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HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
Let's assume that you look for good a web hosting the company which will be able to place the website according to your requirements. For this reason we decided that comparison of some leading hostings will help readers to make the reasoned choice. "HostGator against Bluehost" will be one of such comparisons.

Noor B — the famous blogger and the analyst in the field of a web hosting. Since 2006, it tested various web hosting services and published the received results in the popular blog: For creation of each overview, it personally or by means of command of specialists carefully checks everyone a web hosting the company.

About what the speech will go?

The HostGator and Bluehost companies are included in the top ten web hostings of the present. Though both companies have good reputation, but nevertheless their differences are shown in questions of providing and quality of the services offered on these platforms.

Below the comparative characteristic of a hosting and number of the different services provided by these companies is provided.

Comparison of Bluehost and HostGator includes:
  • Performance of Bluehost and HostGator
  • Report on availability
  • Speed of loading of the website
  • Price, plans and features
  • Control bar
  • Quality of support


Hostgator in protection of user data provides several security levels of a network, and also has modern data processing centers with reserve powers. Hostgator, also as well as Bluehost, uses AMD Opteron 6000 processors and random access memory of DDR3 ECC.
Several tests for determination of performance of these companies were carried out and it is received the following results.

Report on availability of HostGator and Bluehost

Both HostGator, and Bluehost guarantees aptaym (time of availability of the website) close to 99,9%. By means of Hosttrekera — the popular instrument of tracking of availability of the website from the different ends of the world, we trace aptaym several a hosting of the companies now. For this purpose work about 150 websites was monitored. I bring aptaym the website placed under HostGator and Bluehost for the last several months.

Uptime of sites Hosted on HostGator

Uptime of sites Hosted on Bluehost

During our HostGator test showed very much a good result from aptaymy 99,99%, and Bluehost, on the contrary, disappointed with regular falling which lowered them aptaym to 99,7% (results are specified the testing moment).
For deeper understanding, we monitored smooth operation of the personal blog placed on Hostgator. During the set trial period (one year), Hostgator showed surprising aptaym 99.99%.

Look on aptaym the personal blog which is placed under Hostgator:
The report of an aptaym of HostGator for the period was March-April, 2015 very impressive, only a minute of idle time throughout the entire period.

And here it is possible to see several notifications about idle times during the accidental time frame from our partner of aptaym-tracking Hosttreker for Bluehost:
HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
The website placed under Bluehost hosting could "fall" several times a day. Hostgator only occasionally allowed single falling.

Winner: HostGator. Proceeding from results of two aptaym-tests it is possible to draw a conclusion that HostGator was the best, having proved exclusively well with an indicator of 99,99%.

HostGator and Bluehost: response time of the server

That, how fast answers the server, in many respects depends on quality of servers of the company of a web hosting.
We tested load time and response time of the server from the websites placed on hostings of Bluehost and Hostgator using Load Impact App.

The green line shows the number of visitors, and blue lines — adjacent response time when the traffic increases.

Response time of the Hostgator server

Server arrangement: Portland, Oregon, USA
Hosting placement of the server: Charlotte, Northern Carolina, USA
The maximum response time: 3.2 seconds
The minimum response time: 258.07 milliseconds (minimum among all tested web hostings).
HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
Hostgator answered fast response time, than any other hosting. They were very consecutive also with good response time as the traffic was increased with 1 to 50.

Response time of the Bluehost server

Server arrangement: Eshbern, Virginia, USA
Hosting placement of the server: Provo, Utah, USA
The maximum Response time: 8.2 seconds
The minimum response time: 915.53 milliseconds
HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
Performance of Bluehost was low. The response time increased with increase in a traffic. Even at lower traffic with ten users, response time began to fluctuate from 1000 ms to 3500 ms. As soon as the parallel traffic was increased to 20, response time came to the maximum threshold — 10.61 sec. So, their performance was very unstable, with high temporary jumps of one second and more.

Apparently on the diagram, Bluehost was very inconsistent. As soon as the number of simultaneous users came nearer to 25, response time began to vary with big scope.

Winner: Hostgator. In this test it is in the lead as loads bigger response time of the server more consistently.

Speed test of the websites HostGator and Bluehost

At the choice of a web hosting, speed is an important factor.

In particular, the assessment of their behavior when processing the normal web page was carried out. Both services were estimated on processing of the page of the identical size, design, requirements and components of the image.
The website placed under Hostgator was loaded less than in one second, and Bluehost spent 1.3 seconds to load the same page.
HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
Winner: Hostgator. Websites under Hostgator are loaded 30-35% quicker, than the websites on Bluehost.

Control Bluehost and Hostgator test.

For each website, I defined a set of 30 websites placed on different Web servers. 825 requests for each node for the purpose of an assessment of efficiency of their server were in total sent.
HostGator against Bluehost. Which of them is better?
It is possible to see from the stated above result that in the majority of fields the high performance of Hostgator dominates. There are no doubts that the web pages connected with Hostgator show a high speed and reliability in comparison with Bluehost hosting.

Winner: Hostgator. — the websites working at the Hostgator servers, much quicker.

What control bar is better?

HostGator and Bluehost use a control bar under the name cPanel which contains about 50 scripts, ready to use, such as WordPress and Joomla. It is big plus for nonprofessionals who want to create the new website.
Winners: Hostgator and Bluehost. Well constructed control bar which provides simplicity and good access.

Price, tariff plans and features

This section was edited at transfer as since the original publication of the company managed to change a little billing policy that affected outputs.

Hostgator offered a qualitative hosting at the price of 3.96 dollars/month earlier. At the moment service rose in price and there is from 5:56 dollars/month, and it on condition of a three-year subscription, and the minimum rate with monthly payment makes 8.76 dollars/month. There are three plans, namely Hatchling, Baby and Business the plan. The forefront supports only one domain, and two other plans offer an unlimited number of domains.

Rates Bluehost hosting started from 4.95 dollars/month earlier. The package of services includes functions, such as: an unlimited traffic and one free registration of the domain for a period of one year. Now service costs from 5.99 dollars/month, there is also promotional price of 3.95 dollars/month (the price for the first period of use).

Winner: Bluehost. Both provide the services in reasonable price. Nevertheless, we see that the market sorted things out: better (as a result of the above-stated tests) Hostgator raised the price more than twice while Bluehost went to softer advance in price, using events for inducement of clients.

Customer support

Hostgator provides the high level of interaction with clients, thanks to a Live-chat which works 24/7/365, systems of subscriptions, and also to existence of free phone for residents of the USA. In the past the company was exposed to criticism because of long waiting on the line, but recent large investments into their command of support solved this problem. Now their waiting time does not exceed one minute.

Bluehost has qualitative and very detailed videos lessons, and also an online chat which command very quickly reacts. Nevertheless, their system of sale of subscriptions demands many improvements. For example, the client can wait more, than one day to receive the initial answer from technical support. Processing of a difficult question in general was a serious challenge for command of technical support.

Winner: Hostgator. Pilot command of a customer support which provides a fast response and the best customer service.

Hostgator against Bluehost: my final verdict

Our overview shows that both hostings — qualitative. Nevertheless, we recommend to select Hostgator. Nevertheless, performance of the website has huge value. If your hosting does not return the web page with a sufficient speed, then quality of the other services provided by you does not matter any more. It is easy for investment of the company into advanced technologies to see in their data-centers which have several levels of fault tolerance. At the moment, Bluehost wins only at the expense of lower price.

Why your choice has to be for benefit of Hostgator?

Aptaym of 99,99%.
High speed of the website for a traffic from around the world.
Use of cPanel — the most popular control bar in the world.
Plans for all requirements in a considerable size.
High efficiency of a withdrawal of support desk 24/7.
45-day guarantee of a refund without any hidden points.
Will be able to protect your website from hackers, malicious applications and viruses.

Proceeding from results of the listed tests, we with confidence can recommend you a web hosting the Hostgator company.

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