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2 years, 11 months ago
Microsoft will raise the prices on software

In February, 2015 there was price increase at Microsoft corporation for 15-30%. And here the new rise in price since January 1, 2016 on products and services of the known company by all is again predicted. Prices for products of Microsoft will change both for private, and for corporate users for 19-25%. Office products of Microsoft Office and Office 365, software for servers, cloud services based on Microsoft Azure, a line for developers of Microsoft Visual Studio and other products will rise in price. For private users the prices will be raised by 19%, for business — for 19-25%, depending on the program of licensing. Corporate customers and private users still can purchase products of Microsoft and update license agreements at the current prices before their adjustment.

This rise in price will not concern box versions of Windows, the game consoles Xbox, solutions on licensing of non-licensed copies of Windows, Dynamics/CRM products.

Pavel Betsis, president of Microsoft Russia:
We regularly analyze our price policy to correspond to market dynamics. In the light of the changes happening in the Russian market, Microsoft will correct the prices of the software and cloudy products. The forthcoming increase will extend only to a certain number of software products. By Microsoft it is always thoughtful and balanced approaches a question of pricing in Russia. In this regard price adjustment on the software for private users will be minimum – 19%, and in certain cases will remain without changes. So, for example, at the former level the prices of box versions of Windows, the game consoles Xbox and some other devices will remain. For commercial customers depending on the scheme of licensing of a product increase can fluctuate from 19% for software to 25% for "clouds". And the prices of a solution on licensing of non-licensed copies Windows (GGWA) and products of Dynamics/CRM will not change. At the same time we give the essential time period, nearly two months, for purchase of products at the old prices.

Ivan Ermakov, vice-president of the MONT company for strategic development:
In the developed economic situation in Russia not the fact of price adjustment the Microsoft company how many the fact that it still saves the ruble price list is important. Thus, Microsoft removed course risks from a partner network and undertook them. In the conditions of high volatility of national currency it is very important factor which allows many partners to save the business and to avoid bankruptcies.

"quite we expect the range of increase in the prices taking into account the current inflation and is acceptable", other international companies also change the prices, but sell the products in conventional units.
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