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Different counters for automation of office: repatters, curtains, lighting and so on

Hi! Now I will show a heap of toys which help to make life at office better. For example, not to fight because of repatters and at first sight to understand its loading. I will tell what rake happens how to do correctly in advance and what to do if in advance did not leave, and it is necessary to improve very cheap office space already tomorrow.

Let's begin with booking systems a repatter and informing on what there now occurs. Traditionally it is here such screens plates as it is given above on a photo. Ours at office with a touchscreen, a calendar and still a heap of features, normal — just the monitor and web service to it looking in the intranet of the company.

There are 3–5 normal industrial solutions of the series "put and do not touch for years" are vendors of AMX, Crestron, Extron and others. Actually, it is top brands, and they have all solution stack: video routing (it is necessary for those situations when on a panel the video call to the manager is clicked), switching, display.


Different counters for automation of office: repatters, curtains, lighting and so on
So management systems repatters in Four Seasons look

Possibilities of system such: it is samopisno possible to do certain Digital Signage with an output of different information, plus to beacon connectors to MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and guglo-services. It if you need a network from such pieces: they pump up the schedule from Ekscheyndzha and can send schedule updates there. Not touch screens just show as as. Touch allow to add a meeting and to use any pleasure like video calls. And also to browse employment necessary repatters for the year ahead nearly one contact.

I think, I will guess if I tell that the network to you, perhaps, and is not really necessary. If the main problem a repatter that they need just to be armored without whist and courtesans in advance (without automatic selection of the equipment repatters under VKS, warming up and the autotest, etc.), then the cheapest solution — it.

One small panelka with the screen in which also the mini-server is sewn up undertakes. The hole in a wall becomes, power supply, a LAN is connected — and here you have already new device online. If it is, for example, Extron or other eminent brand — this piece is given the mail and access to Exchange, and she picks up letters with the necessary peregovorka in the copy. Made an appointment to Vasya, Petya, Lena and a repatter No. 4 — the thingummy will write to itself it in the schedule. If a thingummy also touch, it is possible to create a meeting directly from it, having approached to a repatter legs. There is such "lonely panel" about hundred thousand rubles on a price (the monitor behind glass with a mirror, the player is played by any content, integration with tachy, the operator's challenge, software of a panel itself connects to everything with the minimum settings: set, set the necessary addresses, included — all). At first sight, expensively, but if to consider independent development, it is sometimes more profitable to purchase so.

Different counters for automation of office: repatters, curtains, lighting and so on
Screen of creation of a meeting in Outlook

Adult options integrate in a network and are equipped still with a heap of valuable opportunities. For example, the part of screens can be navigation (that is especially important in any places like the congress centers), automatic equipment can be picked up to switching of conference rooms and in advance set up the equipment, test channels and warm up projectors. Especially it is valuable to important actions in the same hotels. In the morning everything is tested, the letter comes: "All is configured according to such scenario, regularly, the next planned incident — replacement of a lamp in 2 000 hours of an operating time is (more than a year). Climate control is configured so, temperature at the time of the beginning of action such, adjustment of light for reading from paper".

Why such systems are put? Usually the solution comes to the moment when someone once again rushes in a repatter where there is an important meeting. Banks do not like to waste on it time, and the same office centers prefer an order and stability, plus high utilization a repatter because on all not so that there is a lot of them. Even hotels now in the standard for five stars have the accurate description of a panel before a peregovorka, and four-stars further just try to follow in the same direction. Because after the first use of benefit are obvious. We, for example, did such in Korstona, Hiltona and still a number of hotels.

By the way, technical services of hotels and business centers too very much rejoice to such systems. The matter is that they, except normal problems of armoring, still "from a box" collect good predictive reports on utilization of resources. This report appeared to splash very conveniently on a table to the financial director with words: "Here to you exact proofs that loading a repatter already of 90% and in 4 months will be necessary new". With unloadings from Outlook such focus too, of course, can be repeated, but it will be not really simple.


The same systems are used in higher education institutions, the congress centers, different objects with difficult navigation. At universities, for example, individual panels are applied to audiences (not always) and the general panels with the schedule on floors. For example, at Technical university UMMC (this such special educational institution for professional development of metallurgists) the panel on an input shows the general schedule, and students know where to go. Certainly, data of system "stuck-works" slightly more difficult — hosts which will synchronize data are necessary and to solve collisions (if apload schedules it is possible from several nodes).


Besides, if not "lonely", and in a network, then management of the equipment in a conference room is very convenient to bring these panels to them, for example. In hotels it is reduced to the choice of an operation mode of lighting, sound system, a projector. As a rule, 5 buttons: 4 standard scenarios and blocking that later the choice of the scenario without password of nothing could not be changed.


Recently often ask dynamic lighting systems us. These are dimmiruyemy lines of lamps which automatically die away on sunny side of the room and join on dark. That is lighting comes to the certain regulation, for example, described in the requirement to a workplace. It allows not to use excess light at and so lit room — and significantly prolongs a service life.

Smoothly dimmiruyemy sources in itself are more expensive normal therefore to speak about economy not always it turns out. However they are selected because of decrease in energy consumption. For someone it is the "green" project, but is more often — just smaller power on the building. In general, as soon as the owner of the large building hears that it is possible to reduce power, he rejoices at once. Because consumption grows, and to connect new — that still a quest. In general, our partners are vendors of energy saving solutions — give such numbers: negavatt (that is the saved energy watt) at a dimmirovaniye is significantly higher than alternative sources. By 4 times it is more economically justified, than use of wind energy, by 22 times — solar energy. Of course, plus sensors by the movement and IK — they can determine the person, even stood in a toilet. It is convenient to put them in repatters not to light empty rooms. Here in general there are parts about these and other solutions, we use a lot of things at ourselves at office.

One more important thing — intellectual curtains. These are those which open and closed depending on the scenario. Still there are special multilayer curtains which help absorption in the winter (smaller load of heating) or reflect in the summer (smaller load of ventilation and climate control). But here it is, however, better to project when repatter it is not equipped yet. Because I already few times saw how the reflecting curtain met the reflecting double-glazed window. Very hot layer of air is formed. The curtain usually wins and warms a double-glazed window until it does not burst.

It is possible to set the schedule of work of light taking into account a sun motion cycle for several years ahead. For example, the curtain which reflects begins to fall to shadow level in process of raising of the sun. Plus its controller can manage climate control.

In Europe in general there are a lot of such implementations at "green" offices. We did system on these controllers in Four Seasons hotel, but management of light is mortgaged by the second stage on development there. Now a prokinuta switching under normal conference tasks with a possibility of easy expansion of functionality. Similar systems are in Korstona, but there too are not unrolled completely (as a rule, the project and controllers — the cheapest, and goes the plan of attachments by years further). Curtains usually buy by the last.

Still counters

There are partitions where glass just stops being transparent at the expense of liquid crystals. They are expensive, but for a number of premium objects can be very actual. Partitions which in itself transparent, but can be blocked by a projector are not less expensive or catch its image with the necessary contrast in air. At once I will specify that payback of such solutions in the Russian Federation — only at the expense of a show off, 10 and more years (so far the cost of energy carriers at us will not approach the European level).

On some objects it is possible to enter in a repatter, having only attached an access control RFID tag. It is not invited to a meeting — just you will not come inside.

For different switching any switching devices are very loved by me. These are boxes in which it is possible to be thrust by any device (the iPhone, the screw, even disks read some): it will be able to pick open all files of the presentations and video files there, to lead them to the necessary format and to give on the screen. It is devilishly convenient, as well as "dongla" with the same functionality, but the last work most often only under PC. And here switching devices — are universal, and it are very good. Still they allow to bring the picture to several screens without processors that in general costs usually in standard switching very much.

The pumped most over pieces of iron of such class expensive — from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. But they replace a lot of everything, beginning from the switch and a masshtabator and finishing with the video processor with a heap of "snivels" between them. It seems to me, behind these devices — the future (in spite of the fact that they influence growth of the market of integration of VKS not to tell that it is positive, we already with pleasure put them at offices of customers).

And finally. There is very thin beautiful cable, flat and wide — it is directly ideal to start up it on glass. Looks so as if it and was a design stripe. It to you not a white box on a double-sided adhesive tape. Here an example of a solution from the AMX company.

Different counters for automation of office: repatters, curtains, lighting and so on
You see a wire? And it is, it is necessary to look narrowly only strongly

Here, actually, main toys for offices which ask now. If it is interesting — I will tell more about automation. Links:

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