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Biometrics: Accounting of working hours + Fujitsu PalmSecure

Systems of accounting of working hours already for a long time took the place in infrastructure of many enterprises where the manual wants to obtain operational and objective information about observance of labor discipline by employees. Fixing of time of receipt leaving is the useful tool for prevention of breach of confidence and valuable information for a human resources department. Today we will talk about the system of accounting of working hours using the Fujitsu PalmSecure technology in the work.

Classical systems of accounting of time mean presence at the employee of a unique identifier which presentation to system is confirmation of its pass through a control point. Shaped codes on a beydzha, magnetic cards, RFID cards, tokens can act as identifiers. Use of similar separate identifiers leads to standard troubles: left at home, lost, transferred to the colleague that noted.

It is natural that such problems suggested uses as identifiers of biometric information on the employee an idea. Use of fingerprints became the simplest and obvious output. The number of dactyloscopic systems promptly grows, however on the way of development after all obstacles meet: a large number of failures because of the damaged print drawing (cuts, chemical damages, etc.), the technology which is insufficiently protected from counterfeit. The enterprises with a large number of employees often meet situations of a significant amount of incorrect schityvaniye of fingerprints.

Later systems of recognition on a retina or an iris of the eye of an eye (expensive, complex systems), on geometry of the person (expensive and not most reliable solution), hand geometry (small reliability) began to be entered.

At the moment dactyloscopic systems occupy about a half of the market of biometric identification. However their not highest reliability forced to look for new options of use of biometric information in systems of access and accounting of working hours.

The Fujitsu company used rather known technology of scanning of veins which is usually applied in medical institutions in the developments. The technology was called PalmSecure as the scanning method of veins of a palm of a hand is its cornerstone. The received drawing has the bigger number of unique areas for identification in comparison with the same technology of scanning of fingerprints, reliability is comparable to technology of identification for an eye iris of the eye, the cost of a final solution, though above than at dactyloscopic systems, considerably other of listed below.

Application of the PalmSecure technology gives a number of benefits when using at the enterprise:
  1. The Gigiyenichnost – is not present need of direct contact of a hand with the reader. Scanning is made at small distance from it.
  2. High reliability – statistics of failure and incorrect access are at very high level.
  3. Stealthiness of the identifier (palm) – is not present an opportunity to physically steal data for counterfeit.

Of course, there are some restrictions for use of technology (a reading camera flare), however for intra office applications its use is justified completely.

In the international market the technology is used for a long time, it well proved in such applications as:
  • Bank identification, ATMs (Japan – 9000 ATMs, Brazil – 12000, Turkey – 1500)
  • Medicine (Turkey – system of insurance, private hospitals of the USA – registration and identification of patients, Austria – issue of drugs)
  • Access control (Great Britain – fitness centers, Germany – data-centers)
  • Accounting of working hours (India, Malaysia, etc.)

In Russia solutions based on Fujitsu PalmSecure of the first were provided by Tendo's company. In a portfolio of the company at the moment there are already several solutions using Fujitsu products: SKUD, accounting of working hours, and also solution for easy integration of technology into the existing accounting systems.

Principle of system operation of accounting of working hours of personnel

At a palm present to the device the program of accounting of working hours of personnel fixes time and date of receipt/departure of the employee, Full Name, department, a position and the working schedule of the employee. After scanning information is included in the database. As a result the program of accounting of working hours provides automatic registration of time of receipt/leaving of personnel, control of presence of employees on places, providing operational information to the manual about the absent employees.

Identification options

The logic of operation of monitoring systems of access and accounting of working hours is already rather in detail described in many sources therefore in this article we will stop only on the moments of work of these systems when using the PalmSecure technology.

So, systems are installed and configured.

Registration of drawing of veins of the employee or visitor and his saving in the database for further comparison has to be the first step for system operation at any scenario of work. In an operating mode the reader of veins is switched constantly on and is in waiting of that moment when to it the palm is brought. The reader can be located as separately, and as a part of special to the directing support which helps the user to locate correctly a hand. In addition to the reading-out camera four sensors of existence (on corners) are installed in the reader by means of which on force of the arriving reflected signal the conclusion about correctness of provision of a hand in relation to the reader is drawn. This information is transferred from the reader and can be used for issue of hints to the user about right orientation of a palm. For fast recognition the hand has to be located parallel to a reading surface, however the small slope angle is allowed. If, according to the reader, the hand is located truly, it does a picture of drawing of veins of a palm. In infrared light of a vein of a palm look more dark in comparison with other part, and, thus, the reader receives an accurate picture of drawing. Further the reader ciphers drawing with use of algorithm of AES and transfers him for processing to System. Drawing is converted by System in the biometric sample, contracts and is again ciphered. The received sample is stored in the database.

Biometrics: Accounting of working hours + Fujitsu PalmSecure

Scenarios of recognition of the employee


Identification – a method of recognition of the owner of the provided biometric information by comparison with all earlier registered samples which are stored in the database.

Biometrics: Accounting of working hours + Fujitsu PalmSecure

Previously all drawings of veins of hands of people, it is authorized to them to make any actions, are registered (are scanned) in the database. Images of drawings of veins are stored in a DB. At the beginning of work all images are transferred from the database to a certain program device of decision-making. The employee for commission of action lays a hand to the reader of drawing of veins. The image of a palm is transferred from the reader to the program device of decision-making where it is compared to all registered images. When finding coincidence, the image is replaced with the corresponding unique identifier on which the device makes a decision on validity of the made action by this person according to the logic registered in advance. At a positive solution the device puts in order the corresponding command for the actuation mechanism (for example, on an electrical lock on a door for its opening). If necessary information on the made decision can be transferred for processing and storage to a DB of the enterprise.

The possibility of storage of images of both hands of one person is provided in system. The present possibility helps to implement additional functionality. For example, scanning by the person of the right hand will initiate request for standard pass, in scanning of left — pass under duress.

Verification is understood as a method of recognition of the person at which two identifiers (drawing of veins of a palm and, for example, a standard access card) are shown to system. The system automatically compares both identifiers and makes the relevant decision.

Biometrics: Accounting of working hours + Fujitsu PalmSecure

Operating procedure:
  1. The person scans an access card by means of the reader. The unique identifier is transferred from the reader to some program device of decision-making.
  2. The device sends the request containing this identifier in the database.
  3. On the identifier in the database there is the corresponding image of a palm which is transferred back to the decision-making device. Comparison of an image of a palm and the identifier of the card is made in advance at registration of the persons having access to commission of required actions.
  4. The person lays a hand to the reader of drawing of veins. There is a scanning of drawing of veins of a palm which in the form of an image of a palm is transferred to the decision-making device.
  5. The device makes comparison of the images of a palm received from the reader and from the database and, according to in advance mortgaged logic, makes a decision on commission of required action. In case of a positive solution the corresponding command goes to the actuation mechanism.

If necessary information on the made decision can be transferred for processing and storage to a DB of the enterprise. Such method allows to increase significantly decision-making speed at a large number of users of system.

This mode is preferable in a situation when the final customer imposes requirement of lack of storage of identification data in the database. In this case requirements read the Federal Law 153-FZ in part about a personal data storage are not imposed to system.

Biometrics: Accounting of working hours + Fujitsu PalmSecure
For implementation of a similar method it is necessary to use the information mediums having the volume of the internal memory sufficient for storage of a digital image of a palm. The image of a palm on information mediums can occupy about 3 KB. One of the most convenient on a form factor and on convenience of use at the moment of similar carriers are smart cards with the increased memory size (for example, HID i-Class).

In this case the person consistently shows to system a palm (by means of the reader of veins) and an image of a palm of the information medium (by means of the corresponding reader). The program device compares the shown images and at complete coincidence sends the corresponding command for the actuation mechanism.

The system of accounting of working hours can work in any of the described modes. Thus, it is possible to vary identification methods that will lead to significant increase in reliability of decision-making. For an example, several options:
  • Drawing of veins. Identification only on one hand. Reading of the second hand means access under duress.
  • Drawing of veins. Identification on both hands (consecutive reading).
  • Drawing of veins + access card
  • Drawing of veins + digital password

The reader PalmSecure in itself does not assume any back coupling with the user. But at the same time there is a wide choice of the directing supports which body allows to upgrade functionality of the device. So, Tendo's company significantly finished the reader body. Red and green LEDs for visualization of interaction of the reader with the user were added, and also the loudspeaker for sound back coupling is installed. Besides, in need of the body it is possible to install the sensor of existence of a hand which will automatically turn on the reader at a present of a palm to it.

The analytics provided by the program of accounting of working hours of personnel

When using the program of accounting of working hours of personnel the human resources department has an opportunity of viewing of different types of the reports which are automatically created by system – reports on working hours of each employee or departments in general, sheets of working hours in a month and in a year, reports on sick-lists, issues, departures.

  1. In reports on working hours of each employee time of receipt and time of departure of the employee, regulation of working hours, and also discrepancy between hours worked and regulation of working hours is specified. Also the working schedule which can be set individually for each employee is reflected.
  2. Departments to which each of employees belongs are also specified in reports on departments in addition to the listed information.
  3. The sheet in a month reflects daily information on the fulfilled number of hours of each employee for each date.
  4. In the sheet in a year for each employee the number of the fulfilled days in a year, quantity of absences, holiday days, departures to the client, the number of days of absence and business trips is specified.
  5. The report on issues and sick-lists for each employee reflects total quantity of issues and sick-lists in a year, and also total quantity of issues and sick-lists on every month of year.
  6. The number of departures, the sum of travelers and transportation costs is reflected in the report on departures for each exit employee.


Many trade organizations, and also banks, the organizations of services industry public institutions show bigger interest in systems of automatic accounting of working hours, regarding these technologies as the means allowing to increase discipline and labor productivity of employees. With use not only reliability of system, but also degree of protection of personal data of the employees necessary for accounting of working hours considerably increases in SKUD or SURV of the Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.

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