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2 years, 11 months ago
Not so long ago we already wrote about GeekWeek-2015. Online conference takes place literally now, and you still can manage to take the last day of webinars. Believe, there is what to look at and to whom to listen. We, in turn, begin to sum up the results.

GeekWeek results. How to find a job on what to develop and what systems to use

Fifty respondents tried to cover all hot topics of the IT present as much as possible. We spoke about languages and programming methods, imparted experience of employment, a timliding and creation of home companies, gossiped a little and quite seriously argued on perspectives of the digital world. So, about everything one after another.


Questions of creation of career were discussed at conference, perhaps, most often. Certainly, it was promoted by a situation in the country and the world, but also the level of guests in not smaller degree located to obvious questions of how to achieve the same success. Ivan Nemytchenko from Skillgrid advised not to be proud of only one university diploma, and directly during training to aim to apply skills in the real world. Vladimir Zheleznyak from IT Boost and Ewan Booth (ex-Google) passings of interviews in the large companies touched upon a subject and asked a key question: "and whether it is necessary to you?". Andrey Sidelnikov from the HR Expert on Thursday told of difficulties of transition to the head's position, and Sergey Kuryavtsev (, Evgenia Soboleva (GENIARS), Alexey Poimtsevpoimtsev (Progress Engine) and Dmitry Shkolnikov (Avito) issued some secrets of how competently to open the business, to give it powerful acceleration and, the main thing how to avoid a failure.

Speakers avoided vast reasonings that it is necessary to study, try well, to wait for the chance and to trust in a miracle, themselves and the command. For anyone to begin successful career or to cardinally change its practical data checked on others experience, far more important and more interestingly. We trust and hope that we managed to make the contribution to this work, and the exchange of IT work will be replenished with qualitatively trained staff and not less good sentences about work soon.


Second topical issue practically any IT conference: "And how you incense?". The scope for reflections gave the benefit, structure of speakers and their approaches. Also adherents of classical training and those who prefer to try new methods acted. Yury Afanasyev from in the first day of conference shared interesting opinion on advantage and harm of comments in a code, and also told why in work he uses the DRY method. Sergey Baranov and Vladimir Grinenko, in turn, told about delights of creation of the final product from procurements and integral components. It is remarkable that children represent absolutely different fields of activity.

The correspondence dispute ran high between supporters of old and modern languages of programming. The role and value of the first were upheld by the head of DriverPack Artur Kuzyakov and the founder of community Khasang and the teacher of GeekBrains Igor Dolgov. The first told about ample opportunities of application of Javascript for creation of commercial Windows applications, the second went further and gave a number of master classes for beginners of development. Other point of view Nikolay Ryzhikov who will show the principles of functional programming on the example of the clojure language not really known to a wide range of people will provide CTO Health Samurai already today.

A little IT philosophy on Monday was offered by Georgy Gadzhiyev. It predicted fast death of classical system administration and suggested to look towards DevOPS methodology. In general about the personal relations with codes a kind third of respondents told, perhaps, therefore to think really is over what.


At conference we talked also about specific products. For example, Igor Bochkaryov from "Promtekh" during the performance on Thursday urged to stop infinite dispute on benefits of meynstrimovsky mobile platforms. Certainly, to suggest to take new Ubuntu Touch as a basis. It was talked of optimization of system for the applications connected with collecting and structuring data. Said also about the Ruby on Rails, about how it is easy to pass to it and as conveniently on it is mute to work. If council for the most ruby all of them languages is necessary and to not less ruby framework — address Fateev Evgeny and Ivan Nemytchenko. Did not do without dialogs about Python and its application — initiators in Dylan Jay and the head of ITCANFLY Vladimir Filonov is mute CTO steel in PretaGov. And the day before yesterday we much and fruitfully discussed testing. Alexey Lavrenyuk's presentation was devoted to testing of graphics and performance during creation of online games in Yandex. Anton Bevzyuk told a unit tests why you should not be afraid of them of knowledge of use, and, on the contrary, actively to apply to improvement of quality of a code.

Generally, we made every effort that each registered user found a webinar on interests. It is even more interesting speakers and hot topics we will prepare for GeekWeek-2016. Thank you that were with us all this week, and do not forget to glance on the completing performances today.

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