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3 years ago
That to us stoit plant to construct: EMS solutions for industrial facilities

"Only" to build the multi-storey building, it is required to develop a lot of documentation, sending it to numerous contractors. And when it is necessary to design and construct such difficult objects as the enterprises of the power, oil and gas extraction and overworking, metallurgical and machine-building sectors, the volume of documentation exceeds the most courageous imaginations. And the number of the contractors participating in all design stages, construction and operation can reach hundreds. Everyone needs to direct the necessary part of documentation which passes numerous approvals, statements and editings, on many times plying between participants of process. Add to it infinite number of electronic and paper letters, faxes, financial documents, contracts and applications, and as a result poluchit huge information volume, constantly moving, changing and replenished. And all this, often, in the conditions of the drawing-in terms.

That to us stoit plant to construct: EMS solutions for industrial facilities

No wonder that fast and exact management of the similar project — creation and operation of the enterprise — is impossible without use of management system and accounting of documentation. The packet of solutions of EMC Documentum for Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) is intended for solution of this complex and labor-consuming challenge.

In fact, it represents certain uniform source of various information on the created object. Which problems this packet is urged to solve?

First, storage, accounting of changes and management of all project documentation of the created object is provided. Not important, how many the person and teams works on design of the enterprise, all documentation created by them and the made changes will remain in the form of the uniform structure allowing to get quickly access to the latests version of documents. By means of schedule system of works the schedule within which tasks of preparation of these or those documents are created forms. Capital Projects allows to trace current status of these tasks.

Secondly, process of transfer of construction documentation to contractors and suppliers strongly becomes simpler. Besides it is much easier to control completeness of the transferred documentation. It allows to reduce temporary costs that is always important for any business project.

Thirdly, the specialists operating ready object have opportunity quickly to receive all necessary documentation on it. So when time of upgrade or expansion of object will come, it is not necessary to waste time for request of the necessary documents, their search and waiting of arrival.

And fourthly, availability of complete set of documents and history of their creation and change allows to meet "fully equipped" representatives of supervisory authorities, and also to make editings and changes according to their requirement much quicker. Naturally, all above described opportunities are implemented taking into account levels of admissions to information.

Feature of packet of solutions of Documentum EPFM is its flexibility as it represents not certain uniform tool, but set of components:

  • Documentum Capital Projects
  • Supplier Exchange
  • Handover and Commissioning
  • Documentum Asset Operations

Let's review briefly each of components separately.

Components of packet of solutions of Documentum EPFM:

That to us stoit plant to construct: EMS solutions for industrial facilities

Documentum Capital Project

Capital Project is used on design stages and buildings of object. It allows to automate and simplify many development processes of the project, approval of documentation and modification. By means of this solution it is possible to trace the status of each document, responsible persons, history of the made changes (version control), information on transfer to these or those participants of process. And all this becomes according to politicians of standardization. Capital Project can be integrated into the existing project management systems. And if the customer has no opportunity to unroll Capital Project locally, it can use software as service option, that is the cloudy version of product.

Supplier Exchange

The exchange rate documentation has great influence on terms of execution of all project in general. Construction of difficult industrial facility demands continuous interaction with the construction organizations, with equipment providers, equipment, materials and raw materials, with operators, with supervisory authorities. And are meant by documentation not only various schemes, drawings and calculations; it and legal documents, various instructions, notifications and other working correspondence. And one document can have at once some receivers, their players can be changed depending on the current conditions.

Supplier Exchange allows to automate and accelerate numerous processes of information exchange thanks to collaboration over documents. With its help it is possible to adjust coordination of the sent versions of documents between designers, contractors, customers and other parties. Thus Supplier Exchange possesses the built-in security protections of the transmitted data that it is very important for protection against industrial espionage. Besides, Supplier Exchange can be integrated with Capital Projects that allows to relieve users of manual transfer of documents through mail or uses of the same ftp-servers for transfer of documentation.

Handover and Commissioning

When the object is already constructed, there is need to transfer to operators huge document file from the construction organizations: specifications, descriptions of standard procedures, different schemes and executive documentation. Without it it is impossible to use difficult industrial facilities. And it is not simple to transfer "as is", the part of documentation has to be converted in other formats to be used in systems of operators.

Not to waste time at input of object in operation, transfer of documentation has to pass quickly and without serious consequences. And for this purpose it has to represent strictly managed process. According to some estimates, in large projects only due to bad information management financial losses can reach 1%. It is seemingly a little but if any factory or plant costs $1 billion, because of absurdly adjusted exchange of documents $10 million will be lost.

It is possible to avoid it by means of Handover and Commissioning which allows to adjust migration of data from numerous sources, in passing converting in the necessary formats. Also this tool provides correct embedding of data in direct system. It allows to verify at once as far as all systems of the object put into operation meet specifications.

Documentum Asset Operations

Last component of packet of solutions of Documentum EPFM. It is used during all time of operation of industrial facility. With its help it is possible to automate and simplify both many worker processes, and management of documentation.

Efficiency and safety of work of modern difficult industrial facilities completely depends on the correct management. And it means timely obtaining necessary information by various divisions, workshops, objects, groups and certain specialists. Including, documents on the object, on the used units, installations, machines and the equipment, on working procedures and many other. Asset Operations allows to consolidate all these ill-matched documents in uniform repository with possibility of fast search and control of versions. Also current trends are considered — to all documents access and from mobile devices is provided that increases efficiency of work with system even more.

That to us stoit plant to construct: EMS solutions for industrial facilities

At first sight, apparently, that Asset Operations is similar to Capital Projects. But it not absolutely so. If construction of industrial facility takes years, operation term — not one decade. Capital Projects was created at the rate of very intensive course of all processes — exchange of documents and approvals — characteristic for design stages and construction. And operation imposes absolutely other requirements: first of all the powerful system of search allowing to look for quickly the necessary documents in the most different parameters is necessary. For example, on tags (on pipes, locking valves, etc.), on location of required objects. It is also important to note that if in the company already there are specialized systems for management of technical maintenance and repairs, such as SAP TOPO or Maximo, Asset Operations can be integrated with them, providing to users of these systems access to all necessary documentation.

* * *

Of course, possibilities of each of the Documentum EPFM components where are wider, and would be inexpedient to describe them in this overview. All of them can be used not only as a part of packet, but also as independent tools. And in future publications we are going to tell in detail about each of solutions separately.

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