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3 years, 1 month ago
Not so long ago I have described new features which wait for users and developers in the new Liferay 7.0 version. Sometimes ask me — and why Liferay? For me the answer is simple — in that stack of technologies in which we work (Jave EE plus orientation to Open Source) I simply do not see alternatives.

Yes, we are engaged in implementation of portals on Liferay long ago, but I am not the blind fanatic and I try to come up sometimes from the world and to look around. And suddenly? Suddenly alternatives are? Let's consider one of them today — the GateIn portal — the coproduction JBoss and eXo.


Why I have decided to begin with GateIn? JBoss (now RedHat) the company with long traditions in the world of Open Source and Java EE respected in the world. It has the whole range of different products — beginning of course c of their well-known server (WildFly is called now) and finishing with niche solutions. If to expect the strong contender for Liferay — that first of all from their party.

The dog has to eat the food?

So — will assume I in general I understand nothing in portals — but the boss (or the client) has given me task to find solution. With what I will begin? No — I will not download, put, start at once — I will begin with the external overview. I will study the product site, I will read news and announcements, I will glance on forums — I will try to understand how the product lives and develops. It will seem to the little strange — but the first on what I will pay attention — and whether the vendor uses the product?

With Liferay everything is pure — the site honestly to turn on Liferay — ok, the product is so good that his vendor has entrusted it both the site, and the forums and other.

And what with GateIn? The site turns on the Magnolia (Magnolia CMS). Well, eventually implementation of the external sites — not absolutely problem of portal, we can forgive it to it. And that about community of developers — — oops — Jive. And why not GateIn? We write GateIn the first minus — the developer (JBoss) has preferred for himself other solution — it already speaks about much.

People, hey?

And what in general with community? Selecting Open Source product it is very important to know that you will not remain with it in private, and there will be 100500 other same poor fellows together with whom you will not feel such lonely.

Forums on the site have made sad impression — the last message in developer forum — 6 months ago, in user — 3 months ago. The last blog — one and a half years ago. The latest version on the Downloads page — of the 2013th year (if to speak about Jboss Portal) and the 2014th year if to speak about GateIn. And the product in general is live?

And to download?

Actually — if not my academic interest — on it I have also finished studying of product. But I persistent — and therefore I after all have tried it to download.

But we will begin with that is not clear — and what to swing? There is GateIn, there is Jboss Portal. In what difference? What exactly is necessary to me?

If I have correctly understood — GateIn — it is such community driven the project, and then JBoss on its basis does the portal. Therefore I have decided to begin at once JBoss Portal 6.1.0 build from GateIn 3.6 (release of the 2013th year) — the link has demanded from me login or registration … No, I am not sorry, but chances that I will reach up to one final less and less. After login I have got to site subsoil where have learned that appears there is JBoss Portal 6.2.0 — of the 15th year. Strange that on the site GateIn about it nothing was told. So — I have stopped on JBoss Portal 6.2.0

This-this open

Has downloaded, has unpacked, has looked. In JBoss AS 7.5.0, startanut regularly. After start, according to documentation has gone to Management Console: http://localhost:9990/ — but me have politely told that users still are not present — and explained where to go. Descended, has created — and here I inside.


Here all regularly for Jboss, but is practically not interesting from the point of view of portal. The portal is available to the address http://localhost:8080/portal (at the first start has asked to change the administrator's password — conveniently).

Administration subtleties

I will not go into details of management of content, and other it is convenient to navigation / not conveniently. — matter of habit — and here I cannot objectively judge convenience — after all I have got used to Liferay and Jboss to me on any will be unusual. But we will consider number of basic functions (in my understanding). Let's begin with administration.


In Liferay there is such concept as Portal Instance. It as a matter of fact opportunity within one physical application to start some portals (everyone on the domain) — as result — these portals have the general code (and as a matter of fact are started within one process of Java) — but different data (users, the sites and all other). I have not found it in JBoss Portal — theoretically it can be implemented via domains of Jboss AS — but it slightly another.

Organizational structure

Opportunity to set organizational structure (and with several roots — that is to bring not one, and some organizations) are. The user can be assigned in some elements of organizational structure with different roles (membership) — here too all ok. And even having rummaged, I have found as for any element of organizational structure to create the site. Let and not conveniently (stop, I promised not to speak about it) — but it is possible to make.



There is opportunity to create some sites (Space-ov) within one portal — they can be attached as to some element of organizational structure — so perhaps and to be in itself.

Safety model

Role, is couple more correct — group (organizational structure element) — membership (role in organizational structure element). I have found settings of access rights to the page and specific portlet on the page (to show or not).


Though the model of administrative objects at Liferay and JBoss Portal-а does not match — in general the main things in respect of administration in GateIn can be made. Thus, without speaking about convenience inconvenience — and about what impression makes UI … I watch development of Liferay some years — and I see as the last years there is "polish" of adminka — Usability is really studied, really people try that even the new user could orient, find the necessary buttons quicker, make necessary actions in smaller quantity of clicks. As the result — portal makes impression of product.

Right there I was not abandoned by feeling of "hand-made article" — especially against Liferay or the administrator's console of the same JBoss AS.


Well, users were brought, on organizational structure they were stuffed, the sites with pages have made, the rights have distributed. And further? Than we will fill pages? And here the key difference gets out. If in Liferay the heap of portlets (widgets) plus still big heap is put at once is available (for example) through the same Liferay Marketplace — then emptiness. Couple of widgets like "calculator", ooochen basic widget for placement of web content, Iframe portlet — and all.

To be or not to be

As result — the only option in which I see that GateIn (or Jboss Portal — here I have not understood up to the end as it is more correct to call it) can use — it is situation when you have to make completely custom portal with the portlets, and for some reason the stack of products of JBoss is very close to you. Well and in comparison with the Liferay portal — it is not necessary to clean heap superfluous that gives Liferay to users by default — here you receive at once some minimum. Probably all.

Whether it is possible to make on there is no more or less responsible external site? I doubt. Whether it is possible to lift inside - corporate portal — too hardly — there are no basic portlets on the organization of collaboration. Whether it is possible to lift on it some B2B platform with set of the, developed portlets — yes, such it is possible to make.

But activity of community (absence is more right than it) puts cross on real life application of this product — at least I would not risk to do the project, on which in forums one message for half a year. And there is someone on Habré who risked? Maybe I am mistaken and everything is not so bad?

UPDATE: Liferay and JBoss — friendship for century

As here have correctly prompted to me — since February 28 of the 2015th year of Liferay and JBoss have signed the partner agreement: — as result — JBoss has ceased to sell subscription to the portal and now recommends to the users to use Liferay.

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