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Yandex, Rambler, Qiwi outlined checkboxes the territory in the field of a travel services. Dvizhukh around the market of travel gains steam, and many do not hesitate and use expression of next big thing.

Soon conference on a travel startups where it will be possible to try the hand starts and to listen to the concentrated analytics from experts and practicians, to understand that occurs in the market of internal tourism. More and more people will have a rest in Russia soon, but whether the market is ready to it? What happens to a travel startups and as key players of the market react to it?

As DZ — this article that in 10-20 minutes to understand that it is demanded in the world and what IT specialists in great demand.

Here only some ideas for a travel startups which I found in the course of preparation of article: Uber for sailing vessels, Airbnb for boats, guides volunteers, mobile guides and assistants, tickets and settling in the last hour on discounts, sharing of the routes, a netvorking for entrepreneurs during travel, a virtual incubator of a travel startups, an earning of points for the settlement of guests, a karsherring for travelers, unique User eXperience during travel, gastronomic features, purchase of goods of duty-free even before passing of passport control, augmented reality (owners of smartphones can see historical sights such what they were initially), zhelezyachny startups (fastening of GoPro to the smartphone), krosskhostelsky services and so forth.

Under a cat a travel startups selection (including useful and for an udalyonka) on which it is possible to look and draw for himself conclusions, the list of vacancies to understand what programmers the industry, and also descriptions of several (last) hackathons needs.

Travel startups

Y Combinator
From 700 startups of Y Combinator I dug out the 9th travel startups:

  • 2015 Chariot — service for transportations which users can independently organize new routes.
  • 2014 Rocketrip — we reduce expenditure on the way, we increase culture of employees. The personalized business trips.
  • 2014 FlyteNow — Uber for pilots.
  • — do not pay 2013 FlightCar for the parking at the airport, and lease the machine.
  • 2012 FlightFox — a platform-marketpleys for crowdsourcing search of air tickets.
  • 2011 Whereberry — we help to save the list of what you are going to make in the city.
  • 2009 Flightcaster (Exited) — foretell delays of runs.
  • 2009 Adioso — the application for search and armoring.
  • 2009 Airbnb — no comments.

Top lists


Perhaps, you will find for yourself work or will understand who should be looked for to himself in command.

Travel Startups Incubator. Global travel technology incubator.
CTO ($1,000 - $3,000/month), 20-40 hrs/week, New York City. Node JS, Python/Django, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

image Wanderu. Travel for the next generation.
  • Javascript Front-end Engineer ($80 of k — $120 of k) Full Time, Boston. Python, Javascript, jQuery, Django
  • DevOps Engineer ($80 of k — $110 of k) Full Time, Boston. Python, Cloud Computing, MongoDB, Node.js
  • Full Stack Engineer ($70 of k — $130 of k) Full Time, Boston. Python, Java, Javascript, noSQL

Zupp. Carpooling mobile application
Android Developer, Backend Engineer (₹500k — ₹1500k), Full Time, Mumbai.

MeTripping Technologies. The holy grail of travel — travel inspiration, trip planning &trip; management
Founding Team Full-Stack Developer (₹0k — ₹1200k) Full Time, Bangalore. Python, C ++, Java, Javascript.

imageTripoto. The Global Community of Travelers (Tripadvisor 2.0 — Interactive, UGC Itineraries)
  • CTO ($30 of k — $70 of k) Full Time, New Delhi. Consumer Internet, Mobile Development, Web Applications, Mobile Application Development
  • Android Developer ($6 of k — $40 of k) Full Time, New Delhi. Android, Mobile Application Development
  • IOS Developer ($6 of k — $40 of k) Full Time, New Delhi.

imageRoadtrippers. Travel planning platform. Discovery, booking, and navigation all from the map
  • Mobile Developer iOS ($60 of k — $90 of k) Full Time, Cincinnati. Objective C, Android, iOS Development, Mobile Application Development
  • Full Stack Web Developer ($70 of k — $130 of k) Full Time, Cincinnati. Javascript, CSS, Node.js, Ruby

Oh Hey World. Open source location sharing platform
  • Community Builder ($12 of k — $24 of k) Contract, Seattle. Remote OK, Community Evangelism, Community Building, Community Outreach
  • Junior Web Engineer Internship, Seattle. Remote OK, Ruby on Rails

Ace Travel.
Reinventing travel through a high tech, high touch, 21st century planning platform.
Cofounder/Head of Technology ($70 of k — $150 of k) Cofounder, San Francisco. HTML, Node.js, Drupal, HubSpot

Rocketrip. Smarter business travel.
Senior Full-stack Software Engineer ($90 of k — $160 of k) Full Time, New York City. Python, HTML, jQuery, Django.

image Headout. HotelTonight for Tours &Travel Experiences
  • Software Engineer — Front End (₹1000k — ₹2500k) Full Time, Bangalore. Javascript, Graphic Design, HTML, CSS
  • Lead iOS Developer (₹1500k — ₹3000k) Full Time, Bangalore. Objective C, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Software Engineer — Full Stack (₹1000k — ₹3000k) Full Time, Bangalore. Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Zipkick. Personalize travel plans, instantly
CTO Cofounder, San Francisco. Back End Programming, Mobile Development, Databases, Front-End Development.


Hackathons (last)

Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons
294 hackers | 24 hours | 57 hacks
TZ: to create a web or mobile application in any language and under any platform. Products have to be within scope of travel.
Photos from a hackathon

Sabre Travel Network &33entrepreneurs
Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons
£10,000 of Grand Prize
Evaluation criteria: Technical Quality: 25%, Design: 25%, Potential: 25%, Originality: 25%
TZ: Make anything (the website, the application, a piece of iron) that "will invert" the market or a method of travel.

Skypicker and Tripomatic
Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons
TZ: create a working prototype using API big data from Skypicker and Tripomatic.

Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons
Tender on creation of referral system. A prize — 15 000 rub (and three incentive prizes on 5 000 rub)

On November 26 we invited representatives of the popular Russian tourist online companies to open action to find the answer to a question: what will we do?

Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons
Zakhar Korneev — directs the direction of distribution and work with affiliatny partners in one of the most violently developing and discussed services for hotel booking of Long time worked in the hotel industry, now is engaged in search of partners of the Island worldwide and development of the company.
Travel startups. As programmers on the trillionth market are enticed: kofaunder, vacancies, hackathons

Valentin Dombrovsky is the serial entrepreneur, the leading alchemist of Travelabs. Since 2011 developed Travelatus travel startup, passed with it in StartupYard accelerator, in 2013 sold the project to colleagues from Excursiopedia. Founder of community Travel Startups and Travel Startups Intl.

Mass media about a travel startups

70% of experienced Internet users in Russia yet never used services of online tourist services. It was realized by investors who pour in many millions in a travel projects.

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