, new to, secrets of Russian, difficulty of Russian, the amazing world of words, literary club, fundamentals of journalism, on a visit at the fairy tale, clever men and clear heads, the young linguist, the young correspondent, entertaining Russian, rhetoric, the young philologist
    Occupations with preschool children — an abvgdeyka, mathematical steps, the developing course for preschool children, from the word to a letter, future first grader, a preschool time, school of the future of the first grader, a step of knowledge, preparation for school, group of development, the magic world of folk art, a childhood step, the preschool child, "abvgdeyka", a chitayka, soon in school, harmony, minischool, "future first grader", steps to school
    Physics — entertaining physics, physics around us, the young physicist, physics in tasks, a solution of problems of the increased complexity, a solution of problems of the increased complexity of physics, physics for all, a solution of physical tasks, experimental physics, a solution of Olympiad tasks in physics, behind pages of the textbook of physics, "entertaining physics", "physics around us", a solution of non-standard tasks in physics, methods of a solution of physical tasks, methods of a solution of tasks in physics, a solution of tasks in physics of the increased complexity, "physics for all", the chosen questions of physics, "methods of a solution of physical tasks"
    Arts and crafts creativity — a soft toy, a batic, needlework, knitting, mad handles, the needlewoman, the skilled worker, floristics, a magic needle, skillful handles, etiquette, "needlewoman", skillful hands, batik studio, arts and crafts creativity, an isothread, "skilled worker", a traditional national doll, the innovation technologies in hairdresser's art, the circle "skilled worker"
    Military history — school of safety, the patriot, drill, the young patriot, I am a citizen of Russia, the young firefighter, museum business, the young shooter, ovs, military and applied sports (body 1780), "school of safety", initial military preparation, military history, tourist club, the young rescuer, patriots of Russia, military patriotic club, bases of military service, military patriotic club "pamyat", history of the Russian army
    Chemistry — the young chemist, entertaining chemistry, chemistry around us puzzled chemistry, chemistry and life, the Kurchatov laboratories. chemistry course (shugina e. century), a chemical mosaic, a solution of calculation tasks in chemistry, chemistry in tasks and exercises, behind pages of the textbook of chemistry, a solution of non-standard tasks in chemistry, a solution of tasks in chemistry, a chemical circle, "entertaining chemistry", a workshop on chemistry, surprising chemistry, experts on chemistry, entertaining chemistry, a solution of problems of the increased complexity in chemistry, chemistry for inquisitive
    History — successors of history of Moscow, history in persons, the young historian, successors of history of Moscow, entertaining history, behind pages of the textbook of history, history of Russia in persons, successors of history of Moscow, according to pages of history, successors of history of Moscow, history of development of the right in Russia, travel to history, history in persons, my homeland — Russia, a historical workshop, "history of Russia in persons", history, preparation in the All-Russian Olympic Games on stories, club of young historians, the young archeologist
    Social economy — the person and society, practical social science, social science: the theory and practice, behind pages of the textbook of social science, school of the future of the entrant, social science, economy, entrepreneurship bases, difficult questions of social science, topical issues of social science, preparation to oge on social science, society and we, bases of business activity, entertaining economy, the chosen questions of social science, the practical right, modern technologies in hotel business, introduction to economy, the person in system of the public relations, "the person and society"
    German — German, entertaining German, "travel to Germany", cheerful German, with German behind adventures, German excitedly, German without marks, German for beginners, theater in German, fascinating German, cheerful English/German, the German language diploma of dsd ii, German excitedly, the 7th class, entertaining German, German for beginners, German the 5th class, German with pleasure, travel across Germany, communicative grammar, verses and songs in a foreign language
    French — French, entertaining French, we speak French, the French club, the French club, French, fascinating French, business French, my friend — French, French excitedly, French is cool!, French for beginners, French, multimedia-French, my friend French, "entertaining French", cheerful French, "бонжур", we speak French, "French with pleasure"
    Tourism and study of local lore — study of local lore, the young guide, literary study of local lore, the young traveler, moskvokhoda, the museums, parks, estates, studio "road of a victory", patriotic club "oriyentir", the young researcher, my Moscow, club "museum and excursion activity", dt. tourist study of local lore, I study Russia, club of guides, we learn the world, my small homeland — Zelenograd., moscow is my favourite city, games of the people of Russia. Platonova (2015-2016), young specialist in museum management, circle "regional geography"
    Linguistics — Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish for beginners, "Spanish", communication without borders. Spanish. golenkova k.m., French, Chinese with the native speaker, German, Spanish for beginners, Chinese excitedly, culture of Spain, "the standard of speech, Lithuanian, level with", Chinese, club of fans of Chinese, communication without borders. Spanish. kiryushina a.v., entertaining Chinese, Spanish for adults
    Moskvovedeniye — a moskvovedeniye, my Moscow, I walk across Moscow, Moscow and Muscovites, moskvokhoda, "Moscow and Muscovites", walks across Moscow, my small homeland, "my Moscow", the young guide, my favourite city, "moskvokhoda", I learn Moscow, "I walk across Moscow", we get acquainted with Moscow, I am a Muscovite, the young local historian, I am a Muscovite, moskvokhod, we are Muscovites
    Geography — entertaining geography, the young geographer, behind pages of the textbook of geography, round the world, club of travelers, "in the world of geography", over the countries and continents, preparation for the All-Russian Olympic Games on geography, the world of geography, in the world of geography, profound studying of geography, a name on the card, "entertaining geography", geographical society, geography of human activity, the world of tourism, geograf club, the Russian kolumba, the globe, an azimuth
    Photo, cinema, video, television and animation — computer graphics, my friend — the computer, a computer-generated imagery, a multstudiya, animation, eureka, school television, entertaining information science, studio of computer graphics and animation "комарфильм" / the "computer graphics and animation" program, an infoznayka, a flash technology at elementary school, multimedia technologies, television station, the circle "animation", pervoly, the computer world, club of entertaining information science, television station "planet of knowledge" (5-11kl.) vlas of an i. (budget), bases of animation cinema, young multiplicator
    Design — a decoupage, design, the young designer, computer graphics, aero design, studio of a phytodesign and floristics "nymph", design studio, "needlewoman", creative studio "pauchok", handymen, school of design, experimental design laboratory, industrial design, the young journalist, an isothread, suvenir»/programma design studio "souvenir", masterilki design studio to "bee", (for about) bases of graphic design (special course) for the trained 5th classes based on the joint venture No. 3, fasad studio-1) about) modeling, a phytodesign (basic)
    The computer and creativity — programming, programming essentials, programming in language pascal, a photocircle, the circle "programming", a photographic studio, entertaining information science, programming of mobile devices, "programming", programming, web design (an ostroukhova of page of century), web design and programming essentials (6 — 7 C.), we are programmers, secret life of objects. group No. 2, programming essentials in the java language (2015/2016 uch. year), a html-programirovaniye, photoanimalistics, introduction to system programming on with ++, school of programming (sho-2), CAD design and programming
    Driving school — yuid, I am a pedestrian and the passenger, I am a pedestrian and the passenger, the alphabet of traffic, autobusiness, klenovo — yuid "stop", Fundamentals of Health and Safety, the young inspector of the movement, I am a pedestrian and the passenger 2b, I am a pedestrian and the passenger 2a, the traffic light, bases of safe behavior of children on the road., the young pedestrian, the young inspector of the movement (yuid), 0600 from the young driver, the mechanic of 11 traffic regulations-2 group., young driver, young inspectors (8 C.), traffic regulations / ovs 6 "and", / 7 "in", 0600 from autoclub
    Modeling — aviamodelling, bench modeling, aviamodel, "the elementary model aircrafts", a sudomodelirovaniye, 1800 western bench modeling the master lefthander Alekseev of an a. group 2 for a fee, aviamodelling (paid)., aviadesigning, aviamodelling, the world of Lego, "geometrical problems of the increased complexity level", "modelizm", "behind pages of the textbook of mathematics", section "automodelling. design and design of cars", a sudomodelirovaniye — 4-6 class, shipbuilding, the young developer, club "clever men and clear heads", the pilot, aviation cartography

The child is more senior, the more expensive to him a mug. Slightly, but is more expensive:
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

By the way, seemingly, it is possible to determine by circles what classes school studies. For example, in lyceums No. 1523, No. 1535, No. 1553, probably only seniors study:
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

It was interesting to look further as the number of paid circles influences success of school. I took the place in Minobr's rating for success. It turned out that in any way. What do I do not so? Has to influence. It is more than paid circles, it is more than money, it is better than the teacher, the equipment and so on is better.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

On USE the number of circles in a subject does not influence points too. Why so? Only circles for seniors were considered.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

And at the Olympic Games does not influence number of winners. Only circles and winners from the senior classes undertook.
Circles at the Moscow schools. What how many stand whether influence results of USE

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