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2 years, 11 months ago
Immersion cooling comes to new heights: 250 kW on a rack from BitFury

The BitFury company brings cooling with immersion to a new round of development: the manual declared intention to construct a new farm for a mining of cryptocurrency which power will make about 40 MW. At the same time about 250 kW will fall on one rack. For achievement of the specified purposes of BitFury is going to use the equipment from 3M.

The new object will be the world's largest where immersion cooling is used. A main objective — increase in density of placement of the equipment. The farm will be optimized for work with technology of submersible cooling, there will be no many elements of infrastructure characteristic of traditional data-centers. The very high density of placement of the equipment and high performance of work of this equipment — are critical for kriptomayningovy farms.

Trying to find new methods of increase of overall performance of the equipment, the BitFury company purchased Allied Control specializing in two-phase immersion cooling (2PIC) with use of coolant from 3M.

"Density in 250 kW on a rack — not a limit, and now we had an opportunity grow quickly, effectively using the cooling system of new type" — the representative of the company reported.

All this works by the known principle: as soon as the equipment heats up to a certain temperature, liquid begins to boil, taking away excess heat energy, evaporating. Further steam is condensed, flowing down back in the reservoir.

Immersion cooling comes to new heights: 250 kW on a rack from BitFury

The system of this kind is extremely effective, the indicator of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is equal to about 1.02 here. All this becomes possible thanks to the fact that it is not required to use infrastructure of cooling with air, with raised floors and other elements of this infrastructure.

Immersion cooling comes to new heights: 250 kW on a rack from BitFury
Passing from a liquid phase in gaseous, coolant from 3M takes away heat energy from the equipment.
It is interesting that now average load of a rack in the majority of data-centers makes about 5 kW, with increase to 8-10 kW on server farms of a certain type.

Immersion immersion can find broader application in the high-loaded systems. So, now the U.S. Government looks for a possibility of increase of performance of supercomputers. At the last SC14 conference experts predicted fast expansion of scopes of technology of cooling with immersion.

Reconsideration of the concept of cooling of a data-center

Cooling of the equipment of data-centers — a key task rather one of key. Usually for this purpose the air cooling system with hot/cold corridors, with use of the water-cooling circuits concluded in systems of air purification and CRACs located on hall perimeter is used.

Alternative — liquid cooling, or with use of the liquid concluded in pipelines, and brought to places where cooling, or with direct immersion of servers in liquid is required. Some hardware manufacturers integrate water cooling systems directly into servers or racks.

Submersible cooling is now used in different spheres, this technology works in scientific data-centers, in systems of seismic modeling, military computers. And this tendency is not accidental. According to representatives of the same company 3M, submersible cooling is capable to reduce operational costs for 95%.

Bitcoin-farms — the ideal sphere for use of immersion immersion. Creators of such farms need the maximum density of the equipment with the maximum performance. The equipment performance — the more profit of a farm is higher. And a margin now less as the bitcoin for few years fell in relation to dollar from $1100 to $295.

Many farms were just closed, or changed price policy for klint. Many Chinese mayningovy farms and vendors of the mayningovy equipment like BitFury survived. Last year this company received about $20 million for expansion of capacities, and now the company is going to open new a data-center in Finland, Iceland, Georgia.

Scaling of technology

As well as it was stated above, the power of a new mining-farm from BitFury will reach 40 MW. In liquid from 3M developers will submerge about 160 racks with the planned load in 250 kW of each rack.

"PUE which we managed to reach brings to new level cooling in data-centers", Valery Vavilov, the CEO of BitFury reported. According to Vavilov, the company takes rather active steps for optimization of infrastructure of cooling of the data-centers. This experience, the head of the company considers, can be useful in respect of creation of data-centers of new generation, with the increased performance.

Except increase the equipment performance, submersible cooling allows also to cut down considerably expenses on infrastructure of a data-center, removing need of creation of raised floors, air cooling systems, installations of water circuits. Also there is no need to use coolers which usually there is a lot of in the mayningovy equipment.

Containers of submersible cooling allow to replace quickly iron — both separate components, and the whole racks. BitFury should be done often it with the ASIC.

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