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2 years, 11 months ago
Hi, Habr! We developed the second version of an occupational test for knowledge of realities of the agency market of digital-communications in Russia (the first version was published 2 years ago and received the mass of positive responses).

We spent nearly 200 hours of a neat job on test content — and made the complex tool which shows as far as the respondent understands the market, technologies and possesses necessary (management, first of all) skills for work in the industry. The test consists of 32 questions broken into 8 semantic blocks:

  1. Logical thinking
  2. Analyst, digital-arithmetician
  3. Managerial skills
  4. Use of different digital-channels
  5. Communications, settlement of the conflicts
  6. Knowledge of technology aspects
  7. Knowledge of a situation in the market, history
  8. Knowledge of terminology

At once I will warn, the test really quite difficult and to gain the maximum points really very not easy — it is necessary to possess a broad outlook and understanding as that works in different areas of a large market. However, it did not prevent us to add to questions of the waste moments clear to "professional party".

Generally, I suggest to try the hand in our test for Digital-IQ — and I will be glad to discuss results and questions in comments.

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