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3 years ago
I hope, all were successfully updated to 9.0.2 and El Capitan. Already it has managed to be forgotten partially from presentation that such new there. It is more pleasant to that to find changes. Tonight meeting of Cocoa Heads Moscow. Big program. Do not forget.
By the way, the annual meeting of the LLVM developers is planned on October 29. Perhaps there something will be told about Swift and when it becomes Open-Source.

Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

September Crashlytics updating
dSYM can be loaded through Drag&Drop.; Support of changes of iOS 9, including BitCode, and here iOS 5 was told farewell.

MAPS.ME have opened code
The long news, and at the end link to repository. There and for our brother is.

With ++ for school students
Here literally the other day the name e-Legion told school students about the programmer's profession. Yandex course for children. If to you acquaintances behind council for children too come, add to moneybox. In the fall in general there is a lot of that educational it is started. In total for school desk!

Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

Homebrew in El Capitan
If you have problem with the rights, here is described how to correct situation and why it in general has arisen.

Top Secret Features in OS X El Capitan
Couple of trifling councils for the new version of OS, are enough to thumb through that in memory it was noted: it is so possible.

Adds to simulator a few the 3D Touch.

Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

Cast Free Arithmetic in Swift 2
Presentation about problem of number conversion to Swift. The problem is step by step described and the solution though the panacea and is not found is proposed.

Mocks in Swift via Protocols
Protocol-Oriented as way to make mock.

Adding Playgrounds to Your Xcode Project
The companion has bothered and Haque allowing to use playground with code of the project has offered.

More Pattern Matching Examples
About search of ratio in collections from Ole.

Framework for creation of forms on the basis of the table. Yes, one more, but diligently made. On Swift 2.

iOS interview questions with answers
Bearded questions, already 2013, but are still actual.

Beginning Mobile App Development with React Native
Suddenly on React Native there was the whole book. Ask money. For aiming thanks of @posipov.

MVVM in Swift
It is a little how to use MVVM on Swift from Ash Furrow.

Concurrency in Go style for Swift. Looks rather interestingly.

Clustering of the data which are stored in Realm on MKMapView in real time.

Using Taptic Engine on iOS
Private methods which will allow you to be played with Taptic Engine in new iPhone 6s.

Selection of useful articles for iOS-developers for the current week

Pushing the boundaries of touch control
Reflections on what abrupt has brought 3D Touch for users.

Keyboards Smorgasbord
Evolution of the Shift button in iOS is shown. There is comparison with other OS and the general supervision about the keyboard.

San Francisco
Having read this article you learn, than the San Francisco font which has appeared in iOS 9 is so good.

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