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Romanticism of distant engineering departures (and our rat has survived)
"— Come on, chyo, the truth is impossible so? Conveniently, cable multicore, soft. In single-core so you will not turn..."

The customer — the big company — announces the tender for the UPS and conditioning for infrastructure of the data-centers over all country. It is slightly less than 30 pieces of objects, and including the cities where there is no railroad. Generally. In August starts competition, in November the design of all documentation only just comes to an end. Respectively, our engineers come already while "outside" from-30 to-40 fresh airs. And under the terms of the contract it is necessary to wash the outside block of the conditioner.

Who does not know, I report — it becomes vodka. It is desirable — fake, it is frosted over worse. Procedure such: the box or two in the nearest shop, galvanized bucket is bought. At this moment passersby already start reacting extremely painfully, watching draining of vodka in bucket. Vodka, by the way, in many remote cities — still alternative currency is stronger than ruble. Then on faces of people around the genuine grief and all world pain when the block of the conditioner starts being washed out appears.

We always send to such departures at least one engineer with experience of similar works because there is a lot of reefs. Beginning from that for sacrilege can is banal to beat, and finishing with that the vodka box should be carried out then somehow on accounts department "houses". And questions will be. One more danger — at raspryskivaniye on the external block of the conditioner it is possible to inhale extremely quickly alcohol vapors. As the skilled joke — in tool palette it is necessary to have compartment for cucumbers to remove effects of inhalations of this kind. The following problem — everything should be done quickly because at-35 and below taking into account condenser temperature about 60 degrees in plus — the vodka smell promptly extends on the area in the direction of wind. Or vsenapravlenno, if the wind is not present. Locals really start behaving and looking for concern source very strange.

Come, I will share other stories.

Business trips at us every week. Frequent, but short. In 10 years we have already visited department over all country. And in Kazakhstan, in Ukraine, on training in Holland, China, Germany.

Far from normal routes of civilization there is number of places where it is possible to get only on the winter road — the road which is rolled on snow and ice, on lakes and hills. The winter road in Siberia, for example, in general the only means to reach number of settlements. As soon as the winter road thaws, the city is literally cut off from civilization to the following cold weather. In the spring or in the fall in principle it is impossible to get on engineering objects, only unless the helicopter on extreme cases. Distances quite big — it is necessary on 700 kilometers through mountains, for example.

On winter departures the equipment undertakes rather strange for "pervoraznik". Three spare wheels, guns, axes, spare parts. If the machine breaks in taiga, at first it is possible to meet in general nobody couple of days. And then on pleasant smell of gasoline and matyuka the bear, who it here such tasty will come to be interested. The last time the driver in general swung brand new "Saiga" with the words "from local to shoot back" — speaks, solitudes, indulge. The nature there very beautiful — but in hour already bothers to look out of the window, same approximately.

Romanticism of distant engineering departures (and our rat has survived)
My colleague catches to himself dinner of the exit system administrator

It is necessary to go quite regularly because that it is impossible to make far off (installation and mounting) it is better to do all, than to explain local. As a rule, they are good on small repairs, but do not possess the necessary qualification therefore we go to remote repair only in extreme cases. And so, as the qualified engineer — the person rare to send more than one sense has no. As a result on such departures the driver becomes the dearest person. And since some moment communication not beret therefore before trip it is necessary to stock up with jokes and service manuals. The last time moved from Neryungri to the Warm key (it to Yakutsk 500 kilometers and 500 more towards Magadan), the river without bridges — it is necessary to wait for the winter road. The driver has decided that will slip when the official winter road was not yet. The driver was fined 300 thousand for transportation of people.

Cold weather, except features of washing of outside blocks of kodintsioner, brings very many surprises. For example, in Khabarovsk we were told such story: have on site decided to paint and heat-insulate expansion tank of hydraulic system. As it is necessary, have planned 2 hours for idle time. But have not considered transient period. In the 11th mornings in May there were 10 degrees. In 2 hours there were already 30 degrees. Thermal expansion of liquid has begun. Has simply broken off capacity in two and a half tons on seams. Have made, have started starting — whistles. As a result we have learned all this background when mounted new expansion tank.

Many jambs are opened on places on departures on new mounting. As a rule, you come, you watch in the project — there one, and upon — slightly another. Here literally nearby absolutely, in Moscow already the Serbian subcontractor of the customer handed over inzhenerka. We approach the socket, we check — tension is not present. The customer opens — the wire is, everything is accurately mounted. Pulls — it drops out. There the tail on 30 centimeters, and more this tail does not go anywhere. Probably, the Tesla secret was not given to the contractor. Or here on other object subcontractors connected our pressure sensor of liquid. It has two liquid inputs and electric input to take readings. The engineer of the contractor has not understood. One liquid line is connected correctly, the second — in electric input (the hydraulic tube is inserted), and then phase — in the second liquid input.

It was somehow necessary to connect the small UPS. The cable has to be according to the standard about 16 square millimeters. And there is cable line of 3х2,5 mm. Then there is time cut-out. From there towards the consumer grows to 3х10 mm. We:
— And it … here everything is pleasant to you?
— Do according to the drawing. It is so approved.

To Khanty-Mansiysk last year went. Have asked to look at the equipment, something compressors too quickly failed. We come to site, round the uncle with ties, obviously not the last chiefs. Go, look. The dialog has turned out approximately such:
— You will look? Here the compressor often burn. We change them. All the rest works, it seems. And so since 2007. Mysticism.
I look narrowly and accurately so I report:
— Misters, and has not guarded you, what texts head over heels?
— Yes as so? Cannot be!
Exchange glances
— Vas you look … Actually!

All external blocks of conditioning systems stand head over heels. The compressor suffers under off-design loading.

Khabarovsk — there someone has implemented the scheme of turning on of circulation pulsers on 15 KW directly from the switch without starting elements. Have burned 4 pumps within month. "I include, at once beats out it, I again include".

Or there is commissioning of the UPS, and mounting was done by local contract organization. I checked. I look — cable lines are made not according to the standard: the grounding has to be flavovirent, and it another. Phase conductor on site the zero. Has opened battery offices — all there were 124 joint stock banks on 4 lines of batteries. The ordinary normal person would divide on 4 — it would turn out on 31 on cabinet. But is not present. In one 24, then 28, then 36 — then the rest. I try to understand logic still. On the same object there was small point from the UPS on other floor. The assembler speaks: "Excess jumpers remained". And in set the vendor superfluous does not put anything, it is important. Have decided to peresherstit. As a result it has become clear that if have given power supply at its assembly — we would remain without UPS.

Romanticism of distant engineering departures (and our rat has survived)
Rather frequent show on object

I will tell about normal road adventures. In the South too the specifics. Did infrastructure for the customer in Dagestan. We go back — on intersections there are uncles in the kamufl with army machine guns. In news then — only our engineer has left from object, there directly in 15 meters firefight has begun row.

In one more hot city left on the road the heavy removed transformer till the morning, it was necessary to move away him in the morning and to remount. We come in the morning — there is no it. But the road new, asphalt is put where it lay. And to carry away it was unreal without special equipment. Have started asking. The following has become clear: on this road the official according to the plan had to pass. Therefore about o'clock in the morning workers have come and have dug out hole under the transformer, "have equaled" it to the road and have put on top asphalt.

In St. Petersburg there was history, worthy the cultural capital. The customer was located in the territory of power plant of the 1901st year of construction. We passed instructing 2 days (TWO DAYS) simply to be allowed to works. The lady very much loved power plant and therefore to us has told at first object story, then the area, then all St. Petersburg. Has reached already Pyotr. After the admission we have exhaled and have gone, but it has appeared not all — it was possible to go only on internal zone. And here on the street where dangerous zone — 3 more hours of the security regulation alternately with history.

In the same place in St. Petersburg we needed to receive cable 5х95 about 6 meters on object. And have dragged the hundred-meter tonnage coil. Speak: "Maybe it is useful. It is not useful — well, we will take away scraps".

Once repaired DGU which simply did not rise on service for years. The customer has signed delivery, and service coordinated more than two years. To service installations anybody and did not think. When they have got up, we have found the rotating elements erased to meat.

Saw TsOD on cooling implemented back to front. The cold air arrived on outputs from servers. The "return" mounting of racks was assumed, but cooling was done by one team, and iron was put by another. We comment:
— At you it will be bad here.
— You do not understand, the vendor himself projected.
In 3 months, of course, has hallooed.

In Serpukhov I come on site. On half of future object there is no roof, in pool. We approach place of mounting of the server — there are going to fill in floors, cement lies. I speak: "In such conditions iron long will not work", and me: "Mount, we have diagram. We on term need to start the UPS. You have contract, do!". As a result have made as have demanded, and then several times not according to plan rode.

The colleague tells about the shortest start-up:
— Do not touch, now will burn down!
— Start, we have diagram!

Or often happens so: "Hand over object, only do not include": for example, on large number of objects with gas fire extinguishing the initiating devices are not connected to gas. Because suddenly there will be drawdown. At least I know one TsOD which has burned down for such reason.

But give about the good. In general, there are provident representatives of customers, precisely aware, the raised floor why is necessary. At them there in server vodka below lies, is cooled. At one of vendors of ventilation saw small server with correctly equipped hot output. They have decided not only to heat environment, but also it is correct to use heat for the advantage. Have put the small brewing unit, rejoiced to the house.

Once engineers of the customer needed to solve urgently task which was set by the head in the 8th mornings on January 2. "I do not see, warmly to work at objects or not. Deliver to meteorological station and bring them in monitoring to Moscow". In 4 hours we have seen magic picture — young cheerful guys hanged out thermometers about security cameras. You include video flow — temperature it is visible.

At us at office the horizontal bar hangs. The matter is that we need not only to run away from bear, but sometimes and it is a lot of that to drag. Therefore we play "short flight of stairs" constantly. From dragging cases the most remembered — DGU on roof of one of distant TsODOV, it was necessary to bring 3 machines on 200 liters buckets there. Initially wanted to make hydroplatform there, and then have simply cut the second part of financing and have decided that feet it is better. We once participated in this circus, and the team of service has regularly fun there. Free fitness.

Once the customer (big rank) has personally gone to watch switching at IBP/DGU. Opens, there the relay.
— Aaaa, arc!
Also otprygivat. To it:
— Quietly, normal working situation.

The big chief has thought and excursion has interrupted. Has asked further in papers.

In Voronezh I repair boards and the UPS. I speak: switch-off pumper sensors, dust can be kicked up, the sensor will work. They have disconnected nothing. To Bør the blower, I blow in the fan. The huge table of dust exactly up — and there the sensor rises. The pumper on all object works — I run on protection to speak that on dust. "I know nothing, full evacuation". The chief engineer has come running to tell off mat: "And I spoke to you". But as a result the customer of all has praised. Speaks until you suited circus here, at us by trade part the colonel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations went. Has seen, says that everything works like clock-work — consider, this half-year will not come.

Once our foreign colleagues drilled wall on our project to the room for fuel tanks. And it is necessary to tell that on the scheme there was characteristic "cloudlet" of callout with increase in scale that it was visible, which opening is necessary. So these companions exactly on cloudlet circuit have also cut in the natural size.

And finally about rat. At colleagues it on line of batteries has burst with the gushed feelings and tension, and ours here, the beauty:

Romanticism of distant engineering departures (and our rat has survived)

Ours has survived.

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