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Hi, Habr! Today we would like to tell about a new solution for acceleration of transition to the data processing centers using only flash drives. The effective HPE 3PAR StoreServ technology along with protection of StoreOnce will help clients with the innovation upgrade of data-centers. But give about everything one after another.

You give a flash revolution! As quickly and safely to pass on flash drives
The matter is that the new-old company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) about which creation we told you not so long ago integrated the solution 3PAR StoreServ and new product lines of HPE StoreOnce and HPE StoreEver.

Need of acceptance of fast solutions, such tendencies as IT-as-a-Service, development of means of data analysis stimulate use a flash memory. In addition to the speed and the expected level of service of the organization which pass on flash drives also approximately for 85% win in the space occupied by SHD, passing from traditional hard drives to carriers of higher density. As analysts of IDC consider, influence a flash arrays on the centers of storage and data handling is indisputable. The most developed services of data storage among which a snepshota, cloning, replication and quality of services are capable to offer more and more flash systems.

Arrays of HPE 3PAR StoreServ implement various services of data storage, and recent updating made them the best in the class, provided the record performance and availability. And the price of similar a flash arrays begins already from 19,5 thousand dollars of the USA.
Modern the flash platform is a high flexibility and a minimum of risk, Manish Goel, the senior vice-president and the unit manager of HPE Storage considers. For satisfaction of a growing demand for such Hewlett Packard Enterprise systems let out a line a flash arrays of 3PAR StoreServ of the corporate Tier 1 level with the built-in data protection.

Data-center on a flash memory: it is a high time to accelerate transition!

3PAR StoreServ Storage allows the organizations to accelerate transition to the center of storage and data handling using only flash drives. These arrays help to increase performance and conform to requirements of corporate level. Recently Storage Performance Council published a new world record in the SPC-2 test which was carried out on a flash array of 3PAR StoreServ 20850. It is curious that he showed the best performance, than EMC VMAX 400K which price is twice higher. Relying on this success, Hewlett Packard Enterprise represents new products for 3PAR StoreServ line:

3PAR Flash Acceleration for Oracle: increases database performance to 75% and allows not to refuse the available systems, such as EMC VMAX. Expansion such a flash arrays will cost twice cheaper, than upgrade of the existing data storage systems.

Software of 3PAR Online Import: the free license with validity period for 12 months for clients who wish to refuse outdated storages based on HDD, having performed transition from EMC, HDS storages (and now and IBM XIV) in five simple stages.

Support for drives 3D NAND: support of this new technology of solid-state drives (SSD) allows clients to increase performance of applications, avoiding heavy capital investments.

We reduce cost at the expense of uniform a flash array and an active archiving

Unlike the arrays working only at flash drives (All-flash Array, AFA) and the carriers intended for one type or only for the protocols SAN, StoreServ Storage has the architecture optimized for flash drives which supports file and block accesses, and also gives an opportunity of the HDD installation in the majority of the models. Based on this architecture, the HPE company offers today a flash arrays of 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Converged File and Block Starter Kit which consolidate storages in one system and competitive systems cost about 26% cheaper, than. To help clients with expansion of these unified systems, HPE released several different modifications for 3PAR StoreServ Storage, in particular, for the VDI and SharePoint environment, and also having involved solutions for HPE Software for data management.

The HPE company also offers completely updated portfolio of the automated libraries and drives, including the tape drives StoreEver LTO-7. This advanced line provides to clients a reliable solution for data storage at lower price, with the increased capacity and reliability. The combination highly effective 3PAR StoreServ flash arrays with the updated tape storage system gives to clients the chance to unroll the solution Tape-as-NAS and to get access to archives on a tape as though they were on a disk that is ideal for active archive.

Integration drives: we reduce risk of data loss

HPE also provided solutions which are urged to help clients upon transition from traditional storages of the backup copies to a flash arrays providing deep integration at the level of applications. Among such solutions – a new line of arrays of initial and middle class of HPE StoreOnce Systems. These StoreOnce models differ by 2,7 times in the bigger performance and twice bigger density in comparison with competitors. The cost of one gigabyte of capacity makes 0,05 dollars. New models provide integration into the Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Veeam and Veritas applications. Besides, their use allows to do without separate management of backup processes.

For clients who wish to pass to AFA the new StoreOnce models have the built-in solution for data protection of StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) which does pictures of virtual computers. Integration into the software of VMware allows to create and transfer quickly pictures of Microsoft SQL from 3PAR StoreServ array to any direct system of backup of StoreOnce by means of the HPE Express Protect technology.

Thanks to integrated solutions for data management of VMware vCenter and Microsoft SQL Studio accelerate backup operation and recovery. Besides the client will not need to pay in addition for the software for backup from independent suppliers any more. And integration with Data Protector and RMC gives expanded options of recovery of the virtual computer, provides the detailed recovery and a possibility of use of resources of storage on the magnetic tape and in a cloud for effective long-term data storage.

When (and how much) to wait for a flash revolution?

And now we pass to the most interesting – questions of cost and availability:

  • Drives 3D NAND SSD will be available to the order worldwide since December 17, 2015, in the USA retail price will begin from 2075 dollars for SSD with a capacity from 400 GB.
  • Since January, 2016, support of 3PAR Online Import is available to IBM XIV with 3PAR OS 3.2.2 MU2.
  • Since December 7, 2015 3PAR StoreServ 8200 in modification of Converged File and Block Starter Kit with 8 drives HDD SAS (10 000 RPM, with a capacity of 600 GB), 12 drives SAS (7 200 RPM, with a capacity of 2 Tb) are available around the world, to OS Suite, Replication Suite, 3 years of the round-the-clock support HPE Proactive Care and the license for a software package of 16-TB File Persona. Retail price in the USA will make 36 201 dollars.
  • The tape drives StoreEver LTO-7 and tape products of automation will be available around the world since December 1, 2015.
  • HPE StoreOnce 3100 with a capacity of 8 of Tb are available to backup around the world since December 14, 2015. Retail prices in the USA will be not lower than 5931 dollars.
  • StoreOnce 3520 from 12 Tb – retail price in the USA from 8128 dollars.
  • StoreOnce 3540 from 24 Tb – retail price in the USA from 10950 dollars.
  • StoreOnce 5100 from 48 Tb – retail price in the USA from 25056 dollars.
  • The software package of StoreOnce RMC of version 2.0 which allows to move data from 3PAR to StoreOnce for data protection will be available around the world since January 15, 2016. Retail price in the USA will make from 540 dollars.

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