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3 years ago
Management of knowledge with KCSThe part of my publications on Habré has been connected with subject research on management of knowledge. Then collected information with the purpose to find out the current development of the industry, to collect experience of users of Habr and to gather material for publications. Poll has been published, results are collected and small conclusions are drawn. By the way, poll is still open and someone sometimes even fills in the questionnaire.

In detail I have ceased to deal with issue of management of knowledge, but for all this time received responses under the published articles. It means that the subject has not died away, and 4 years later I would like to add to information field of RuNet of additional materials.

I plan small cycle of articles about KCS — Knowledge Centered Support.

Who suits KCS

Management of knowledge with KCS

If it is simple, KCS is developed for the companies which are carrying out client and/or technical support. If it is more difficult, the methodology at desire adapts for data domain of any company in which there was question of saving and use of the accumulated knowledge. However, the third letter after all about Support therefore we will concentrate and examples we will give with orientation to support.

Common example where KCS is useful: the employee of tekh.podderzhka at receipt from the client of the request does not know how to solve problem, and he has no place to look, whether somebody solved this problem to it, i.e. it or should translate the request for other level of support, or to pull the colleagues/administration.

We remember that such "knowledge"

Knowledge not ruble. Over time definition does not change therefore I will simply provide the paragraph from last article.
Knowledge — it is the patterns of data domain (the principles, communications, laws) received as a result of practical activities and professional experience, allowing specialists to put and solve problems in this area.

Management of knowledge with KCS

What is KCS

If it is short, KCS — it about processes, and about correctly built processes. KCS purpose — to solve problem once, and then constantly to use the found solution. On KCS it is reached through creation of base of "collective experience" or "knowledge base". Therefore also Knowledge Centered Support. Work of support is built so that there was the maximum involvement of users in the knowledge base.

How it is reached? It is process of double cycle. In more detail we will sort it in the following articles. So far we will be limited to one picture.

Management of knowledge with KCS

Yes it is the next marketing term!

Can be. But KCS — it not the next class of systems as ECM, EDMS, EIM and so forth. It is the methodology developed by Consortium of service innovations. Giants of the industry have integrated and together, without hurrying, since 1992 ground and described processes as they has to be in ideal. And software — we will talk about it in the third article — can be any, though links in Google Docs to perelinkovyvayta.

Management of knowledge with KCS

And here to you and marketing digits

On researches of the consortium, implementation of KCS yields the following results.

Fast solution of problems

  • 50-60% reduction of time of solution of problems
  • 30-50% increase in share of solution of problems at the first address

Optimization of use of resources

  • 70% reduction of time of output for the high professional grade
  • 20-35% decrease in routine of personnel
  • 20-40% increase in satisfaction of employees

Electronic service

  • 50% decrease in the entering loading (problems are solved through web self-service)

Organization of corporate training

  • 10% decrease in the entering loading due to elimination of the reason in product
  • 20% increase in share of solution of problems at the bottom level of support


I at once after acquaintance with the principles of KCS had had question. And how ITIL, in particular, incident management on ITIL? Competitor or not? Has found more or less authoritative work in this respect which designates the following thesis: KCS supplements ITIL.


As well as any methodology, KCS is not panacea from all problems resulting from work of support desk, but is good help for formalization of processes and more harmonious work.

It would be desirable to receive back coupling from readers. Whether you met KCS? Or can with any other methodology? How you consider, formalization of processes — the benefit or the managed chaos is better? Generally, it would be glad if you have shared the experience.

And finally — poll, as without it.
How your affairs with accumulation of knowledge in the company?

4 persons have voted. 2 persons have refrained.

Planned two more articles on this subject, but the second can turn out very long. How consider, it is worth segmenting or giving out big sheet at once?

4 persons have voted. Refrained is not present.

Only the registered users can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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