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Host-Tracker constantly develops monitoring network for improvement of quality of the provided services. For partner hosting of Khosta Tracker offers number of interesting sentences.

The partner of the Host-Tracker service to become very simple. For this purpose it is enough to fill in the registration form of partner hosting and to provide to service the selected virtual Windows the hosting meeting the requirements of Khosta Tracker.

How to become the partner of Host-Tracker

Key directions of development of the Host-Tracker network

Host-Tracker develops monitoring network in two directions. One of the directions — is purchase of hostings in the most important points by the company. Other direction of development of network is the invitation to partnership of the companies interested in monitoring resources and other provided buns.

Such approach allows Host-Tracker to increase the monitoring network naturally. At the same time, partners of the company receive number of benefits from cooperation with popular monitoring service. Possibly to begin the hosting the partner through providing the selected hosting or VPS. Host-Tracker will include them in the monitoring network.

The pursued purposes

Host-Tracker already locates extensive monitoring network which resources are placed worldwide — only more than 50 agents on all manned continents. However the existing network for some functions has still not enough. For example, one of the purposes is creation in the selected region of pool of servers which will appear rather close to the client that he could receive set of the checking servers which arrangement approximately corresponds to target audience of its sites.

Logic of monitoring system is as follows: the result of check from several agents is necessary for receiving the most correct assessment. Here it is also necessary for such multichecks that each agent has been geographically placed in the same region where the main audience of users of the checked website is located. Otherwise on time to response, speed and other parameters the strong dispersion is possible.

Benefits of partners

The partnership with Host-Tracker will bring to partners of service number of benefits which will allow to reduce the price of use of monitoring service, and also to receive additional audience of users. Among benefits which can expect partner hosting:
  • Considerable discounts for all services of service;
  • Participation in other partner programs — opportunity, for example, to become resseler;
  • Relevant link to the partner's hosting;
  • Improvement of reputation of the company.

Parameters of virtual hosting

The virtual hosting selected for the monitoring purposes has to conform on the resources to the minimum requirements. It has to be the Windows-hosting with such characteristics:
  • Support of ASP.NET 4.0;
  • The set web the IIS server
  • Disk space with a capacity of 100 Mb;
  • From 20 to 30 Gb of traffic a month;
  • Support of the ftp and http protocols.

Requirements to random access memory capacity and the processor are minimum. Khosta Tracker will not begin to load strongly the server partner hosting. As a rule, requirements to characteristics of hosting do not exceed the minimum packages of services offered by hostings to the clients.

Access to the selected hosting it is possible to provide on any domain name or even it is simple to the IP address. Khosta Tracker concerning domain name lays down conditions only of advisory nature. The domain can represent the look address [city] - ht. [domen_kompanii_kliyenta].

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