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2 years, 11 months ago
Christmas gifts from 3CXBefore approach of Christmas and New year the company 3CX offers excellent gifts to the partners. In a cash equivalent the sum of gifts to active partners makes more than 1000 Euros!
First, any partner who would will sell jotas one termless license for 3CX Phone System within November-December of this year receives free of charge:

  • The license for placement on a hosting of 4SC Standard Edition for 12 months for further resale. Equivalent of 175 Euros
  • Termless license Voice Application Designer. Equivalent of 875 Euros.

Let's remind that Voice Application Designer is a Wednesday of visual programming of automatic telephone exchange of 3CX which allows the partner to create with the minimum experience in VoIP powerful voice applications, for example, for a portal of voice self-service of clients. Then the partner can unroll these applications far off on a customer site or on the server of virtual automatic telephone exchange.

Pay attention! To receive these gifts, you have to complete sale till 11:00 24.12.15 on the Central European time (on the eve of Catholic Christmas). All sold licenses have to be enlisted on your partner account till this time.

Secondly, as you already know, now you can offer service of a hosting of virtual automatic telephone exchange of 3CX Phone System to your customers. This opportunity in itself — an excellent method to come on the new market of virtual automatic telephone exchanges with the minimum costs!

But we give even more! That it was simpler to you to show possibilities of hosting automatic telephone exchange to customers, to you the new NFR license is selected (in addition to already available NFR license corresponding to the partner status). This NFR license will allow you to place system 3CX 4SC Pro Edition on 3CX hosting (not to confuse to own hosting server which all have not). Now you can use your old NFR a key for own needs, and to show the cloudy version to the client. Or on the contrary.

Pass into your partner panel 3CX for activation of these licenses.

Unlike the competing hosting platforms, solution 3CX Hosted PBX is oriented only to the partner. 3CX guarantees deduction of the client as its registration data and settings always belong to the partner. Each virtual entity of automatic telephone exchange is completely virtualized and separated from others. Thanks to this 3CX can guarantee high reliability of work of each virtual automatic telephone exchange – in case of refusal one entity the problem will never concern other clients as it happens in solutions of competitors.

Additional information on your NFR license:

  • The virtual automatic telephone exchange of 3CX activated by a NFR key does not stop working after the first month of use.
  • The NFR key is received by all partners of the Silver Partner level.
  • All partners of the Affiliate level receive a NFR key for the term of 12 months. After that keys are deactivated if the partner does not receive the status of Silver Partner.
  • NFR key are intended for 3CX Phone System v14
  • Trial versions cannot be updated by this NFR a key.
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