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2 years, 11 months ago
In total for watchOS

We paid attention to active work on applications for watchOS of the graduate of our Accelerator, decided not to lag behind and promote active use of a new platform.

The list of frameworks, libraries and examples of applications for watchOS is given below.

Beginning of work

Libraries and frameworks


  • MMWormhole – a powerful packet of the developer for synthesis, processing and the analysis of sounds.

In total for watchOS

User interface

In total for watchOS

  • YOChartImageKit – a framework for creation of diagrams for watchOS;
  • NKWatchChart – the library for creation of diagrams for Apple Watch founded on PNChart and ios-charts.

In total for watchOS


Guides to development

  • "Development for Apple Watch" – official record of performance of Apple on WWDC 2015 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference);
  • Official guide to development of the Apple Watch interface;
  • 11 councils for applications programming for Apple Watch – several simple councils which will help to create better applications;
  • Icons for Apple Watch – the manual which will help you to create an own icon for Apple Watch.

Resources for development

  • Resources for development for Apple Watch – the official set of resources provided to Apple where visualization tools, the manuals, templates, fonts enter.
  • The table of elements of the display (complications) and leyaut – the useful table containing all possible member combinations, displayed on the screen.



  • thinkapps is a website which allows to create free of charge an application prototype for Apple Watch in only 10 minutes.

Generators of images

Examples of applications

  • Lister is the official test application showing abilities to integrate Apple Watch;
  • WatchKit Catalog is the official test application showing how to use the elements of the user interface available in WatchKit framework;
  • Cherry – the small pomodoro-timer developed for Apple Watch;
  • Bitcoin Tracker is the application showing a rate of bitcoin;
  • WWDC – the application (the project open source) showing meeting places of participants of WWDC;
  • SwiftHN – the application for reading Hacker News written on Swift;
  • BaiduFM-Swift – the application for BaiduFM;
  • done-swift – the test application which shows possibilities of data transmission by means of Realm between the WatchKit application and its main application;
  • HighstreetWatchApp – the WatchKit application created on;the platform
  • WatchNotes – the application for Apple Watch displaying your notes;
  • WatchPics – Instagram for Apple Watch;
  • WatchKit-Apps – educational applications for WatchKit;
  • watchOS-2-Sampler – code samples for the new watchOS 2 functions;
  • soon – the application counter.

In total for watchOS



Introduction to WatchKit

New WatchOS 2 functions

Other excellent lists

P.S. Supplement the list with your recommendations in comments. With pleasure we will include them in a selection.
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