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3 years, 2 months ago
Vscale: cloud servers

We started new service under the name Vscale. Its users can create virtual servers in a cloud and manage them via the convenient graphic interface. Service is equipped with the simple API allowing to automate management and scaling.

What is Vscale?

The name Vscale represents reduction from vector scaling — vector scaling. We use this term for the description of opportunities of modern virtual infrastructure based on which it is possible to place projects with architecture of any complexity. They can be scaled both vertically, and it is horizontal. Moreover, both types of scaling can be combined within one project. The metaphor of the vector displaying the generalized scaling type on all infrastructure well is suitable for the description of such practice

Opportunities and benefits

Among benefits of new service first of all there is a wish to note:

  • Modern hardware platform. Vscale works based on a high-performance hardware platform: Intel Xeon E5v3 processors, memory DDR4, SSD disks of a server class. Thanks to it we can guarantee the high speed of work of the websites and applications.
  • High speed of expansion. Procedure of creation of the new server thanks to server SSD takes from 20 to 50 seconds.
  • Flexible price policy. Hour write-offs allow to reduce costs for applications testing and to change a tariff plan during any time frame.
  • Convenient control bar. Working on new service, we aimed to make its control bar of the most convenient and intuitively clear.
  • The simple API simplifying interaction of developers with infrastructure.

Operating systems

At the moment the following operating systems are available to installation:

  • Ubuntu 14.04;
  • Debian 8;
  • CentOS 7.

Over time we are going to add this list with other distribution kits and images with already set software. If you have wishes and sentences about it — write, we will try to implement. Warning questions — Windows will not be.

System of virtualization

As system of virtualization in new service KVM is used. We selected KVM as it has the following advantages:

  • Independence of resources. Under each virtual server the certain area in memory and on the hard drive is selected. It allows to avoid "oversell" of resources (situations when the hoster sells resources more, than is available actually).
  • Possibility of use of the modified kernels of operating systems. Thanks to this feature of KVM we will be able to offer users a wide range of distribution kits and ready images with the preset software.

Features of tariffing

Tariffing in Vscale is performed on an hourly basis. At the same time at us the fixed monthly rates work.
The matter is that money from balance is charged off each hour, but the estimated period makes 672 hours (=28 days). After the limit is reached, write-offs until the end of current month are not made.

Separately it is necessary to tell about the cost of the last hour. The cost of the cheapest configuration makes 29 kopeks per hour, or 200 rubles a month. If to proceed from the digits provided above, then the hourly rate has to make 200 / (24*28) = 0, 2976 rub (29, 76 kopeks). For convenience reasons we round down the cost of hour. The remaining balance to round digit makes the cost of the last hour. If you decide to pass to more productive configuration, write-offs from balance will be performed on a new rate since the transition moment.
Pay attention that money is charged off even if the server is switched off: system resources all the same remain reserved for you. That write-offs stopped, the server will be required to be deleted.

The cost of all configurations includes the limited free scope of a traffic. Calculation of a traffic is performed on the basis of the actual consumption. When exceeding a monthly packet payment in the amount of 0,5 r for each gigabyte is levied.


At the moment all servers are in our data-center in St. Petersburg, but the possibility of installation of servers in Moscow will appear further.
We are going to place servers and in other locations. If you have sentences - write!


All servers are connected to a network at a speed 1gbit/sec.
Servers are connected to the same network, as clients of "Selektel". Thanks to it we can guarantee a good ping and excellent network connectivity including with Tier-1 operators.

Performance tests

Not to be unfounded, we decided to make tests of all our configurations:

How to try

After two months of beta testing we turned into commercial operation. To try new service, be registered and activate a promo code


After that your bonus balance will be refilled for 200 rubles. It quite will last for a month of work with the server of the simplest configuration (1 kernel of CPU/512 MB/20GB/1TB of a traffic). You can test also other configurations, but in this case means on bonus balance will be enough for smaller term.

Referalny program

Any user of Vscale can take part in the referalny program. The principle "400+400" is the cornerstone of our program. How it works?
At first you create the referalny reference and send it to the friends and colleagues. If someone from them according to this link is registered, it will become your referral and will receive 400 rubles on bonus balance.
And after your referral will spend already 400 real rubles, 400 bonus rubles are received by you.

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