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3 years ago
We will be short: from November 16 to November 22 GeekBrains carries out the international Geek Week 2015 online conference. Our plan is simple: 7 days of intensive training in programming and communication with experts from the leading IT corporations of Russia and the world. Absolutely free of charge and without departing from the computer.

The idea to hold conference was not accidental: during work with listeners we saw real need for expansion of practical knowledge. As a result found the best speakers and selected an online format available to everyone. What we learned from listeners about to whom conference and a few teasers — under a cat will be useful.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once again

Modern IT projects created request for qualitatively new specialists who combine thorough ownership of the specialization and knowledge of the accompanying technical and managerial tools.

  • If the developer owns bases of that industry for which he creates software, the profile of use of the program becomes more obvious to it what simplifies development process and testings.

  • If the developer creates the application (mobile, desktop, web), it is important to it to know how to advance this sentence in the market and to fit in on competitive Wednesday. Especially it concerns small startups when several people are forced to execute functions of the whole company.

  • The manager who is responsible for a commercial part of the project also has to have at least general idea of development process and creations of a product, has to understand how there takes place work on the program and testing, preparation of release or implementation of a new feature what is the time borrows. Then it will be able to inform easily of benefits of course consumer, and in the company the phrase will never be heard: "Well, add the SWOT analysis module, same all steam of days".

  • At last, the understanding of interrelation of all of business and worker processes of the company considerably accelerates development, entry into the market and simplifies work of customer service.

The called requirements force specialists to get additional education, beginners — to pump over skills, and students — independently to develop practical skills which so are not enough in higher education institution. Unfortunately, among an information stream it is sometimes difficult to select the most necessary and on searches of material more time, than on its mastering leaves. Our 7-day marathon of knowledge will help to master something new, to decide on a vector of development and to touch professions of already come future: to information security, programming web&mobile; to 3D modeling, augmented reality, cloud computing, Big Data, robotics, online &multichannel; retail.

To whom and why the Geek Week 2015 conference will be useful?

To beginning developers. If you take the first steps in programming or you have a good theoretical base, but it is not enough practice, for you intensive online training in creation of the websites and mobile applications from the best teachers of the portal is provided. There will be couple of interesting webinars about employment and start IT shnoy pits.

Professional development in pure form is guaranteed to Middle-developers — you will hear a lot of useful information from experts from the companies Yandex, Kaspersky, Google, etc. (more than 20 speakers). Reports are broken on subjects and take not really a lot of time, you can watch or listen to a webinar, practically without distracting from work. Though to guarantee that you will not be fond and do not plunge into communication with experts, we cannot.

To managers of commercial services of the companies and startups. It is not up to the end clear to you, than developers and why their persons strain when you ask to fasten a small fishechka for the client are engaged? Just look at their world from within, and it will become clear to you how the product is created. Immersion in development gives unique experience thanks to which PR and marketing become not the simple description of functionality or beautiful words about efficiency, and informing clients on real advantage of a product. Of course, subjects of promotion and positioning of IT solutions will be discussed at conference — do not refuse to yourself a source of ideas and knowledge. By the way, you will be able to look at the work as the developer's eyes.

How all this will work?

All conference consists of a set of webinars of different subject duration to an hour. Lectures take place consistently therefore each participant in the presence of time and desire will be able to take part in all sessions. For the interested, but very busy record will be made. The scope of webinars includes questions of programming, mastering of languages, design, commercial solutions and even employment. Such dispersion is connected, first of all, with the fact that in the modern companies development, the design and commerce work in one direction — aspiration to satisfy needs of the client and to react timely to its requests.

Besides, for all seven days of conference will take two free training a course.

  1. "PHP. Fast start". On the example of creation of the blog in the PHP language the teacher Yury Zhayvoronok will open the general architecture of the website, will tell about work with authorization, the database, templates.

  2. "Android for beginners. Creation of the game "Eat green circles"". General mobilization already here — in the world is over 5 billion operating mobile devices. Mobile applications took business, science, medicine, sport, entertainments and away … The teacher Igor Dolgov will tell about programming essentials under Android and will help you to create simple game independently.

In general, if we were asked to draw tag cloud for our conference, it would look approximately so:

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once again

It is a little about experts lips of experts

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againMain principles of convenient interfaces.

Creation of good user interfaces – a task easily solvable. It is necessary
only to acquire several basic principles by means of which it is possible
to considerably improve quality of the products in the opinion of users.
I would like to share these principles.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once again Fascinating world of programming.

Programming covers all spheres of our life – from obvious mobile applications and websites, to such interesting areas as generative art and parametrical architecture. I will tell about how it is possible to learn easily and fascinatingly programming, drawing harder and harder fractal images by means of a turtle, and also about other interesting scopes of programming – creation of interactive installations by means of Kinect, about programming of electronic microcontrollers and about studying of moods of Twitter in real time.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againMaster class for Team Leaders in project management.

I will share with you the principles of harmonious work of command, cast and effective interaction. I will mention the basic principles and techniques of project management. You will hear how to set tasks and to control achievement of goals, and also learn about the most widespread problems of project management and ways of their solution.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againWorld of robots. Visionary's look.

We live in a century of innovations and the latest technologies. ​3D-printers and laser engravers will appear in each house soon. ​ Smart robots will replace self-service terminals, a robots — waiters completely will change usual to us the restaurant and hotel industries. Programming of robots will become a superdemanded profession. Let's talk about it today tomorrow to be "on the roll".

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againHow to create a mobile masterpiece on the example of Alpha Mobayl 6.0.

In the lecture on the example of mobile application of Alfa-Bank I will tell how to plan and implement improvements of the user experience of a product in the conditions of flexible production.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againInteractive 3D graphics on WebGL.

WebGL opens for us the new horizons for 3D in a web. The interactive websites using this technology become more and more. It any more not the future, this our present. I want to tell about this interesting technology in more detail.

Geek Week 2015: to study, to learn and to study once againDevOps.

Water flows, everything changes – one river not to enter twice. In the same way and in IT: system administrators turn into specialists in DevOps. When there are no classical system administrators – a question of short time … Missile defense of DevOps needs to be told, but very few people know what is the stake what extent of pro-frying for it is ideal and under what sauce it comes best of all – here about it I and will tell you.

It is only small part of experts to whom it will be possible to communicate on platforms of the Geek Week 2015 conference. It is possible to get acquainted with the complete list on the page of conference.

For certain there are hidden payments, huh?

No, participation in all actions of Geek Week 2015 is free. All you need is, this free time, the computer with connection to the Internet, earphones and three friends who will keep you the company, and at the same time and will be pumped over. Be not greedy, share information with those to whom it is interesting.

P.S.: Do not forget to turn on the computer. It will be smart.

To be registered on conference

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