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2 years, 11 months ago
Very long time ago – about four months ago – on corporate mail the "letter of happiness" suggesting to everyone to try the hand and to take part in VeeamON – global conference of our firm came. As a rule, heads of departments, the leading analysts and marketing specialists speak at similar actions, but it was this time decided to invite as experiment and directly programmers. Criteria for participation was, actually, only two: existence of unique knowledge of a product who want to share with the world, and ability to express this knowledge as not too clumsy phrases in English. As the venue of conference selected Las Vegas, in advance it would be for my part a little precipitate to refuse competition for the place on transatlantic run. So, the decision was made. Under a cat – the story about what followed it.

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

Creative search: as I selected a subject of the report and thought out the concept

But about what to tell: not about refactoring, eventually, to broadcast? It has to be something new, clear to users, and at the same time rather abstruse what only direct responsible for events could tell of.

After long reflections the choice fell on functionality on protection of backups in Veeam Backup and Replication. Let there was it in the last version, but even in the R&D; command; how it is arranged, knows and understands not every first.

The analogy to real, though a little paranoid world became rescue and a base line of the report: data are such / d-konteynery which are stored in the file – that is in a warehouse, and are protected here so, here and here so. Locks, keys and safes of all colors are used – and already the sophisticated architecture described in 40 pages of internal documentation can be laid in several slides and to explain to the grandmother. And at the same time and to please our vice-president (on a photo below) who, having charged with responsibility for all reports the mighty shoulders, executed incoming inspection and elimination of candidates, relying on common sense and language criterion.

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

The step following after that – to write abstract – the summary on the basis of which the decision will be made – whether the report on conference will get. If you ever wrote similar things, understand that it still pleasure: laconically in several sentences to explain an essence of the performance, to list its highlights and to intrigue the potential listener. Authoritatively I declare – all this a hogwash! It is much more fascinating to write the similar text, using nonnative language. Generally, on writing about 300 characters to me were succeeded to kill about two-three hours of Sunday.

After sending the gained summary on approval to organizers the most boring time in all this history began. On the one hand, of course, there was a wish to pass selection and to fly to Vegas to a nakhalyav (as to me it was thought at that time). On the other hand, there was a certain hope that the idea offered by me will be not too interesting to experienced public, and I on a workplace will quietly write a code, but not to be dishonored before international audience.

Big advantage modest feature: as I prepared the presentation

Finally life showed that there is no place to recede especially and it is necessary to be dishonored nevertheless. So it was necessary to remember all promises, so hastily this in the summary and to bring into accord with them severe reality of the presentation. Contrary to own forecasts, this process borrowed much more time, than it was expected. There was a wish to make not just some, and good presentation.

With its preparation especially I was helped by two things:
  • First, it is comments which it was possible to leave under each slide in PowerPoint. Having composed the next slide, after a while, as it is strange, slowly you begin to forget – not all its essence entirely, but some important points which are dropping out of memory. And comments in this case fine help: that when writing that at the subsequent training. And in principle, to receive the ready text of the report upon termination of work on graphic part it appears very pleasant bonus.
  • Secondly, unexpectedly useful was plugin for PowerPoint under the plain name "PowerTools for PowerPoint". One of the most useful a feature of the free edition – alignment of provision and the size of graphic elements on slides. Rescues when it is necessary to change an arrangement of identical pictures on several slides connected with each other.

Certainly, did not manage without selflessly stepping on a rake. Companions, you remember: if you in the organization have Creative Team, first of all address there! Also torture until hand over all guidelines on a design of the presentations, all sets of graphic materials and all links to resources from which it is possible to pinch non-paid pictures under the license Creative Commons. Because to redo almost already ready presentation – work useless and a little offensive.

It is checked in practice: useful tips to future speakers

Well and if I was fixed by the adviser, here it is a little more on the presentations in nonnative language.
  • First, reality. It is better to speak on case and only on business. It is unlikely at you it will turn out to surpass specially trained speakers in eloquence, telling about how spaceships plow boundless open spaces of an object-oriented code. Your strength – the actual, detailed knowledge of a product because you also created it. And your task is in broadcasting this knowledge, using limited language means of foreign speaker-á.
    As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person
  • But that at the same time language did not seem too dry and clerical, and participants did not nominate you for the honourable award "the best sleeping pill of year" — use analogies, bindings to the real world and the other available means doing your narration to more live, and used (certainly, ingenious) high-level abstractions are closer to the final listener.
  • And, certainly, the presentation. At good there are two greasy pluses. On the one hand, she acts as a crib, conducting the speaker through all thorns of the narration. It allows to build the logical scheme of performance, reminds of what needs to be spoken further and supports at the difficult moments. And even if listeners will be confused at some point by yours not absolutely fluent English, according to competently grouped pictures they with ease will guess what after all there is a speech about.
    On the other hand, we recognize frankly, not all participants go to these conferences only properly to sleep in the hall, obtaining subconsciousness new information. People want to distract and have a good time a little bit. To this purpose perfectly served, for example, here such rocket glider representing the future new Veeam Availability Suite version:

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

And in your case, most likely, the interesting presentation will be the only way to entertain them. There is video with a product demo – show! It is necessary to explain some scheme in dynamics – add animation. The main thing, rely on common sense and you remember that your purpose – to tell, but not to cause an epileptic seizure a variety of flowers and actions.

Dialog of civilizations: as to be prepared for it

Than the report is good – it it is possible and it is necessary to rehearse. In this case you always know what to tell what words and grammar structures to use and back coupling from participants at this moment is not expected. Everything becomes much more interesting when the projector displays the last slide and you stop. By this moment at someone questions definitely collected, and this someone is eager to sound them and even to receive the answer. In this case, as practice, an output at you showed only two.

The first is to construct the presentation so that it took all time allowed for it. And as with guarantee follows coffee break, or, it is even better, a lunch – you can generous offer part Q&A; to please participants zheludochno. And, it is sure, they will be grateful to you for it. However, I am not less confident that especially curious companions will approach with the questions and at dinner, and after it.

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

So, perhaps, the second option – is more preferable to accept battle at once. And it is not necessary to be afraid of it especially. The asked questions, as a matter of experience supervision, will be formulated with use of the acquaintance to you on your presentation of lexicon. And the unclear moments can always be asked again: or directly – and in it there is nothing terrible, or using the veiled construction "I correctly understood that …?". Plus to it, I will repeat once again: thorough knowledge of a subject of the report – your strength. And therefore to invest this knowledge in the form of the short answer (and nobody asks to speak in a circumlocutory manner) it appears not so difficult.

Life and life of conferees

I think, on it there are enough notations. Let's pass better to feelings from the action and what surrounded it. It was carried out almost without budging from a place to ARIA Resort &Casino;: to services of participants there were both rather five-stars numbers, and the three-storyed convention center which is completely given on conference worry. Building scales, of course, impress – it was possible to reach a walking step from the number some audience minutes for 7-10. So we amicably were late for the first report all.

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

And it is impossible to be late in any way! Whether me it was so lucky, whether it is so brought to the USA, but everything that occurs according to the schedule, occurs strictly according to the schedule: airplanes depart in time, reports begin and come to an end on the dot, even transport very much tries to keep within the schedule taking into account traffic jams. For slightly weakened status to which you get used in Russia it seems first a little unusual.

All this is aggravated with the fact that in Vegas the most complex problems for the pedestrian – logistic. The passion to a gigantomania and a profit leads to the fact that the distances seeming small are overcome for inadmissibly big term. On the one hand, the eye estimation constantly glitches, operating with unusual scales of the Strip. On the other hand, the abundance of elevated crosswalks and quite often non-working escalators on them constantly forces to set into a casino and hotels for simplification of a fate of own extremities.

And there already rule simple: everything that it is necessary for you – whether an output, the front desk or elevators of hotel – is exactly after a huge lawn of game machines. This rule works smoothly and works even better than official pointers which quite often dissemble and send the traveler the longest and twisting road. Bellagio became the only exception for me which I remember with gratitude – during walks on it I saw a casino zone, but at any route nobody forced to pass on it.

One more interesting feature of Vegas and the States in general – everything that can be automated, has to be automated. So, at the airport it is almost impossible to be registered "through the aunty" — the selected employees will be politely, but very persistently to push to self-registration terminals.

What is curious, these terminals are able to read out data from passports (the Russian zagrana approach) for the identity card of the passenger and, apparently, filling of these boarding passes. But as in Russia such method of processing is not provided, you should not be surprised to that, as data in our passports are written specifically: the address (mr, mrs) is stuck directly to a name. Therefore on my landing it is proud it appeared that I am Iliamr. Aunties on control were surprised, but passed.

Speaking about automation, it should be noted abundance of automatic monorail transport – between terminals of the airports, between hotels of one network and across Vegas in general (the truth, already for money). Works also like clock-work, rather smoothly starts and brakes, being positioned opposite to external doors with a pinpoint accuracy. These are, of course, not pilotless cars – only one selected band plus sensors on doors of a la "elevator" – but it is all the same pleasant.

Automation also gets into hotel business. So, numbers in Aria were equipped with a certain similarity of system of the smart house: management of lighting, curtains, the conditioner and the media center could be performed both from switches, and from the TV panel plus with standing in a tablet bed headboard. Implementation, however, of all this economy very persistently left much to be desired. Let's tell, buttons of bedside lighting persistently managed not the, and the next lamp. Illumination of the screen of the tablet could not be turned off in general, the device mercilessly rebated on any operations.

Main "masterpiece" of engineering thought of smart numbers was the Good night button. Interaction with it looked approximately so: you go in the evening from shower, on the way you stick into buttons of closing of curtains; you fall on a bed and you mumble in this "Good night". Light dies away, curtains cease to be closed, but the TV continues to broadcast. It is necessary to rise and look for the television panel in the twilight then to persuade curtains to be closed after all.

At everything at the same time power saving is not propagandized in any way – not that there are no usual breakers deenergizing number in the absence of the card key, and manually, standing at an output, especially will disconnect nothing.
It is very strange that at so high level of hardware and automation of cash desk of self-service in shops, on the contrary, practically did not come across. Whether did not grow to such miracle of equipment, whether the level of small crime for such innovation is insufficiently low.

… and copper pipes!

But all this traveling notes. How conference? Frankly speaking, it made very pleasant impression. And not only because of big and various breakfasts, having a snack and lunches. Very pleasantly what about the features developed by you is broadcast from a scene by all smart uncles scratches vanity, using excellent forms of comparison and epithets. It is not less pleasant to see also tweets of participants about what all of us are good fellows.

Special sharpness is added also by demonstrations of a product alive: when couple of thousands of eyes rest against the screen on which the first beta is shown and the code written by you, thought only one is caused – if only did not well up, if only did not well up! And it against the fact that there are few hours (or even minutes) to own report. Generally, if you want to tickle nerves – such attraction it!

By the way, if you think that you after the report can relax, then I should afflict you. Before performance you were just someone, one of unnamed participants, to nobody interesting. And here after breakout session you become in some sense well-known. Begin to approach you in corridors, to thank for the report, to ask questions, to photograph for twitter and to discuss weather (which and really, seemingly, went nuts from flow of Petersburgers and pleased participants with a dozhdichok).

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

To allow speakers to have a rest from attention of other participants, at the closing ceremony of conference there was also this celebrity – William Shatner famous on James Kirk's role at Star Trek. Being far from the subject availability, Mr. Shatner argued in a common word on progress and meaning of life, and also on achievements of electronic industry. And if the first subjects left his lips smoothly, obviously, being ground by repeated repetitions, then over the last it was necessary to it is not illusory to work. (I am recognized, reports of direct conferees were pleasant to me more.)

"And what the output from this follows?"

Experiment with involvement of technicians on marketing conference I would call quite successful: sessions with their participation collected rather solid audience and received quite good estimates. As it appeared, it was very interesting to many people to learn about how the product and what cunning engineering solutions were applied at its implementation specifically works.

What conclusions on own participation in conference I can draw? Initially I set before myself two purposes: to evaluate the English in the fighting environment and to go free of charge to the States.

The first purpose managed to be reached, and here the international conference is really very good. When also itself you speak in large volumes, and you understand other people — it very inspires.

As programmers on marketing conference went, or about VeeamON 2015 from the first person

With the second purpose everything turned out so-so as in view of essential time expenditure in the mornings, to evenings and day off on creation and an otshlifovka of the presentation at least to some extent a freebie to call difficult VeeamOn.

Pride of itself, of a product and of the company in general became the third aspect, unexpected for me. As the developer, I interact with a product at the bottom level and I practically do not see in what all this pours out as a result: in partnership with large producers of software and iron, in a positive fidbek of real users, how the product solves real problems. Conference of similar level allows to look at all this.

The following VeeamOn will pass in New Orleans in the spring of 2017. Who knows, maybe, we will meet.

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