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2 years, 11 months ago
In several days in Moscow in Digital October there will pass MBLTDev — the second international conference of mobile developers. The program of conference will be divided into three flows: technical, a business track and a track with seminars.

5 days before conference of the mobile MBLTdev developers

In reports of a technical track the most different aspects of iOS, Android and Windows of development will be affected. The innovation methods of applications testing, magic of fast synchronization of data between different platforms, a solution of use of VIPER, evolution of GPS in mobile products, automobile information security, development on Swift and for AppleTV — and not only will tell speakers from Wunderlist about it, Runkeeper, Spotify, Tinkoff, Rambler&C;о, Parallels, Microsoft and other companies.

The business track will be devoted to those companies which managed to build the whole ecosystem around the products. Speakers from such companies as Kaspersky Lab, Aviasales, Meduza,, Tinkoff Bank, STS of Media and others will share the experience.

In the third track there will take place seminars for developers on virtual reality and creation of cross-platform applications from leading experts of Microsoft. Prerecording is required, details will be directed to e-mail to all participants!

In addition to reports in halls of Digital Ocotober of all participants wait for activity at stands of Microsoft, reLeadgion, Kaspersky — the world of virtual reality, the room quest, light installations, IoT riddles. Also on a scene of the Main hall our partner will arrange to Avito draw of valuable prizes for iOS-and Android-developers.

The complete program is published on the official site of conference. Ticket cost — 7500 rubles. Upon purchase of the 2nd and more tickets the discount of 30% works.

Let's meet on November 17!

Organizers of conference: e-Legion and RAEC
General partner: Microsoft Russia
Partners: Kaspersky Lab,, Rambler&Co; reLeadgion

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